A Winter's Story 2- Waking Up

The two lovers woke up in each other’s arms. Their naked bodies pressed against one another. Their eyes stared into the others eyes. Bella rested her head against her lovers. He smelled the sweet fragrance of her hair followed by a small kiss on her forehead. She moved her head to meet his and they kissed. With each passing kiss, the passion intensified. The passion of their lips easily moved into their arms as they started to caress. Excitement started to build within. Bella made her way to her partner’s genitals to encourage him. She reached toward herself to get some of her wetness on her lover. Their hands met at her clitoris. Their kisses were becoming too passionate to ignore. Her finger ran from his base to the tip. His nerve enjoyed the sensation of her moisture. His arms pulled her as close as two bodies can be. Each was able to feel the others heart beating, asking for more.

Bella thought that this morning could be her turn to take the lead. She gently rolled him on his back. She climbed on top of him, and snuggled his penis inside her cozy vagina. Her body rocked on top of his. Bella’s hands caressed his muscular body as his member penetrated her deepest fantasies. He put his hands on her side allowing them to explore her body. She enjoyed it when his hands went over her breasts.

Bella leaned down to give her lover a kiss. She took his bare penis out of her. Slowly her kisses started to lower on his body. His eyes grew wider as she neared his area. Bella’s tongue started at the base and worked up to his tip. His penis then disappeared into her mouth. He quivered. His body was frozen with enjoyment. The only thing he could move were his hands as they went through her hair. All of the tension in his body escaped with a burst of sperm down his lover’s throat.

“That was just the greatest sex I have had in a while.” Bella said to her lover. “I wanted to repay you. Most of the men I have been with have only wanted me for sex, but you love me for me. I’ve never let anybody have sex with me without protection since…” He stopped her in the middle of her sentence. Her lover looked back at her showing her that he loved every part of her.

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2 years ago
Breathlessly beautiful!