I lost in s*s Place

This happened when I was visiting my elder s****r during the summer
vacations this year. I am 18 years old and doing my BA. My elder
s****r is three years older than me and she was married six months
ago. She wanted me to spend the summer vacation at her house which
is in a village about 100 km from Delhi. Her husband has a lot of
land and runs a farm.
I arrived late in afternoon and it was very hot. I was wearing
salwar kurta and it was drenched in sweat. Didi told me to take a
bath and gave me a nice lehnga choli to wear. After showering and
changing my clothes, we sat down and had tea and samosas. By then my
jija had come home. He also joined us. He is very handsome, has
bulging muscles and is six feet tall. After some time, he went to
have his bath.
Let me explain the layout of the house. It was a very big,
sprawling, one storey bungalow with open space all around. My room
was next to didi and jija's bedroom. Next to my room was another
room which was my jija's younger b*****r, Ramu's room. Ramu is my
age and studies in a nearby college.

That night I was very tired. So I fell asl**p early. Next morning, I
got up and came out of my room. My Didi got me tea and said that I
could go for a walk. I decided to go for a walk. There is a small
forest nearby. I walked towards that forest. It was a thick forest
and there was a path through it. As I walked, I came to a clearing
where there was a well. I could see Ramu walking to the well from
another side. He was wearing shorts and a T-shirt and his body was
sweaty. Obviously, he had come to have a bath after exercising in
the nearby fields. I thought he would be embarrassed to see me, so I
hid behind a tree.

Ramu drew some buckets of water from well. It was still early
morning. About 6.30 am but the sun was up and the heat was already
palpable. Then he took off his T-shirt. I was awestruck by his
muscular body. Then he took off his shorts and suddenly I felt very
shy. This was the first time I was seeing a naked man. Then he
started pouring water on his body from the buckets. When he turned
towards where I was standing behind some trees, I saw his full
frontal body. I almost screamed, "OH MAA", when I saw that thing
between his legs. I had heard about men and their penis. But I had
never even seen a photograph of a naked man. Ramu's penis was long,
dark and hanging between his legs. He had a very thick, dark bush of
pubic hair and his testicles hung in a loose sack. Soon he started
soaping his body. He vigorously soaped his groin and his penis also
and then washed himself. He put on fresh clothes and left. I also
walked back to my didi's house. I was feeling very hot and strange
after looking at Ramu's naked body.

Later, we all sat down for breakfast. Ramu was sitting next to me
and I kept on stealing glances at him. He was unaware of what had
transpired that morning, but every glance reminded me of his
glistening, muscled, naked body in the morning light by the well.
After breakfast, jija left for some work he had in town. I was
wondering what to do, when didi asked Ramu whether he would like to
show me the farm.

Ramu said, "Kyon nahin. Chalo Renu, tumhe apna farm dikha te hain."
The images of that morning flashed across my mind and I wondered if
I would feel comfortable with Ramu so soon after that morning's
encounter. But I couldn't say "No" either. We left for the farm
which was a short distance from the house. We started talking about
our colleges. He was studying agriculture. We had some common
interests like films and music. I found Ramu pleasant and likeable.

After walking for a short while, Ramu said, "Let me show you our
cows. We have just bought some foreign breed. They are beautiful."
We soon reached a field that had been fenced. There were a dozen
cows roaming about, grazing on the lush green grass. In one corner
sat a huge bull. Ramu started explaining to me how this breed of
Australian cows would boost the milk production. He then pointed to
the bull and said, with pride, "He is the only of his kind in the
entire village. Cost us a lot of money too." Even while he was
talking to me, the bull lumbered up and started walking towards the
cows. It was a fascinating sight. A huge bulk of rippling muscles,
fierce looking eyes and flaring nostrils, the bull walked up to a
cow and started sniffing at her hind quarters. Hanging from the
bull's underbelly was a pair of huge elongated balls in a pink sack,
dangling heavily. Watching them, I felt awkward and started
blushing. But Ramu was oblivious to the whole scene.

