My Affair with the f****y - Part 3

Sue came in and we exchange some small talk about our day and I filled her in on the progress. The backup of the good data, which needed to be cleaned, was coming along and I figured it would take me a couple of hours to deal with that.

Nicole said she was heading to a girlfriends house and would be back in time for dinner and said good-bye. Sue in the mean time said she was going to work out before starting dinner if I didn’t need her for anything. I told her I was fine and went back to my work.

About 30 minutes later Sue came in showing the same signs of perspiration as her daughter had earlier, to let me know she was going in for a shower. I was thinking of course was it possible to see both of these beauties naked in one day? Figured it was worth a shot, so I gave her a few minutes head start before I went out back.

When I got out back it had started to get dark and I noticed as I approached the bedroom window that I was going to get a much better view because of the lights being on in the house and there would be little chance I would be seen. So I set up in the same place, on my knees, but this time I unzipped my pants in order to prepare for the show.

It didn’t take long for Sue to come into view. She went over to the bedroom door and closed it and headed into the bathroom and proceeded to shed her work out clothes. Now where her daughter had that all natural look, you could tell that as fine as the 34DD’s were popping out off Sue’s chest, you could tell she had a little help. But hey, DD’s are DD’s no matter how you get them and they looked dam fine to me.

Sue then took off her bottoms and right away I could see that Sue shaved or waxed because her pussy was as bald as could be. Her tight pussy lips were glistening with sweat and they looked tight. She then vanished into the shower while I started to stroke my cock to full attention.

It didn’t take Sue long to shower and after she dried off she sat down on the bathtub, which was definitely in my field of vision. She then spread her legs wide and proceeded to pluck hairs off her pussy lips. I almost blew my second nut of the night there but I held off for a few to make it last. Sue did this for a few minutes and it was so erotic to watch this stranger pulling at her pussy lips in order to pluck out what couldn’t be that many hairs as she looked totally bald.

While Sue was doing this I could start to see the inside of her lips getting shiny. I could only imagine she was getting aroused herself as her fingers kept brushing past her clit. I was now in heaven and my fist was furiously pumping my cock as I saw her insert one of her fingers into her pussy. Sue then closed her eyes and tilted her head back as she started to finger herself with one hand and rub her clit with the other.

I wasn’t going to last much longer because the whole idea of hiding behind some shrubs, watching this woman masturbate was just too much. Just as I was about to come I heard Sue start to make the sexiest noises. Well that was it for me and I sprayed the shrub down in front of me, not caring if it would show the next day or not.

As my cock started to go limp I kept watching Sue’s fingers rapidly rub her clit. She was in another zone when all of a sudden she shrieked out and squirted this clear liquid from her pussy. I almost screamed myself as I had never seen a woman do this before, except in porn movies. Just then, I saw the bedroom door open and Nicole rushed in. Sue quickly covered herself up and they exchanged words and then Nicole spun around and looked around as if she was looking for me.

Now I knew there was no way she could see me because it was pitch black outside. But what if she came home and found me not in the office and went to tell her mom? Shit I was so screwed.

I quickly zipped up my cock and headed towards the other side of the backyard over to where the outdoor shower was. I turned on the light and immediately started to clean all the dust I had blown out of the computer previously. Just as I was finishing up, Sue and Nicole walked out and asked what I was doing.

Dam, had I been caught? I explained what I was using the shower for and that their computer was filthy from sitting for many years without being cleaned. Sue looked at me and said she had no idea dirt built up inside computers and thanked me before saying dinner would be ready in 15 minutes.
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8 months ago
Sure hope the hot fuckin starts soon hey
3 years ago
Sure hope there will be more, soon. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Very nice but looking for more plz...
3 years ago
LoL, very nice. Good job.
3 years ago
More! More! Plz
3 years ago
there has to be more than this
3 years ago
sue must be a blonde 4/10
3 years ago
Dam you have me hard as a brick
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
I am hanging on every word