Bus Ride With Anita

It was December month and winter was in full swing. I was doing my Ph.D. The thesis was submitted by then and I was going to defend my thesis in Feb. All I needed a bit relaxation of mind and I was looking forward to go some where to relax and think about future. I decided to go to hill station Pahalgoan in Kashmir to see snowfall and lay there to relax. I went to ISBT to catch a Volvo Bus for Srinagar. There I stumble upon Anita.

She was doing masters in Mathematics. In winter vocations she decided to go to meet her aged mother-in-law during winter vocations. She was a Kashmiri lady who was married to an IT professional in Delhi having a good and happy life. The couple had no k**s as they plan to have them after Anita completes her masters. She was in same university. We have little acquaintance with each other.

It was a pleasant surprise for me as I got a company for 14 hors long journey. Even though we were not much familiar with each other but some-one know is always better than unknown person. The Bus started at appointed time by 7 AM and we got seat adjoining to each other. It was 2×2 bus with recycling seats and footboard before each passenger, video was running with popular movies and bus inside was cool enough to cover our bodies fully.

The bus was expected to reach at destination by 9PM from where we both were catch our connecting buses to go our destination. Upto Amabala the journey was peaceful and enjoyable but after Amabala road repair was taking place so bus was moving very slow and ride was jerky. Our bodies were shaking but thanks to shock absorbers of bus it was not that bad. By that time the bus was 4 hrs late and we all were feeling sl**py.

Anita was taking nap and unknowingly her head was resting on my shoulders and her legs were up on footboard. I could feel she was feeling cold because off and on she would bury her face hard on my shoulders. So I took the only shawl available and cover her and myself. In doing so her sari was pulled above her knees and her lovely legs got open up with little portion of her thighs. It was very tempting to watch white, soft and silky legs and portion of thighs.

I wanted to pull her sari down so that her legs are covered up but did not dared to do so thinking she may misunderstood me if awaken. I saw her face by corner of my eyes. She had a smile of good dream on her face perhaps she was sl**ping and have dreams. She was so close that I could feel her body heat that was a good comfort in the chilly wintry night. I put my hands in the shawl and try to take nap.

But it was uncomfortable to have some one head on your shoulders. I tried to shift position without disturbing Anita’s sl**p and in the process my left hand fell on her open thighs. A current passed in my body. By corner of eyes I saw her face. She was still sl**ping with dreams in her eyes. Perhaps she did not know that my hand is resting on her thighs. As I have no other place to keep my hand so let it rested on her open thighs.

The bus ride was still little ruff due to that hands were automatically giving little and soft rub on her thighs and because of this her sari came up more and I could feel her most of thighs was open now. It was very silky feeling on my fingers. I was feeling my fingers getting hot. I still could not dare to remove my hands from there because that may disturb her sl**p and she may get angry by seeing my hands on her thighs.

I was feeling current passing through my body at the same time I did not wanted to remove my hands. Though I was careful in not moving hands or fingers there though rough ride was doing it in my place. Anita was still sl**ping but she was more closed to my body and I could feel her well-pampered breast on my forearm.

She was murmuring some thing in her dream. After some time I felt that her breasts are more upon me and I was feeling hardness of the most sensitive parts of her breast. Human body responds even in sl**p too. Her sensitive nipple was getting hard to harder and she beautiful face was shining in the moonlight coming through window. It was lovely sight to she her sl**ping in that condition. I was getting hot in spite of cold weather. It was nearly 1130 PM as the bus was very late.

Lights inside the bus put on dimmer and it was half dark in side the bus. All of a sudden bus took little more jumps on some speed breaker. Our whole bodies shake up. My hand which was on Anita’s thighs slipped on her soft cushioned hairy golden triangle between her legs. Oh my God! What it happened? I thought. I was afraid now she will awake up and curse me. But lol!

She shaked her head a little, adjust her body and legs and put her head on my shoulders again and buried her face there she did not try to remove my hands there. I don’t know she was waked or just sl**ping deeply. However my fingers were touching her golden triangle and feeling soft cushion there. The bus was taking jerk on ruff road. By and by fingers slide down and it start touching lips of womanhood. All of a sudden my finger experience honeydew there. It was getting moist and wet.

I saw her face by corner of my eyes. Her eyes were half open, looking at me. Our eyes met for fraction of a second. There was red thread in her eyes. She dropped her eyelid and buried her face again in my arms. She was now closest to me. Her nipples were hard, piercing in my forearms. Bus jerk gave further advancement to fingers and a big jerk. This jerk helped finger to go deep in that golden triangle deep inside.

Anita’s whole body shook she jumped up a little which made finger go very deep. She immediately closed her thighs due to which my finger got jammed there and she put her both paws on my hand pressing it further. In no way I could remove it from there. I saw side-by-side if any one is seeing us. But approximately whole bus was dozing. Now bus ruff ride was moving my fingers up-down, side-by-side, some time vertical motion and some time random circular motion.

She had surrenders her body to bus motion totally and her motions were rhythmically with bust jerk. I could felt it was raining inside. A river was flowing. It became so creaming and soft inside like hot knife going in butter slice. Her hot body fragrance was evaporating. Moon light was making many shadows on us. I felt there were no other that us in the bus. Only God of human play was there and throwing his arrow on us. We were eating apply of knowledge. We forgot all right and wrong of the society. She started biting my forearm. It was hurting.

Perhaps she was stopping her moaning. I don’t know how much time I was there in the ocean. It was killing me. When even I tried to remove it, she just tightens her things and her hands over my hands stopping to remove them. Ultimately our destination came. But it was 1Am and we missed our connecting buses. It looked like shown was to fall any time. We ran without looking at each other to find a hotel. When I asked for 1 double room but she told very coldly to take 2 single rooms.

We filled the required register and our luggage was dropped in our respective rooms. By this time chilly wind was fast and killing. I ordered to hot coffee that was served to us. We were not talking to each other and were avoiding looking at each other faces. After taking coffee Anita got up to go in here room. And I got up close the door. At gate she stopped and looked at me. She eyes were red and shyness on her face.

She told me that I should think it as nice incident and never cross her line again, better to forget all this. I said ok and promised as gentleman never to cross her. She proceeded to gate I opened it she got out. I was still looking at her back. She turned, looked and then she came running like a wave in my arm. I felt a whole pot of flower fell in my arm. We closed the gate behind on our back. In the morning when I got up I saw a note lying there. It was scripted there. I am a mathematics student and know what infinite means but never felt it till this bus ride made me felt it. Thanks for teaching me infinite. Thanks and Love
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