I had just landed up my first job in Mumbai (immediately after college) and had moved into a one bedroom flat (apartment) in Andheri. It was a f****y friend’s flat and I was in the process of purchasing it from them (with financial help from my parents and Bank) as my parents had moved to native place to spend their old years. My flat was on the fifth floor and there were four flats per floor in our section. I am 5’11”, well built, exercises regularly (daily) and 25 years of age. The excitement of the job, new flat, living independently, were all too much for a young excited guy like me to handle. Over time, I learnt more about the other 3 flat owners, neighbours of mine (on my same floor). One flat was occupied by two old Parsis with their k**s in USA. The other flat had a middle aged couple (in their 40’s) with high school going k**s, two boys (17 and 15 years old) and one girl (aged 8 years). Both the parents were portly and busy with their own lives. The last flat had a couple with a small k**. The surprising fact was that the husband named Shekhar was 5’2” thin and dark, while his wife was about 4’4” in height, named Rekha.

The first time I met Rekha was when I was on my way to office in the morning and she was sweeping the front portion of their flat. I saw her backside and did not pay much attention as I thought the person must be some small k**. I rarely saw Rekha or her husband outside their flat. They seemed to live all the time inside their flat. Later in one of the society meeting which I attended, I supported her husband (who was the treasurer of the building) when a few flat owners were casting aspersion on his handling the accounts. The flat owner’s politics was at play and poor Shekar was being belittled there. The meeting had ended in a chaos (as usual) and Shekar had appreciated my support. While returning back after meeting together with Shekhar, he busy explaining the politics at play in the building, he invited me to his house and when I went in, I was introduced to his wife Rekha. Initially, I was taken aback at her height and did feel and question myself on whether she was a midget, which she was not. But she had a kind face, thin, wide expressive eyes, nice nose and pouting lips. She was thin, small body structure, boobs matching her body and shapely butts. Overall a nice lady. I just exchanged pleasentaries and had coffee with the f****y and left. There was no sexual interest or any interest at that time. Besides me she just looked like a small k**. I was about 75 kgs and she looked hardly about 40 kgs. Somehow, I was put off totally with her at that time.

They realized that I was all alone and used to see me working hard, going to office in the morning and returning late at night. It was only on weekends (I had Saturday and Sunday off) when I was at home. I used to be too tired for any fun frolic at that time. The weekend was spent on cleaning my clothes, the house and just relaxing. In college I had a steady girlfriend and recently we had broken off as she wanted me to follow her to Delhi, her hometown, while I wanted to stay on in Mumbai. So I was also in a way heartbroken at that time.

Sometimes Shekar used to invite me to their house for lunch or dinner. I used to play with their 2 month old k** and generally have a good time with the f****y. Once I was about to leave for office, when I heard a shout from their house, I saw Rekha rushing out and on seeing me, pulled my hand in and crying asked me to help her son. I saw the son, bawling, with a cut on his head. It seems he had fallen from the bed and shekar had already left for office. I immediately picked up the k** and asked her to lock the door and accompany me to the hospital. All the time there were tears pouring out of Rekhas eyes. We rushed the k** to the emergency ward of Cooper hospital and while the k** was being checked, I was consoling Rekha. Her head was resting on my chest and I was caressing her head. The doctor finally came out and stated that we would have to admit the k** as he suspected some hairline fracture. Rekha stood stunned and the doctor asked her to be in control like her husband (the doctor assumed that I was the husband). I asked Rekha to be steady and arranged for all the details and paperwork for admitting the k**. Once that was done, I asked Rekha for her husband’s office number. She knew the company name and I traced the number and called the office. I got shekar on the line and informed him. Since his office was in Colaba, it took him about an hour and half to reach the hospital. All these time I was sitting beside Rekha, holding her hands and consoling her. When shekar came, he took over and after a few minutes I took leave.

That day I was late for office. After office work I rushed back home and saw that their door was locked. Immediately, I went to the hospital and saw that both of them were near their k**. The k** was kept under observation and the parents were standing nearby. I had brought some snacks and fruits and I offered it to them. I arranged for coffee and some food for them before I left. Next day morning again, I visited them in hospital and carried with me a thermos full of coffee and also some snacks from the local restaurant. The parents were happy to see me and I couild finally see some happiness on Rekhas face. The k** was fine.

