Future Wifes exp with cousin

Few weeks before my future wife gone to her native which is 400 km far from here and return with her cousin b*****r.she explain that her cousin b*****r was failed in board examination and he was depressed in that.so she bring him for a vacation.i accepted. the next day night she told, she caught him while he watching porn videos and mastrubating too.i think she was was serious abt that.but the next sentence from her is "he has big black cock".she was interested in that.the same night she told another thing while we having sex,that she want to consume the cock into her pussy.the next day when i am preparing to go office i noticed one thing.she was wearing a tight low neck t-shirt and low hip long skirt.i realized she was going to play with him.i ask her same night what happened after i gone to office? she explained that the guy look her so madly.he was from conservative backround.she also told whenever she bent down he always look her cleaverage.the next day she took to next level.she ask him to play wrestling with her.i dont have to explain abt that.he i ll definitely touched and pressed her assets.she also told he used the chance in better way.the same day she also wear some sexy dresses and show that to him.the next day also the play wrestling but after end of wrestling she ask him to sl**p with her.she told to remove his shirt .they slept very closely and she touch his cock several times when he sl**ping.the next day before she go to bath she ask him to wrestle again.they done it but she stopped in middle and told him that she got some pain in her back.she ask him to give some massage for that.he accepted.she told him to wait in the hall until her.after few min she called him.he get shocked while he entering the room coz she was lying in bed toplessly in belly down position and showing her back to him.he applied the oil with fear and massaged well.after finishing the massage she sit in front of him toplessly and thanked for the massage.she told that he was completely mad and his hands was shivering.while she taking bath she called me and explained what happened there.she also she was going to fuck him today.after finishing the bath she go nude in front of him and ask him to wrestle.he shocked and accepted.after they had hot sex.when i come to home i saw his face.he was very shy to see me.the same day night she explained briefly what happened and she want another shot.i told her that i am also interested to see their sex.but i want watch it stealthy.so we make one plan.about 11 pm she went to his room and wake him.then they go into bathroom.she kept the door open and bathroom lights on.so i can watch from kitchen without getting caught coz the luminance difference between two rooms.first they removed their cloths.the boy told her to close the doors but told no one will come.she started suck his cock.its really big and thick.he started to moan.then she move and and kiss him hard.while kissing he squeezing her boobs hard.he comes down and suck her boobs and finally gone to her pussy.he licking so hard and she started to scream.she sit in the toilet seat and spread her pussy.after 15 mins of pussy eating he sit in the toilet seat and she started to slide on his cock.they both started screaming and fucking madly.he insert his 7 or8"cock fully into her.after some hot mins he come out and fill her pussy.but she still need more and again started to suck his cock.she was really mad.then she done anal with him and satisfied.after they took bath together and slept in same room fully nude.he came here few weeks before with depression but now he is really happy.he dont want to go to his house.

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3 years ago
who the hell taught u how to talk and wright
3 years ago
Could not get into the story do to the awful syntax. I hope this gets cleaned up because it seems good.