Suddenly, the cow lifted her tail and let out a low "mooooooooo".
The bull, as if on cue, started licking below her tail with great,
deep grunts that were audible, blowing through his nose. I was
mesmerised. A short while later, there was a huge, thick, long,
bright red rod protruding from the bull's belly. By now, I was
sweating and
couldn't take it any more.

I turned around and told Ramu, "Chalo, mujhe ghar jana hai."

Ramu had a half smile on his face, "Kyon? Kya hua?"

My throat was dry and I was barely able to whisper, "Yeh sab kya
dikha rahey ho tum mujhe? Nahin dekhna."
Ramu now gave a crooked smile and said, "Arrey… ismey konsi baat
hai? Saand ka kaam hi to hai gai ko pelna. Dekha wo chad gaya hai!"

I turned around and sure enough, the huge bull was up on the cow,
his forelegs on her back and like a slow motion picture, I saw his
thick red rod sinking into the cow's cunt. The bull then started
humping, all the while snorting with great fury while the cow kept
on "mooing". It was an amazing sight - something that was at once
shocking and fascinating. After a short while, the bull dismounted
from the cow and walked back to his corner of the field on unsteady
legs. The bull's red rod was still hanging and dripping a sticky,
gluey liquid. The cow rambled off.

"Yeh to prakriti ka niyam hai. Mard apni aurat ki sewa karta hai,"
Ramu said with his smile intact.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"Simple. It's natural," he kept on smiling.

"There's nothing natural about this," I shot back and turned to
walk back to the house.

Ramu started walking with me. "Look, what you saw is something
which is a fact of life. Human beings also do it, only they do it in
their bedrooms and nobody sees them," he said in a patient, but
mocking voice.

I kept quiet. We reached the farm house and I went to my room. I had
to lie down for a while - my legs were shaking and I was sweating
like never before. I had encountered nature in the raw twice that
day - watching Ramu naked at the well and later the bull mounting
the cow had left me feeling weak and funny. I don't know when I fell
asl**p. Didi woke me up and we had lunch. During the afternoon, we
gossiped for a while and then I went for a shower.

That evening, jija returned from town in great cheer. He had brought
back a nice dress for me and we joked for a while. He told did that
he was tired and could we please have an early dinner.In villages, a
silence descends with evening and people go to bed early as they
start their day early. After dinner, I went to my room and didi and
jija retired to their room. I saw Ramu going out - maybe he wanted
to have a smoke. That night it was very hot. I could not sl**p.
After some time, I decided to go out and breathe some fresh air. I
came out of my room and started strolling on the verandah that ran
around the bungalow. I passed Ramu's room and then walked back
towards didi's room. The window of didi's bedroom was open and the
net curtains were swaying in the slight breeze. I heard voices and
out of curiosity stopped short of the window.

Inside the room there was soft blue light and I saw jija standing
next to the bed. He was wearing a lungi and my did was sitting on
the bed. She was wearing her lehnga choli. Jija was holding her and
she slowly stood up. Then he kissed her.

I heard him saying, "Aaj tu bahut sexy lag rahi hai, jaani."

Didi said, "Ahista boliye, Renu ko sunai dega."