Next day evening, the f****y was back home and I had by now become a part of the f****y. That Saturday, around 10.00 A.M. Rekha knocked on my door and asked whether I could care for her k** as she had to go shopping and shekar had office on Saturdays. She did not want to take the k** with her as he still had bandage on his head. By this time I was feeling comfortable with Rekha and also enjoying her company. I was now used to her smallness or is it petiteness. I said yes and till she came back, I was beside the k**. On her return, she asked me to hang around while she prepared food. When the k** cried, she immediately rushed to his side and then started breast feeding the k**. Initially she covered her breast but due to the k**s hand movements, the sari slid down exposing her breast and I had a glimpse of it. She playfully asked what I was looking at and I shied away. She had beautiful round breast with a peach like nipple. The nipple was really big and thick. It looked juicy. The k** later slept and we both had lunch together enjoying small talks. She was a good conversationalist, funny at times. If she enjoyed a good joke, she would laugh loudly till tears fell from her eyes and her whole body would shake. It was fun watching that and I started sharing jokes, small juicy tit bits with her. She learnt about my f****y, my ex girl friends etcc.., while I learnt about her f****y. She was from a rich f****y and highly educated. When I saw her f****y photos, I was surprised to see that her parents and b*****rs and s****rs were all tall and looked normal. She blushed when I enquired about that and said that she was born cursed. From the time she was born, she was small and there were times when her parents were very worried. She has been born like that and she would have to carry this burden to her grave. Her eyes were filled and I felt distressed at her anguish. I wiped her tears and just remained with her for sometime.

Without even realizing, we were getting closer. I could see a change in Rekha. She was more comfortable with me and the world, her shyness and self consciousness was slowily fading. By now, more than a year had passed. The k** was growing fast and I was the ‘Kumar uncle’ for the k**. My job was going well and life seemed good. Rekha was my good friend and we used to share a lot of fun. Shekar was a good friend and all of us were very close. They used to keep a spare key of their house with me and my house spare keys were with them. Now-a-days most of the time, I spent at their house with Rekha and f****y and also was her contant companion for shopping etc.. I was also getting fond of her and being dependant on her. WAS IT INFATUATION OR LOVE…, I WON’T KNOW.

One day, as I was to go to office, I heard the k** cry loudly. I felt something wrong and banged their house door, I heard Rekha’s anguished sound. On realizing it was me, Rekha asked me to open and come in. When I entered, I saw her lying outside the bathroom door, tears running down her face. She had a gown on, which was raised to her hips. Her k** was sitting beside her and trying to wipe Rekhas tears and himself crying loudly. Probably the k** realized that something was wrong. On seeing me, the k** was pointing to Rekha and saying –‘mama…. Mama….. I immediately took the k** and Rekha explained that she twisted her ankle while coming out of the bathroom and it was paining real bad. When I ltried to lift her right leg, I found that her ankle was broken, her feet was hanging down. Immediately I realized the gravity of the situation. I consoled the k**, and putting him on one side, arranged for a small plank on which I placed her leg and strapped it to the plank, so that the leg holds and does not move much. Then I asked the building watchman to call a taxi. I approached the other neighbour and informed them of the situation and requested them to take care of the k** which they immediately agreed to do so. When the taxi came, I lifted Rekha and carried her in my arms. The watchman was nearby assisting me and we entered the taxi. I reached the hospital and called for the stretcher. In the hospital, it was found that she had a dislocation and fracture. While the doctors were setting the dislocation right, I was beside her and she was holdng my hand strongly, not letting me go. Finally, her leg was plastered and she was also given pain killing d**gs. I had called her husband Shekar and told him about the k** being with the neighbour. Shekar came to the hospital and had the k** with him. I took leave that day to help shekar and finally after spending about 5 hours in the hospital we all could go home. On the way back, I carried Rekha while shekar carried the k** as I was a big huge man and for me Rekha was a light person.

