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There was an interview today. I did not actually get to attend the interview, but this is the story that has been going around the office:

Amanda just graduated college, and she did not have any luck finding a job. Since she took summer classes to graduate she was a new applicant on the prowl for work. She was as attractive as she was start. As she walked through the office, Amanda had a certain confidence that she would get the position.

“Hello, I’m the district manager. The boss of this office had nothing but good things to say about you. Just so you know, if the interview is going right, she will join us later. She did not run as exact of an interview last time, so the purpose of this interview is to make sure that you are really cut out for the job.”

Amanda confirmed that she was ready.

“What have you learned in college that makes you experienced to work for us?” the manager asked.

Amanda listed all of the things she did in her years in college. The manager seemed impressed, but there was something missing.

After she was done listing her accomplishments, the manager boldly said “have you ever experimented with another woman in college?” As she said that, the near 60 year old legs separated. Her aged to perfection pussy showed that it was eager for a yes.

Without saying a word, Amanda started to unbutton her top. She then took off her skirt leaving her in nothing but underwear and a buttoned down shirt around her shoulders. Seeing where the interview was going, the manager followed suit. She stood up to take off her skirt which revealed her ready to lick pussy. As she took off her top it became apparent that she had come to work this day without any underwear. As Amanda came over, the manager completed the task of making her naked.

The manager rubbed her hands on the soft young breasts of Amanda. Amanda fingered the manager’s pussy. After getting her finger nice and wet, she licked the juice off her finger. She then turned her attention to the manager’s breasts. When each nipple had equal attention, Amanda started kissing downward toward her clitoris. As she went down, she pushed the manager back down into her chair.

As she licked the tastiest part of the manager’s body, she stuck her finger back into the hole. With each lick came a pound from her finger. It was not a big stretch to fit two fingers in the manager’s pussy.

After the first climax from the manager, Amanda joined the manager back up on the chair. She started by giving the manager kisses on the neck, and then slowly met her on the lips. As their face lips met, so did their pussy lips. Both ladies rubbed their clits against the other. To help with stimulation, they caressed the others breasts.
Soon after this the boss came into the room. She swiftly got undressed, and then went over to the desk to clear it. The boss fingered herself to get herself up to speed with the other two.

When she was ready to join, she went over to Amanda. The boss walked behind her, and stuck her finger up her ass. Amanda let out with an extra loud orgasm at this new surprise development.

The boss took her over to the desk where the manager joined the other two. Amanda and the boss got up on the desk and put their clits together and interlocked their legs. As their pussies bounced against one another, the manager got on top of the group. She faced Amanda. As the tribbed, Amanda caressed the breasts of her potential manager in hopes to get the job. All three pussy lips were kissing each other at the same time. Wild amounts of pussy juices poured all over the desk top. Each woman had a fair share of orgasms. Each orgasm tried to out do the last.

After the group had reached their last orgasm, they got up. The desktop was soaked in pussy liquid. All three women got off the desk. The manager put her hands on Amanda’s shoulders and motioned her to her knees. The boss came onto the other side of Amanda. Both fingered their pussy until a rich golden stream came from their pee holes. Amanda opened her mouth to catch some of the liquid in her mouth. By the end her body was covered in their warm piss.

The boss came down to rub some of the piss around. She licked up Amanda’s breast to take in her piss covered nipples. Amanda moved her body to ask the boss if she would not mind licking her pussy. The boss moved down in agreement. Amanda gave the boss her own stream.

When the boss came up, the manager and boss agreed to offer Amanda a job with their business.
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4 years ago
Now that was hot ysee women can be so much hotter than just regular sex thanks