Jija said, "Who so gayi hogi. Tu chinta mat kar, jaani, aaj to teri
lambi chudai karoonga."
Didi giggled and said, "Chhoro bhi".
In that soft blue light, I could see them…Jija tugged at didi's
lehanga chord and it fell in a heap around her feet. With one hand
he started stroking didi's ass and with the other her unbuttoned her
choli. Soon didi was fully naked. He then dropped his lungi. They
then started to hug and squeeze and kiss each other.
Slowly jija pushed didi so that she was squatting in front of him.
Then I saw Jija's penis. It was very dark, long and thick. Oh god,
what is this I am seeing? I could not believe my eyes. Didi was now
licking his erect penis like a lollipop. Then she pushed her face
between his legs, kissing the cock-head lasciviously, flipping
back the foreskin, and then taking his cock-head in her mouth. Jija
grunted and slowly pulled her head forward and flexed his buttocks,
pushing more of his cock into her mouth. Didi's head rocked gently
back and forth in his hands. Her face distended as his glistening
cock thickened and hardened and swelled, sliding in and out between
her lips.
After some time, Jija said, "Ab bas kar nahin to mai jhar jaoonga."
Then he made Didi lie on the bed and after playing with her breasts,
started kissing her body. Slowly he moved down to her navel and then
between her legs. He started kissing and licking Didi's cunt. I did
not know people did such dirty things, I told myself. I was reminded
of the bull sniffing and tonguing the hind quarters of the cow that
After some time he got up and put didi's legs on his shoulders. Then
he took his penis, which was now looking like a danda, and placed it
at the lips of my didi's cunt. Then he grunted and pushed with full
f***e. Didi screamed softly, "Ooi maiyya, mai mar gayee." But soon
after that she started making soft sounds - obviously she loved
every inch it. She was on her back, her legs forked and spread with
jija bucking between them. Her legs were resting on his broad
muscular shoulders. Her hips heaved up at his. I stared at them.
Jija's swollen, glistening cock, ridged with thick veins, plunged
deeply in and out, in and out, in and out of didi's cunt. I could
hear it squelching into her belly, rasping out, squelching in again,
drawing shuddering moans from her. Her body snapped and bowed with
his savage thrusts, curling under his. Her head flipped from side to
side. Her breasts jiggled with each thrust. The thin gold chain
around her neck tossed and slithered between her breasts. Jija's
buttocks flexed and unflexed, his cock rose, slid into her like a
sword, lifted up again. Faster and faster he moved, thrusting deeper
and harder into her. He flung his head back, his eyes closed. Didi
dug her fingers into his bunched biceps. Her gold chain around her
neck crushed between the lovely mounds. Her soft moans and cries
rang in my ears.
"Ohhh! unhhh ... oh-ohh-ohh!" she gasped loudly: "Hanh… uhh uhhhh
uhhhh uhhhh hanh uhhhh uhh ohmauhhohhhuhh oh oh ohhh uhh
Jija began ramming in and out, in and out, in and out. He paused for
a second to lever her thighs wider apart and he hit a furious,
feverish, stroke again that tore a choking gasp from didi's throat.
Their bodies glistened with sweat. Didi caressed jija's hard chest
and belly, and then her hands slid to her loins and in that dim blue
light I saw her left hand encircle his shaft, the right clawing her
cunt-lips open. Jija's hips rose and fell, rose and fell, his cock
gliding smoothly, deeply, in and out, in and out, in and out. Didi
whimpered and arched, writhing in pleasure and began to
moan, her body stiffening suddenly under him, her body arched to
his, pressing
hard against him, her fingers digging into his strong shoulders.

Soon after that, jija got up and said, "Ab tu kutti ban, tujhe aur
chodna hai. On your front! I'll fuck you like a bitch!" Obediently,
didi turned around and bent forward on her forearms, spreading her
knees wide and presenting her delectable buttocks to her man.
Thrusting a hand between her thighs, she splayed her cunt-lips
open. "Aao raja," she murmured. Jija straddled her hips and pressed
his penis between her buttocks. She groaned and trembled beneath
him. He took his penis and pushed it into didi's cunt from behind.
Then he held my didi's waist and kept on moving fast. There was a
sound of phooch-phooch and phachak-phachak in the room.

Suddenly Jija got up and said, "Aaj to maja aa gaya raani. Aaj to
mein teri gaand bhi maroonga".