It took Rekha about four months to recover from that fracture. On Saturdays, I used to spend all my time with her as Shekar had to go to work. The first Saturday, Rekha was lying on her back, when I visited them. Being the first week, her husband had pots and pans kept for her toilet needs, which he used to clear on his return. On Saturday, when she saw me, her face lit up and jokingly asked me on whether I could carry her for her toilet needs. I said yes, why not. She was fed up of all the pots and pans. When she felt the need she called me and I carried her to the toilet. She had a gown on. I placed her on the commode seat and then helped her rest her legs. Since she had to raise her gown, I lifted her while she folded the gown to her breast. Now she was feeling real shy and asked me to close my eyes. I smiled and said – why now, I have seen your boobs and also now seen your hairy cunt. She laughed nervously and said- Kumar, don’t embarrass me further. Please look the other way. I turned my face and when she was done, she told me that she was ready but asked me to take her to the front room sofa. I carried her to the sofa and laid her on the sofa. While carrying her, her hands were around my neck and our face was very close to each other. While I was focusing on finding my way carefully around the room, she was staring at my face intently.That day, she sat on the sofa with her legs stretched out on the table, while I sat on the ground with my back resting to the sofa, beside her. One of her was resting on my head, caressing my hair, while I was browsing thru’ a magazine. We started chatting and slowily it went to our personal life. I got up and sat beside her. I turned towards her and enquired – “I am curious to know on why have you not trimmed or shaved your choot/cunt”. She was taken aback with my question. With a shy smile on her face she enquired –‘how many choots have you seen till now’. Her frank question floored me initially and I looked at her dumbly. She followed that question with – ‘have you shaved your private areas’. Her small hand was on my lap at that time and for the first time I was feeling hot for her. I started imagining on how the sex would be between me and this small delicate person. If I was on top of her, would she be able to bear my weight. All these wild thoughts were running thru’ my mind at a fast pace. Seeing my looks, she said –‘kumar, why are you quiet’.

