Part 1, The Succubus with a Cock

Part 1, The Succubus with a Cock
His cock felt so good between my lips. I savored every inch with such great passion he moaned and f***ed my head farther down his shaft. I gagged many times but I was getting better at deepthroating. His balls were coated with my saliva, and soon the couch we were sitting on became wet to. I really did enjoy big cocks in my mouth. I had really acquired a taste for it if you’ll excuse the expression.
But it did not begin here, I stated with a surprise and then I was forever changed. One single act started me down a path that I could not return from. If given the choice again knowing what I know now, I’d probably still make the same choices. I would still have would up the way I am now and with very little regrets. My name was Jonathon, now I am Jo-Anne and this is my story of transformation.

I was working as pizza deliverer and one night one of the paid me with something out of the ordinary. It was slow night and I was on last delivery. I had made very little money and was ready to call it a day. I was running late and by the time I arrived I had gone past our thirty minute delivery guarantee. This pizza was going to be free. Well not really this means I would be f***ed to pay for it. I had no cash and could not afford to pay for this. If I didn’t return with the money I would be fired. I had to do something.
When I arrived at 714 Lester Way, I was greeted by a tall brunette in with only a bra, stockings and high heels. I stood there in amazement with my jaw down. I eyes drifted from her red lips to her small but perfect breast, then finally to here cock that hung between her legs. She giggled and twirled her hair between two fingers on her left hand as I stammered and stuttered.
I don’t know what I really said to her, but she adamantly replied “thank you, but it’s been over forty minutes this should be free.”
I came back to reality moving my eyes back to hers and begged her, “I’m sorry but I got caught in traffic and I my boss finds out he’ll fire me.”
She smiled and beckoned with her index finger, “if you do something for me, I’ll pay for the pizza and you won’t get fired.”
I had a bad feeling about this but I didn’t want to lose my job. I entered her large house and was lead to a room with only one entrance. I had a giant pentagram on the floor and many depictions of demons and items of torture about the room. I was hoping to get off easy but it didn’t look good. I moved partway into the room and she said, “call your boss you’re going to be stuck in traffic longer that you thought.” Closing the door behind her she strutted over to the couch and sat stroking her now swelling cock.
My mouth was dry and was dizzy. She said with her eyes looking deep into mine. She asked “have you ever been with a T-girl.” I stuttered again but she only smiled and began unzipping my pants. She pulled my limp cock from my pants and inserted the entire length into her mouth. It felt so good; I had never had a blowjob like this before. She knew exactly what to do. My cock grew in her mouth and she licked my balls, stroked me and deepthroated me.
“You can’t stop looking at my cock, can you?” Then standing up she pushed me down to my knees with inhuman strength. Then I opened my mouth as she stuffed the entire length in my mouth. I gagged but she held my head firm and began thrusting her hips. “Now you’re a cocksucker, and I bet you like it don’t you,” she taunted. My eyes began to water but she was relentless with here thrusts. “You know I’m going to fuck you ass, right. I bet you want me to fuck you don’t. Beg for you cocksucking faggot.”
My cock was very hard and I was enjoying this greatly. “Now bend over get ready for the fuck of your life,” she demanded as she slapped her cock against my face. I bent over and she began to rub my ass inserting a finger. Then she spit at my virgin hole and pushed her finger in lubing my asshole. “You ready for this. Well you better be.” Then I felt something warm press into me and then beyond my virgin sphincter.
I moaned in pain as I felt her thrust deep into me. Her thrusts were slow to begin but this did not last long. Soon she fucking me with all the f***e she could muster and I was beginning to like it. She moaned loudly and fucked my hard. My ass became stretched and soon she could insert her cock into me without difficulty.
Her cock was stimulating my prostate and soon I felt as though I was going to cum. She seemed to know this as she reached around and stroked my cock. Soon I was cumming she cupper her hand to catch my cum. “You’re a cocksucker and you like to get assfucked, don’t you,” she taunted but I only moaned. “Now you’re going to eat you cum bitch,” she stuffed her cum soaked hand into my mouth. In the throes of passion I swallowed it of her wet fingers. It was salty and did not really enjoy it but there was little I could do now.
“I’m going to cum bitch, you hear me,” she moaned “I’m going to cum in your ass and then you’ll be a cum filled cocksucking, ass fucked, cum swallowing bitch forever.” The word forever echoed in my head with evil resonance. I then felt her cock thrust deep into me and she screamed. I only moaned in exhaustion. After she had pulled out I felt liquid ooze from my ass.
“I’ve had better and because of that I’m not going to pay for the pizza.” She grabbed my cock and d**g me outside slamming her front door in my face. I was stunned and soon I realized naked. It was a good thing my car was a piece of shit and started without a key or it would have been a long walk home.
That night while I dreamt I could see girls faces before me. I was stroking my cock onto them. Thick gobs of cum shot onto their tongues and into their hair. With each blast I could feel it. Hot and sticky, salty and thick. Soon I was longer giving the facials but receiving them. Cock after cock and guy after guy came on my face and I loved it. This was the beginning of the end. There were changes happening in me that could not be stopped…

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2 years ago
cool story!
2 years ago
I always loved shemales, not only the stories about!
This wasa good one, hope to find the follow up!
2 years ago
Hope there is a follow-up.
2 years ago
Very good.