Didi said in broken voice, "Raham karo raja, mein mar jaoongi."
Jija said, "Aaj to nahin chhorunga tujhko" and Didi then told
him, "Phir thora tel to laga lo apney fauladi lund par." Jija walked
to the mirror and, taking the bottle of hair oil, put some on his
penis. Then he walked back to the bed where Didi was still kneeling.
He then spread her buttock and I could not see what was happening.
But my Didi was moaning, "Hai, mein mar gayi. Chhor do mujhko. Aur
andar mat dalo. Nahi ley sakti. Hai maaa... mar gayi... meri gaand
phat gayi"
Jija suddenly said, "Chup kar. Aur thora reh gaya..." and pushed
hard, and then laughed and hissed at her, "Ley, ab puri lund terey
gaand ke andar chala gaya hai. Ab ayega maza."
Then he started thrusting his hip very fast. And Didi was
moaning, "Oooui maaa... mar gayiiii... aur nahin.... ab jaldi
karo..." Suddenly, Jija said, "Main jhar raha hoon..." and clutched
Didis's waist and then they collapsed on the bed. Jija asked
Didi, "Kaisa laga, rani?" and didi said, "Aaj to tumney mera pet
bhar diya raja... meri bhookh poori mita di". Then they kissed and
started stroking each other.

I quietly crept back into my room and went to sl**p. The next
morning I went for my walk in the forest and then came upon the
well. Ramu had come for his bath. He took off his clothes and then
started massaging oil on his skin. He oiled his limbs and chest and
then spent a long time massaging oil on to his penis and playing
it. Before my eyes, his penis slowly became erect and was soon
standing upright, thick, hard and dark. Then he started pouring
water on himself, soaped his body, his penis, dried himself and put
on his clothes. I returned home, and could feel a stickiness between
my thighs.

That evening, Didi said she would oil and comb my hair. I did not
have any hair oil. So she went to her room to fetch it. Later, we
sat and gossiped and soon it was time for dinner. After I had come
to my room for the night, I could hear Didi giggling in the next
room. There was a door which was shut. I crept to that door and put
my ears
against a crack.

I could hear my Jija telling my Didi, "Ab kya sharmati hai tu, tujhe
to maine nanga kar diya hai. Aur main bhi nanga hoon. Dekh mera lund
kaisey phudak raha hai terey choot ke liye aur teri choot tarap rahi
hai mere lund ke liye."

Didi giggled and said, "Ab chup bhi karo… besharam." Suddenly I
heard her cry out softly, "Ooui maa. Itney jor sey kyon machor

Jija said, "Teri chutar itni chikni hai ki rok nahin sakta apney aap
ko… aaj tere ko doosrey position mein karta hoon…"

I could hear him dragging the chair in their room. After that I
heard him instructing Didi to hold the handles of the chair and jut
out her ass. Then I heard her cry out again, ""Come on," she gasped
again. "Put it in ... I want your tongue in my choot… lick my
gaand… ... Ohhhhh yes!" she gasped. "Ohhh god yes! Mmmm ... yes Ohhh
unhh Yes! Ohhh yes! Do it,... uhhh Ohhhhh uhhhh ohhhhh uhhh yes ...
ohhhh god yes!"

Then Jija asked her, "Ab bol, lund chahiye tujhe?"

I heard Didi's panting voice, "Yes," she breathed. "I want it ...
Mujhey chodo
mere raja." "Where d'you want it, cunt? Tell me. In your mouth? Your
cunt? Your ass?" "In my ass, raja," she told him. "I love it jab tum
meri gaand martey ho…But please fuck my cunt, too-it's hungry for
your lund. Lekin pahley thora tel laga lo."

Then I heard her saying, that she had left the hair oil bottle in my
room. "Koi nahin, thook laga kar pelta hoon…" said jija.

I don't know what got over me but I slowly opened the door to the
verandah and walked towards my didi's room. Sure enough, the window
was open, the soft blue light was on and the gauze curtain was
blowing in the gentle wind. It was late night and I could hear the
sound of village insects. I glanced into the room… Seeing my
didi bent over a chair, her hands clasping the chair handles and her
round, flesh but firm ass jutting out provocatively, and jija
squatting behind her, his faces buried in the crevice of her ass
cheeks, gave me goose pimples.