I looked at her intently and finally blurted out – ‘lady, you may be small, but you are one sexy bitch’. Saying this, I bent forward and kissed her on her lips. Her lips were nice to feel but her mouth was shut tight. I looked at her and saw her glaring at me. I said – dear. Don’t be angry with me. I never had any wrong intention earlier, but lately, I have started liking your companionship and your delicate small size. I am only afraid that I don’t end up hurting you’. We sat quietly for sometime and then she asked in a low voice –‘can you take me back to the bedroom’. I got up and lifted her. She now had her hand wrapped around my neck while I made my way to the bedroom. When I laid her on the bed, she had her eyes closed. I was in two minds, should I leave or should I stay. I realized that our relationship was now heading towards a critical juncture. The k** was playing in his pen. I sat beside her and caressed her face. Finally, I could control myself no longer, I bent down and kissed her lips again. This time, I could feel a small response, a shivering from her side. My tongue went into action and slowily I f***ed her mouth open. My tongue was probing her mouth and she was responding. Her tongue was now playing with mine and her hands reached out and pulled me on her. I kept kissing her. This position was not assisting a free play, so while kissing I slowily lifted her and made her sit on my lap with her legs astide. Her fractured plastured leg was rested on the bed. We were kissing passionately and she could feel my hardness on her buttocks as she sat astride me. I slowily raised her gown and removed it totally. She was not wearing anything underneath and was totally naked. She looked like a small girl with round boobs and peach like nipples. I was now caressing her boobs while she was trying to remove my T’shirt. I took it off and now my chest was naked for her. I hugged her tightly to me while kissing and the feel of her boobs pressing against my chest was amazing. Her nipples was like a pointed spear trying to penetrate me. We stayed like that for some time. Then I slowily lifted her and with one hand tried to remove my pants. She helped me to get it out alongwith my undies. She rested my erect lund between her clitoris and with one hand was massaging and pressing it on her choot. I was busy by now tasting her nipples. The nipples was in my mouth and I was twirling it with my toungue and also sucking on it Since she could not move much I had to be careful not f***e any sudden action. One hand of mine slowily slid towards her choot and I started playing with her cunt lips. I inserted one finger in her cunt which was by now soaked wet. I raised her and our next effort was to get my lund totally in her choot. This was a difficult exercise and her choot was tight, one of her legs was plastered and I had to be careful, not to exert any pressure and I had to slide her on top of my lund. The penetration started slowily and after a few efforts of going in and coming out, I had slid my long shaft in her. Once the whole lund was in her choot, she squealed with joy and said-‘kumar, finally can fuck now’, Saying this, she embraced me passionately. Now, I was lifting her and lowering her for the fucking action. We were now kissing each other, playing with each others nipples, she was a horny little lady. She was biting my nipple sometimes and it was an exquisite pain. I started fucking her more strongly and slowily we started building a rhythm. I could feel her getting excited as now she was scratching my back and holding me more tightly. She was whispering –‘ah.kumar aur jor se….aah….Finally with a loud shout we both released out liquids simultaneously. I could feel her shiver, shudder and orgasm. She lay limp in my arms for some time while my lund was shriveling inside her cunt. Aftersometime as I lifted her of my lund, I could see that her juices had flown on my lund and her cunt was dripping. I laid her on her bed and slowily prised her leg ope, without hurting her fractured led. I went 69 over her, my head between her cunt / choot while my lund lay limply near her head. Her cunt juice mixed with mine was flowing out and I slowily twirled my tongur around her cunt lips. I kept on sucking hard and playing with her clitoris. My fingers were now moving in her cunt and meantime, she was busyholding my semi erect lund and trying to take it in her mouth, I went on kissing her cunt and sucking it till she started her moving her cunt to reach my face as deep as possible. Her build up of emotions had started. My lund was slowily reaching a excited and in no timeit was throbbing hard. Since due to her small stature, she was not able to reach and suck my lund, I tuerned myself anfd was on top of her balacing myself on my knees and hands. She saw my exercise and said –‘kumar dear, don’t worry, come on top of me, if I can take your whole lund in me, I can easily bear your weight. Since her legs were open only in a v form and the right leg was fractured, we had to be careful. I found her cunt opening and started sliding in. The resistance was more now. After a hard effort, I was able to penetrate my lund in her choot. I had raised myself and was fucking her when she opened her hands and started palying with my nipples. My excitement mounted and I could see that she was on the verge of her orgasm. I started pumping harder and suddenly she shouted. I realized she had cum. It was a deep throaty sound. I was going strong and finally I too came with a shudder. I fell on top her and bit her juicy nipples. Then I asked Rani, how are feeling now. She coyly smiled and said-‘I can never believe myself that I am having an affair with you’. It was lunch time and the baby had to be fed. So I wearily got up and fed the baby. After that, I lullabied the baby to sl**p and then served food for her and me. She had asked me to get her gown but I declined and said that from now onwards I want to see you naked always. I was also naked and walking around non challantly. I fed her with my hand and she seemed to be enjoying each and every moment of it. Finally, I helped her clean her face and hands, gargle her mouth and rest. After clearing the dishes, I lay beside her with my arms around her. Being near her naked figure was building up my excitement and now I had a semi erect cock. She looked at it and said –‘ask him to rest now, once I am well we can fuck in all ways to our hearts content. But my lund was getting bigger and finally I raised myself and sat over her face on my knees. She lovingly took my lund in her mouth and started sucking it. She said –‘is this desert’. I said yes and I was humping on her face. Her whole mouth was stretched to the limit and she was sucking my lund strongly and also playing with my balls, squeezing and cuddling it. After sometime, I could see that she was tiring but I was all excited so I started shagging my lund and she was kissing it from time to time. When I was ready to cum, I said open your mouth full and spurted. A few drops landed on her chin and nose while all others rushed in her mouth. She swallowed the cum and the sperms on her nose and chin, I wiped it on her face. Then I slept beside her and licked her face. She complained-‘she was feeling all slutty’. I laughed. We again kissed and then slept off. She woke up and then with a start woke me and said –‘wear your dress and get her gown too as it was time for shekhar to come’. We dressed up and then we again kissed. When shekhar came, we all sat together and indulged in some small talks and then I was gone.Now we only had Saturdays for fun and both of us used to eagerly look forward to the Saturdays. Sometimes when I used to get really horny, I used to visit her before going to office, waiting for Shekhar to leave and either she used to suck me off or sometimes give me a fuck. But it was a difficult period for both of us. Finally after 4 months her plaster was off and she was mobile.

