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Hi friends I am Raj! (Name changed) I live in Karnataka. Now in final year of B tech had to use a fake name cause this story is about my first sexual encounter with my friend’s hot s****r! Since my friend does log in to this site, I have used the fake name as I don want him to have even the slightest clue about it. Well I am a great fan of this site. is has such a juicy stories which just gives me a hard on when I read them few stories r fake n few r just fantasies but the real ones are too good.

Well let me not waste any further time. This is my true life story n my 1st experience which I probably won’t forget ever. I have a friend Aditya (Name Changed) whom I know since a pretty long time we used to go to the same tuition during schooling. he had a cousin Neha(N C) she was so good looking n had a perfect figure then. After school days, Neha chose different college where as my friend and I choose some other college. I used to visit my friend n Neha often so we were in contact she had grown up with a perfect figure, stiff medium boobs.

I always fantasist of fucking her. And used to shag many times thinking about her. This incident happen during last December when me and 4 of my friend’s including Aditya n Neha decided to visit Delhi. We all had holidays .There is a relative of one friend’s living in Delhi and so we had decided to put up there, We had to take up the train journey it is a 2 days long train journey to Delhi on the date of boarding the parents of everyone came to bid us safe and happy journey we were all delighted. I was just looking at Neha all the time n could not take off my eyes from her. Since no one should get doubt,

I pretended being engaged in some other stuff but my whole attention was on the hottie. She was wearing a 3/4th and a t shirt and a jacket on top. We enjoyed the whole day as the train had left Karnataka at 5?0 clock in the morning. as the day advanced, our energy level also went down and finally decided to sl**p at 11pm. it was a birth type so I opted the middle birth n Neha too in the middle birth of d opposite side, a lower birth was empty as that person was to board from Agra or some other place don’t remember properly.

Our compartment was the 2nd from the toilet so there was just a dim light falling, it was not so ample that could have seen Neha in that. I din get sl**p till 11 30 so woke up n went near to the door. I opened it and cool wind blew terribly so could not stay there for long. I came back to sl**p n found Neha changing position s so got to know even she hadn’t slept still so I went close to her face n told good night. Which she too repeated. I was so close that I could feel her breath. I could not resist myself and just planted a kiss on her lips. I was surprised she didn’t resist.

I asked her could I kiss again n she nodded as a half consent. I kissed her for 2 minute n she too reciprocated well. I went towards my birth but could not hold back. I again went to her and smooched her for 10 mints I was inserting my tongue in her mouth and rolling it inside. It was a wonderful experience! Taking my chances I slowly held her boobs it was so soft I just squeezed it softly. She was too aroused to refrain me from doing that I slid my hand from the bottom of her t shirt n headed straight to her boobs. Man!

I was holding her bare boobs too soft to be caressed! I could feel her stiff nipples!! I rolled my fingers on it and she made a soft moan.. I was in a total heaven and so was she.. That moaning sound I can never forget in my entire life! I was scared to stand there for long as there was probability if any of my friends wake up n find me there and also commuters may pass n find me or in the worst case if the RPF people finds me in that state then m screwed!! So I told her that it was not safe to stand there so too nodded. I told her I will come over to her birth n do the rest:) .

We had heard people exclaiming that Delhi is too cold in the month of December! And we were from south India so were bound to heed to that warning. So we had carried 2 blanked along so that it could give a better insulation from cold but Neha had got 3! One on the birth bed, n 2 over her. I quickly climbed her birth and slept next to her. I was just not able to believe it! I was sl**ping next to the hottie! And within next few minutes I was going to fuck this beauty goddess!! or rather my fantasies were to come true in another half an hour .

I slept n gave a quick watch outside to make sure none had eyed on my movements. I was like confused as to start with what action. I went inside her blanket first. I just kissed her again so that could get the rhythm of insanity going I was just not getting to know what to do with this beauty, I gathered courage n asked her ” can I kiss your boobs? for which she politely nodded. I knew for sure if I had not asked the former request and went hunting for her boobs, she would have not resisted me from doing it.

The touch of her boobs on my face was as soft as her nipple was hard for my tongue! I just made sure I sucked each boob properly for 5 mint. I sucked her rock hard nipple it was seriously a slight piece of heaven doing that. I fondled her other breast at the same time. And other hand of mine caressed her hairs. She was moaning like hell. Since all doors and window were closed, it was not that noisy inside. And her moans could be heard for few feet! And in a span of a meter or 2, my friends were fast asl**p.

So in order of taking no risk I told her to control her moan which she found it hard doing so. I got up from her boobs n went back to kiss her. by this time my cock had become like a hard iron. I could not resist myself and started rubbing it over her thighs it was not very comfortable as I had put on my tracks and t-shirt and even she was intact with cloths at the lower part of her torso. I was feeling my dick fully laid with hot fluid and just waiting for an opportunity to burst out..