Jija was tongue-fucking didi's cunt and ass alternately. She
whimpered and writhed in pleasure as his tongue swirled through her
sodden slit and flickered over her anus. She spread her cunt-lips
wide open and asked him to masturbate her. He slid two fingers her
cunt and began to finger-fuck her while he rimmed her anus with his
tongue. She whimpered and her buttocks and hips writhed and swayed
ecstatically. "Mm ... yes ... Ohhh yes ... yes ... put your tongue
in yes ...ohh it feels so good in my ass ... ahhhh yes!" didi
gasped. Her response, and the heady taste and sexy odour of her
asshole obviously excited jija and he got to his feet behind her and
pressed his cock-head between her buttocks. She bent further forward
as he dug his fingers into her buttocks and pried them wide apart.
His cock was glistening with her sucking of it, but still not
sufficiently lubricated. He paused and slid it lower to her cunt. He
slid it deep into her cunt and she gasped softly at its heat and
size, her face
turned on one side. He fucked her slowly for a few minutes, stroking
rhythmically and unhurriedly in and out of her cunt. Her body
lurched and swung under his. He squeezed and fondled her breasts as
he pumped away, his hips swinging smoothly. She moaned joyously,
writhing her buttocks and hips against his thighs, murmuring
obscenely to him.

"Yes ... ohhh god yes ... fuck me, raja ... chodo mujhko... meri
choot taras rahi hai tumhare lund ke liye... jor se aur jor se...!"

Suddenly, jija slid out his cock from her cunt and pressed his cock-
head to didi's anus. He pressed firmly and slid a hand under her
belly and fingered her slit and toyed with her swollen clitoris. He
flexed his buttocks and eased his hips forward. His cock-head
squeezed between her buttocks and slipped into her rear channel. The
breath went out of her in a shuddering whoosh and her mouth jerked

I could imagine jija's cock burning hot and thick and hard in didi's
asshole. She moaned softly, her buttocks trembling. He struck them
firmly with his open palm and she winced and cried out and they
opened further and he pushed deeper into her. Her anus convulsed on
the huge intruder and he flung his head back in delight. Slowly, he
drilled deeper and deeper into her. She began to cry out in short,
staccato, rising gasps, her fingers clutching and clawing the
handles of the chair. It was huge, his cock, hot and searing. On and
on it went, going in deeper and deeper. He shoved it in to the hilt,
he bent forward to crush her breasts in his hands. His hips swung
up, his cock slid out, and then he skewered her asshole deeply
again. Didi gasped and cried out with each thrust, lurching sharply
forward under his thrusts, goading him obscenely to take her
harder,faster, deeper. Jija straightened slowly and gradually built
up speed, moving steadily faster and faster. Her body jerked and
lurched under his and he held her hips and moved her ass back and
forth on his cock. Her breasts jiggled and tossed with his thrusts.
Faster and faster he went, his cock thundering and slamming and
reaming and ramming in and out of didi's rear channel. His balls
slapped against her buttocks. Her cries grew sharper and higher,
piercing the quiet of the room and mingling and twining with his own
ecstatic grunts. "Ohhhh uhh Oh uh oh uh oh uh oh oh yes Ohhh maaaa….
ohhh uhhh yes ohh yes oh uh oh uh oh uh oh OHHHHHH!" she cried.