The moment it was Saturday and sheklhar had left, I was in her house. She was in the kitchen cleaning dished. I slowily crept behind her and then lifted her off her feet. Initially, she yelled and dropped her dishes thinking it was some stranger, but seeing me she smiled. I had her turned towards me and her legs were around me and I was carrying her all around. I was kissing her passionately and she was saying – kumar wait, we have thje whole day’. But for me, I was all horny. As usual she had a gown and nothing underneath. Imagine me all 5’11 and 75 kgs weight, holding a small person of 4’5’ and about 35 – 40 kgs. I was wearing a lungi and t’shirt. In one motion I had taken off my dress and undressed her totally. I could feel her rib cage in my hand while her nipples thrusting at me. I said – ‘God made you small and sweet for me so that I could crush you in my love for you’. She laughed gaily and said – ‘by the time I finish of with you, you will have been squeezed and nothing will remain in you for any of your other girlfriends. She was nibbling away at my ears, eyes, face and what not, while I was busyplaying with her small body, round boobs and her cunt and anus. All the time I was still carrying her. Finally I placed her on the dining table and positioned my lund at her cunt/choot. She looked at me and said-‘kumar careful and do not hurt me’. I smiled and holding her waist, I thrust f***efully into her. Boy, was she tight. Her eyes were closed and body was arching back on the table while my lund pushed through that tight choot, piercing it till my balls hit her sides. She was moaning – Kumar ah…..slowily ah… careful, it hurts….. She was all creamy and mushy inside. I went on fucking her harder and harder. One of my fingers was playing and fingering her anus. She was moving side to side as I kept thrusting my lund in and saying loudly—kumar, that’s it… no more…. Ah….. Finally, i could feel my bags filling and ready to shoot. I lifted her off the table and said- dear, take my shots now and spurted my sperms in her. It went firing in for some time and I could see her arching her back and exploding with her cum. It was as if both of us were matching upto each other. I was spent and with my lund still insude her, I carried her to the bedroom and lay back on the bed. She was on top of me. Like young love birds we played with each other and kissed each other.

She was on top of me, playing with my nipples and fondling my lund and balls, caressing my face. She went down and took the shriveled lund in her mouth and was sucking it. The efect was there, one instant it was shriveled and the next instant it had grown in size. She looked at me adoringly and then positioned her choot on the lund inserted herself. I was just lying back enjoying the sensations. Now she was riding my cock. This small dainty creature was bouncing up and down on my cock. Her boobs were moving with the rhythm and I reached out to play with it. But she brushed my hands down and in turn had her hands around her boobs sqeezing and looking at me in a slutty way. Rekha suddenly emitted a loud piercing cry and shuddered and fell on top of me. She just lay there even though my lund was still hard and in her choot. I raised her face and kissed her cheeks. She said, I am tired riding it, let me rest. I said – OK. With my lund still in her, I turned her over on her back and now I was on top of her. I pulled her legs over my shoulders and then penetrated deeper inside. She shouted - ah… you will reach my mouth this way….I kept on pumping harder into her. Her boobs were staring at me with the nipples getting harder and harder. I was playing with it, tweaking it and also pressing her boobs. Finally I could feel her choot contracting and trying to extract my juices and I exploded. We both came together. It was her third orgasm and probably fourth for the day and the day had just begun for us. I tumbled on the bed and then lifted her and made her sl**p on top of me. We both relaxed and shared some intimate moments. We dozed off and when we woke up it was time for lunch. I helped her cook and during one time we became horny and as the curry was boiling, we made love. We were both naked and she was astride me, her legs around my waist while my lund deep in her choot. We also managed to close the gas in this position. Fucking and cooking all became one action for us.

That day, I tried anal penetration but it was too painful for her and we left it midway. Actually, with all the lubricants and oil, she was in pain. I felt bad and the rest of the day, was spent fanning her anus, caressing it, kissing it and helping her forget the pain. But the end of the day, she gave me a wonderful blowjob and after that we kissed passionately.

Our affair went strongly. We were always together and Shekar seemed to enjoy seeing his wife’s new found energy, enthusiasm and freedom. Most Saturdays we used to go for outing and see movies, parks etc…Before leaving we used to have a big fucking session. Then relax and we were out visit museums, cinemas and bars too. We also visited gorai beach and had rented a shack. That day, she wore bikini for the first time. I was in shorts. The moment I saw her in bikini, my lund sprung up. She could see the bulge in my pants. She seductively walked towards me and started fondling my bulge. Then she sat down and opened my zippers. My lund sprung out and instantly she took in her mouth. She was fondling my balls and sucking my lund. Her teeths were slowly pressing against my lund and her toungue was moving around it. Occasionaly she used to suck hard the lund while pulling her mouth out. Then again try to envelop my whole lund in her mouth. My hands were on her head forcing her mouth in and with a spurt I came in her mouth. She was choking but somehow managed to swallow my whole cum. I lifted her and we kissed. Then we ran towards the beach. We also visited the amusement park. She used to be thrilled on the rollercoaster. Wherever we had a chance and whenever we felt hot we tried to make love. WE were one hot couple. And one day she broke the news that she was pregnant with my baby. I was afraid of the consequence for her as she and her husband were dark and I was fair. They both were short and I was tall. But she laughed my fears of stating that her f****y side was all tall except for her plus a few of her siblings were fair too. There were times when we used to discuss my marriage and my attraction for her. She was very practical and said that whatever the outcome, she would always be there for me. Her husband had no idea about our attraction for each other and for delivery she left for her home. I was sad as I wanted to be there for her delivery. She also wanted to be with us but as per customs and insistence of her parents she had to give in.