It was very cold outside and equally warm inside our blanket house kissing her I took my hand and placed it on her pussy it perplexed her for a moment and I could feel that jolt from her mouth as I was kissing her inserting my tongue inside her mouth. I rubbed over it gently taking my chances I slipped my hand inside her 3/4th n also her panties and touched her pussy. It was covered with few pubic hairs I managed to reach her clits it was very tight. I thrust my fingers inside it. She literally screamed! I stopped it for a while.

Then did it again slowly only one finger went inside it was very wet she was ready to be fucked ! I always dreamed of sucking her pussy, so just went down. I opened her 3/4th’s hook n lowered it till he ankles what a fragrant it was!! Her pussy smelled like d red wine to me!! I just sucked it, I could feel the sweet taste of her vaginal fluids it was awesome!!I sucked for some 10 minutes. I first licked the clits. I inserted tongue inside her pussy and sucked her nectar. I stroked my tongue in and out for some time,

And believe me she was in total heaven she was moaning and just raising her hip so that I could suck her pussy hard. I held her ass from below and pressed her pussy tightly against my mouth and sucked. It was a wonderful moment! I felt I could suck her pussy for years then released her ass and stretched my hands to her tits and squeezed it she enjoyed me sucking her pussy and squeezing her balls at a time a lot( till date she asks me to do so).

I removed my t-shirt and slept on her slowly. I was totally irresistible. I kissed her, smooched her like mad. I kissed all over her face her boobs were pressing against my chest.. I could feel her hard nipples pocking my chest it was really a crazy moment. I was rubbing my rock solid dick against her bare pussy it was awesome! I felt my dick was waiting to break out of the tracks and enter that sweet love hole of my Neha who was my private slut for the night..

I whispered to her asking to release my cock from the barrier and take it in her mouth she turned out to be my obedient slut who immediately went into action now it was my turn to be satisfied. I laid down on bed n she went down near my legs she sat on her knees n pulled my tracks down my underwear too slept down in the same sweep she held my penis in her hand. I swear I felt this was the best day in fact best night of my life! My girl of fantasy holding my dick in her hand! She stroked it few times.

I was fully seduced by now that any few strokes more could jerk me off so I told her to ease for a while.. Then I told her to suck my cock she was so turned on that before I could complete she took my whole dick inside her mouth it was superb feeling! Her mouth was very warm and my dick couldn’t find any better place than this she sucked it slowly on my orders for precisely 5-7 mints, then she slept on my body she top on me! Both laid naked! Her bare body touched mine her hairs fell all over my face we both smooched like insane people,

I held her firm ass in my hand and pushed it downwards so that her pussy can press against my cock tight. I hugged her tightly now we exchanged positions and I laid on top of her now it was time for the final quest. I lubricated her pussy and added lots of saliva so that our fucking could go easy. I slowly tried to enter my dick inside her tight pussy hardly it could enter she started screaming. I smooched her and kept the lip locked now again I tried and after few attempt my penis head entered inside. I kept in that position for some time so that she can get adjusted.

I slowly pushed my cock inside and she was moaning like hell out of pleasure to keep the noise level down again I smooched her. I could still sense her moan from her vocal chords, but sound was not that sharp. I fully inserted my cock! My balls touched the lower of her pussy! I kept my penis resting there for half a minute so that she could get adjusted with the depth of the fuck she would receive that night.

Then I slowly started to reciprocate my cock inside her pussy she was totally ecstatic. I increased my speed slowly she too was enjoying it a lot now she held my hips and was pushing it up and down with the rhythm. I was penetrating deep inside her pussy. I kept fucking her it was a small birth bed so could not get opportunity to fuck her in different positions. After fucking her for some 10 – 12 min I jerked off in her pussy itself it was a wonderful feeling I laid down in that position itself for another 10 mint to regain my energy.

She was caressing my hairs and ears. I was fully satisfied and so was she. I asked her if she loved it. And she kissed me in return. I got up from her body and sucked her nipples again. I sat on that bed touching her navel. I really din wanted to move from her and wanted to sl**p on her body till dawn but this was not possible so started putting on my cloths and she took a napkin n wiped my dick as well as her pussy she too got dressed up and gave me a good night kiss, I went n stood near the door for some time n again came back to sl**p. I again kissed her and her boobs and went to sl**p.

Next morning we woke up and pretended to be normal my friends were there so could not kiss her d next day we reached Delhi the same night and relatives of my friend received us. I first went to the pharmacy shop n bought 2 I-pills n gave her to swallow we enjoyed staying in Delhi and returned to our place in a week days while coming could not enjoy as a new guy was there in our compartment and he was awake whole night playing music in his I-pod. Even now we have a great fuck whenever it’s possible.

I go to her house and if time is not ample for a fuck, she gives me the best hand job and I get satisfied. I suck her tits and finger her pussy
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