I was reminded of the huge bull mounting the poor cow in the field,
his forelegs clutching her rump while his huge, red, rod pistoned in
and out of the cows rear.
Suddenly, I felt somebody standing behind me. I turned around in the
soft darkness and saw Ramu. I almost jumped and screamed but he put
one hand over my mouth and pulled me away. He took me to my room and
shut the door.
He whispred to me, "Kya dekh rahi thi tu? Apni didi aur jija ki
chudai?" I felt ashamed and hid my face in my hands.
He gave me his by now familiar crooked smile and said there was
nothing to be ashamed. All men and women do the same thing: "Mard ka
kaam hai apni aurat ki chudai karna".
I was feeling hot and my throat was dry. Ramu was slowly stroking my
body, I was feeling very funny. He suddenly held my face and kissed
me on my lips. Then, before I knew what was happening, he was
unbuttoning my choli and pulling down my lehnga. I was not wearing
any under clothes. So, I was soon fully naked. I tried to hide my
body with my hands, covering my breasts and my cunt. But Ramu pulled
them away firmly, his muscles rippling in the pale light of the
room. He then led me to the bed and took off the lungi he was
wearing. His penis was erect and standing and very thick. He fell
upon me and started kissing and biting me, whispering hoarsely all
the time, "Tu bahoot chikkan hai Renu. Teri mammey anar jaisey
hain... teri gulabi hoth kitney sexy hain... aur teri gaand ..." and
then he squeezed my
buttocks very hard and roughly pushed his index finger into my
asshole, sending a wave of pain searing up my body. I had to keep
quiet because didi and jija were in the next room and now that they
had fallen silent, they would have heard any sound that I made. Ramu
then took my hand and put it on his cock and said, "Dekh, mera
lund kitna tagda hai." I could make out that it was very long and
thick and sooo… hot. Then he put his hand between my legs and
said, "Teri choot kitni chikkan hai." He slipped in one finger. My
cunt was by now dripping wet. He whispered into my ears, "Aur teri
choot mere lund ke liye bhooki hai."

I was scared stiff thinking about what was about to happen as well
as the fact that didi and jija in the next room could have heard us
just like I had heard them through the connecting door. I whispered
my fears to Ramu, "Dekhi, didi aur jija ney khain sun liya na…"Ramu must have also realised the danger, so he got up and asked me
to accompany him. "Kahan," I asked him. "Just follow me", he
whispered back. I quickly slipped on my choli and lehnga as Ramu
wrapped the lungi around himself. Soon, he was leading me out of the
room, away from the house to a smally cottage about 20 yards away.
When we reached the place, he opened the door and led me in. It was
like a guest house, with two bedrooms and a bath room. He took me to
inner bedroom, pulled off his lungi and ripped my lehnga-choli off
my body which was by now shivering in anticipation of a fearsome
encounter which both scared me as well as tantalised me.

He made my lie down on the bed and started licking and kissing me
all over the body - my lips, my cheeks, my neck, my arms, my
breasts, my belly and then… his hot lips were on my cunt lips,
probing, licking and sucking, sending wave after wave of joyous
pleasure through my body. I grabbed his hair and raised my hips,
pressing my pubes into his face. After some time, he got up and sat
on my upper body, facing
me, and bent forward so that his big thick cock was now touching my
face. It had a musky smell and was dripping with a sticky liquid.

He then asked me to suck his cock: "Mera lund choos… maza ayega".

I couldn't resist myself and slowly started licking and kissing his
cock head. Soon, I opened my mouth large and wide, remembering how
didi had done the same thing a short while earlier, and felt Ramu's
hard cock probing the inner depths of my mouth, lunging gently at my
throat but stopping short of choking me. After some time, Ramu took
out his cock from my mouth and squatted between my spread

He said that now he was going to put his lund inside my choot : "Ab
mein teri choot mein apna lund ghoosaoonga".

I felt scared and said, "Nahi baba nahi. Itna lamba aur mota hai...
nahi jaa sakta andar... main mar jaoongi." Ramu just gave me his
crooked smile and said mockingly, "chup kar, dekha nahin bhaiya
kaise bhabhi ko pel rahei thei. Ab main tere ko peloonga. aaj sey tu
meri aurat aur main tera mard. tu kewal merey liye apni choot aur
gaand ko faylaygi".

Suddenly I felt a searing pain between my legs. As if something red
hot was pushing up my cunt, tearing the inner walls and ruthlessly
stretching me. I begged Ramu to stop but he only laughed and held me
tighter. I opened my mouth to scream and he clamped his lips on my
lips, turning my scream into a deep gurgle inside my throat.
Then, for some seconds, I saw only darkness and felt pain deep
within me.