I used to regularly check up with her husband on her health and I was worried. Before she left we could see that the baby was growing bigger day by day in her womb and I was afraid of the affects on her. She used to write to me and sometimes call me (discreetly) and keep me informed. Shekhar also left by the end for holidays and I was left biting my nails.For the next one month there was no call from them nor any information. Finally, I called their residence and enquired – The phone was picked up by her father.When I asked about her there was a silence and then I was told that the c***d was delivered fine but Rekha passed away during the delivery. I was shattered. The phone slipped out of my hand. In some ways, I felt responsible. Was it my doing or her destiny or what.. The whole day I was like a zombie. Finally, I packed a small bag, took a few days off and left for Rekhas hometown. When I reached there, the whole house was in mourning. I met shekhar who looked more frail and thin. He burst out into tears when he saw me. Tears were pouring down my eyes too. There was a huge garlanded photo of Rekha in the hall. I slowily walked towards it and looked at that dreamy soulful beautiful person, who had made my life a paradise for a short time. I stood there numbly. Soon I was e****ted to a bedroom where in a cradle, there was the happy coodling sound of a baby. A normal fair chubby girl. I stared at her for a long time with a pain tearing my heart. I wanted to announce to the whole world that it was my baby and wanted to carry it away. But that would have messed up everything.

By evening I was planning to return back, but the f****y insisted that I stay with them. When the k** (Rekhas eldest son) saw me, he playfully ran towards me calling ‘kumar uncle…kumar uncle… I took him in my lap and sat in the verandah for a long time. Yes, rekhas f****y were rich. They seemed to be lords there in that village. I saw the sunset and suddenly felt the presence of somebody near me. I looked up and saw an middle aged lady (in 30’s), good looking but dark and normal built, looking at me intently. I knew that she was Rekhas eldest s****r with whom rekha was very close.

My eyes was still filled up. She sat beside me and with a sigh said – nobody can change destiny. She handed me a letter and said before going for delivery, Rekha gave it to her to pass it onto me. Rekha had confided everything to her. She took my hands in her lap and said –‘you had made rekhas life wonderful with the short time you spent with her. She was always the ugly duckling and creep of the f****y and she carried that feeling with her till she met you. Even her marriage with Shekhar was arranged because no other normal guys were ready for her. But She was full of life after she met you. She was a very different person who came for the delivery here, not our Rekha. It was as if she was cured of all her illness”. By this time my eyes were flowing. Even her eyes were filled. She said =’I don’t know what Rekha has written in the letter for you, but remember that your baby will be my baby from now on. Don’t worry about her. This secret will remain with me and you and if anything happens to me, my other s****rs and b*****rs would be informed about your connection wih our f****y. Till then let it be a secret between us for everybody’s happiness. You will always have a place in our heart. Shekhar has been a good guy for Rekha and for us Shekhar will always be Rekha’s husband and father of her k**s. She said a lot of other things but I was all brokendown inside. The letter still remains with me and I read it sometimes to remember my past when I think of my daughter.

I don’t know when I slept, when I woke up in the morning and bid goodbye to my baby daughter and the f****y. On reaching Bumbay, the first thing I did was to take a long leave and visit my parents. My parents were concerned on seeing my state and I spent a lot of time with them.

Life has flown by. I got married and I am still in touch with Rekhas s****r. My daughter named Smitha is growing up well in Rekhas household along with her b*****r. Shekhar has settled down in rekhas hometown, looking after rekhas f****y business. I get photographs of my daughter every year and once I visited the f****y and met everybody. My daughter Smitha (around 4 years then) shyly came towards me and then ran off. Rekhas s****r then told me not to visit them as the daughter seems to look more like me and this would cause suspicion amongst other f****y members. I am not sure whether Shekhar realizes that Smitha is my daughter, but I never ever received any correspondence from him later.
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2 years ago
normal sex and sexy; it wasn't so horny; I would wanted for her husband to catch her and both men fuck each other....
4 years ago
very sweet & loving but so sad