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3:24 pm, November 9 nigeblue

Hello My Lovely Whore Deeedraa glad that you are good your Sweet Nigel is glad that My Whore would enjoy Her Sweet Nigel abusing her so good after being taken by some many men, would love to slap bite pinch spit on you before your Sweet Nigel would enjoy r****g you your cunt and arse would be so sore and used by my hard cock would also fist your cunt and arse so hard and deep that it you would feel sore the next day My Whore would think that she had been ripped open do hope that My Whore would enjoy that Loving Abuse from her Sweet Nigel.

Well hope this message make My Whore Deedraa feel so Good and so Loved as well will look forward to your reply you take care My Lovely Whore.

Love and Kisses to My Lovely Whore Deedraa from your Sweet Nigel

2:43 pm, November 7 deedraa

Sweet Nigel, You would make me so happy by abusing me after I was fucked and pissed by all those man. Who pay you a low sum for my dirty old body. It makes me happy when you are r****g me and slaps me on my old wide cunt, my small tits and spit me into my eyes.

Posted by deedraa 2 years ago
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1 year ago
I want to use your body hard!!