My next realisation was that Ramu was sucking my lips and squeezing
my breasts and whispering in a hoarse voice, "Terey choot ka parda
phut gaya hai. Mera lund ab teri choot ke andar chala gaya hai. Ab
main teri chudai karoonga." He then started moving his hip up and
down. With each stroke it seemed as if he was pulling out my inner
skin and along with his cock. After five-six minutes, I started
feeling a tingling pleasure and held him tight to me and lifted my
legs and wrapped them around him. He kept on pumping me for a long

After what seemed like eternity, he got up and asked me to do same
thing that jija had asked didi to do. He said, "Ab tu kutti ban ja.
Teri gaand maroonga aur tere gaand ke andar jharoonga. " This time I
felt really scared. Ramu's lund was now looking fierce -- very very
big and thick and hot. I just could not imagine such a huge thing
slipping past my puckered anus. No way! Seeing me hesitate, said
that if he put his "lund ka ras" inside my gaand, then I would not
become pregnant and that I would also enjoy getting my ass shafted --
-"gaand maarney ka maza kuch aur his hai"

I replied testily, "Maza to tumko mileyga! Aur main dard sey mar

He once again grinned crookedly and said, "Apni gaand marwa ke to
dekh kitna maza milta hai. Dekha nahin teri didi kitney mazey ley
rahi thi?"

I got down on all fours and knelt and reached back to splay my
buttocks apart. Ramu grinned at the sight of my temptingly taut
anus. "Hold it open for me," he commanded. I nodded and obeyed, my
shoulders on the bed, my face turned to one side on the pillow, my
arms twisted behind me to pull my buttocks open and offer him my
anus. Ramu moved back and, licking four fingers, moistened my anus.
He then spread my buttocks and start licking and putting spit on my
ass hole, sending waves of pleasure up my spine. But just thinking
about his huge, rock hard cock tearing its way through my tight ass
hole left me wondering whether it was worth it. I then remembered
how didi asked jija to put some oil so that it would not hurt. I
whispered to Ramu pleadingly, "Thora hair oil laga lo..please!" But
Ramu said that there was no oil in the room and that he would
lubricate my anus with his spit - "dar mat, thook se gila kar
loonga". Ramu bent forward and thrust his face between my
buttocks. I groaned softly as I felt his tongue ripple over my ass
hole. His tongue swirled over my anus, caressing the puckered flesh
tenderly. My buttocks and hips quivered and swayed with
excitement. "Yes ... Ohhhhh maaa yes! Yes!" I gasped. I groaned,
trembling with lust, my body aflame with desire as Ramu's tongue
swept in dizzying circles over my anus.

He then put some more spit on my ass hole and holding his lund, put
his cock head on my tight, small anus. It was nice sensation and I
shivered at the touch of his cock head on my puckered anus.

"There," he muttered. "Now I'll stuff your asshole with my cock."
Without my realizing it, my hip had started to squirm in wanton
desire against his Ramu's erect cock. He rose to straddle my hips
and adjusted himself slightly, easing the taut muscles in his legs.
He leaned over me on outstretched arms, his knees deeply bent. He
held my
buttocks open with the fingers of one hand and holding his slippery
penis in the other, guided his cock to my anus. "There, take it," he
gasped, pressing his cock head against my anus. His cock head
squeezed into and past my taut, puckered ass hole. My face twisted
in a mixture of pain and shock and my mouth jerked open and I
screamed thinly, my face pressed into the pillow, "Ohhhhh Ooooooui
maaaa, mar gayi main… nikal lo apna lund, nahin chahiye mujhe…. meri
gaand phat gayi…… hai main mar gayi... uhhhhhh ...

