My Affair with the f****y - Part 2

The next night I returned to Sue's home and Nicole answered the door again. While I would love to say she opened the door wearing nothing but a towel, I can't. However, it was obvious she was working out as you could see the small sweat stains appearing under her arms and very large breasts.

Nicole told me that her mom wasn't home yet from her errands but that I should go back and begin. So with that I headed off to the office. Once I was there I broke out my tools, some software and some canned air. Figured I would clean out this relic if while I was at it. Just then Nicole popped her head in and asked if I wanted a drink. I told her water was fine and I asked if she could show me someplace outside where I could blow the dust out of the computer.

She lead me outside to what looked like the most amazing backyard. Everything was plush with a wonderful pool, palm trees and even an enclosed outdoor shower. Figured this would be a good place as I could was the dirt away when I was done. She also made it a point to show me the rest of the yard, including the master bedroom and bath which were accessible from the backyard, but opposite of where the office and outdoor shower was.

Once I had the grand tour she told me she was heading into shower and that her mom would be home in about an hour as she was picking up dinner. So I headed back to the office and began to break down the computer. Before I headed out though I wanted that drink so I went into the kitchen and was trying to figure out where the glasses were. Then Nicole walked in wearing that towel I mentioned earlier, telling me where I could get that drink, and headed off to her moms room to shower.

As she left my dick started thinking for my brain and that is never a good sign. I grabbed the computer and headed outside with it and put it in the outside shower. I then headed over to the master bedroom area again and was trying to see if there was some way I could get a glimpse of that young but fully developed body. And as luck would have it, Nicole didn't shut the plantation shutters or the bathroom door.

There I was, kneeling down next to some shrubs, peering into this strangers home trying to get a look at this beautiful girl. I waited for about 10 minutes when I was finally rewarded. Nicole got out of the shower, which was hidden from my view and walked out on to the towel on the floor. She proceeded to dry off and as she did I got a full on view of that heavenly body.

Her breasts just stood right out there in all their glory. I take back my initial assessment of them and figure them for 34DDD now. Then Nicole turns right at me and i see that she has a wonderful full bush protecting her young pussy. My dick is raging for relief now and I am not sure if I have time to rub one out in the bushes without getting caught. I chicken out and cautiously head back to my work.

I finished cleaning out the computer pretty quick and headed back in the house and hooked the computer back up. Then I went back into the kitchen for my drink. Nicole walked in from the shower still in her towel and came up to ask me if everything was going ok. I must have been sweating a bit because she started to get closer to me than she had before and giving me the strangest looks. I had no idea if she saw me or not, but I was starting to become uncomfortable with the attention and aroused at the same time.

She finally let me off the hook and said she had to go get dressed. So I went back to my work, saving off all the data they needed. i was so dam horny at this point and I needed relief. So while the computer was backing up I headed to the bathroom for some relief.

I stood there with my pants around my ankles jerking off my rock hard 8" cock with images of those breasts and bush in my head in complete oblivion. After a few minutes of this and just about the time I was going to blow my load into the guest bathroom sink, there was a nock at the bathroom door. Nicole was concerned for me and wanted to make sure I was alright because she couldn't find me. I replied back that i was fine and would be out in a minute. The thought of Nicole being on the other side of the door just increased the pleasure and i immediately blew a healthy load everywhere and let out a huge groan. I didn't even care if she was still standing out there at this point, I needed that.

When I cleaned up and went back to the office Nicole was waiting for me wearing a light colored and tight fitting top and a pair of equally tight shorts. Her breasts and nipple were clearly visible as was what was trying to be a nice camel toe. I was thinking, really, how am I going to get any work done with that sitting around me. Lucky for me, just then Sue came home.
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10 months ago
Awesome - now for the next ep - cos I need to cum -hard
3 years ago
Enough build-up. You're giving me blue balls. lol
3 years ago
Good story and way to go.They are all panting for more..lolol.
3 years ago
very sexy & hot
3 years ago
ooooh you teaser love it
3 years ago
dam stil hard
3 years ago
part 3 is written...waiting for it to post. glad you're enjoying it so far.
3 years ago
more, please