But Ramu was unrelenting. Grabbing my waist, he shoved his cock in
with full f***e… "Come on," he rasped. "Come on-take it! Ley apney
gaand may!" I moaned into the pillow, tears of pain streaming down
my face, even as I yielded to his thrusting cock, my sphincter
relaxing and then loosening, and Ramu thrusting deep and hard. My
breath came in short, sharp, ragged, moaning gasps as Ramu's
rampaging penis burst into my rear channel, surging inexorably
inwards. My sphincter convulsed frantically on his penis, and his
weight, suffused with pain that was strangely turning into pleasure,
I moaned and writhed. Deeper and deeper his penis went, till he had
buried himself to the hilt in my ass.

My anus was completely and helplessly impaled by Ramu's swollen,
massive shaft. I felt dizzy with the exquisite pain. Ramu squeezed
my breasts. I groaned. He pinched my rigid nipples and I gasped
thickly. Soon, the pain receded, yielding to delirious joy and
desire. Crushing my breasts in his hands, Ramu began to move his
hips, slowly fucking my ass. I gasped as he lifted his hips, drawing
his cock out of my anus till only the cock-head was held within.
Steadily, he gathered speed till he was ram-fucking my ass, plunging
deeply into my anus, reaming and ramming his cock into me. Ramu
groaned and thrust his cock into me savagely, slamming his hips at
my buttocks, burying his cock in my anus all the way till I could
feel his rough, thick pubic hair brushing the soft skin of my
buttocks. Finally, he lost control. He pulled my hair and said, "Ab
teri gaand dheeli ho gayi hai. Ab ayega maza." And I really felt my
ass becoming loose and easy for Ramu's lund. He started shafting me
furiously, in swift and fast strokes. After a long, long time he
start panting and suddenly I felt his cock swelling inside me. After
that, I felt thick spurts of hot liquid filling my ass. Ramu
collapsed over me, both of us breathing heavily. When he had pulled
out and rolled over, I gingerly felt between my buttocks and touched
my anus which, having just been plundered by Ramu's cock, was
swollen with sticky hot liquid oozing out slowly. Now that his cock
was no longer shafting me, I felt empty and the pain returned. I
turned towards Ramu and hissed at him, "Yeh tumney kya kar diya.
Main dard se mari ja rahi hoon. Hai, meri gaand dukh rahi hai, meri
choot mein jalan ho rahi hai."

He kissed me roughly and said, "Jaanu, mera lund ka ras nikal raha
hai tere gaand
sey. Dar mat, kuch nahin hoga". He then held me close to him.

That night we had sex again three more times. Once, he made me sit
on his lap, facing him. Second time, he made me stand on the floor,
next to the bed, and fucked me from behind while I bent forward.
Third time, he made me lie on top of him. He told me that there were
many "aasans" for "chudai" and that he would teach me all of them.
Every time he fucked me, in the end he would put his cock in my ass
and then fill me with his "ras".

Next morning, we woke up at the crack of dawn and putting on our
clothes, quietly made our way back to our rooms. Later, sitting at
the breakfast table, I kept on wondering whether I had dreamt all
that had happened to me last night or whether it had been a real
encounter. I stole a glance at Ramu, but he pretended nothing had
happened. Didi asked me whether I would like to go out with her to
meet some of her friends nearby. But I was feeling a lot of pain in
my choot and gaand every time I tried to walk. So I told didi that I
was not feeling too well and would like to take some rest. From that
day, every night Ramu would take me to the guest room after midnight
and fuck me in my cunt and ass and then fill my ass with his semen,
which he kept on describing as his "ras", or he would make me open
my mouth and drink his "ras" as he spurted it into my mouth.
His "ras" tasted salty and very nice. I learned many
different "aasans" from him. After some days, there was no pain,
pleasure, when our bodies joined into one.

This happened for one full month. Now I am back at my own home and
college has started but every night I think of Ramu. I plan to go to
my Didi's house again soon so that I can be with Ramu whom I now
think of as my "mard" and myself as his "aurat". He has taught me
that the human body is meant to please and take pleasure. I am
grateful to him for that.
88% (10/1)
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