My Affair with the f****y - Part 1

This is my first story, which is mostly true. I hope you enjoy it.

About 8 years ago I had the most wonderful experience. You see my ex wife had finally had enough of me and kicked me to the curb. While I fully take responsibility for my being a shit head, the gory details are not important.

What is important was that I was finally free and able to have fun again. I was just out of the military and in pretty decent shape for being 35.

No sooner that I am out of the house and on my own I am introduced to this lovely lady of 47 by a mutual friend. You see I am in the technology business and I was hired to unscrew her home computer systems as a favor to my friend. It appeared her ex was not to careful as to the adult sites he visited and left the home pc infected to the point it was inoperable.

Fast forward a week and I head out to the home of where the work is to be done. Mind you i have not had any sex in months due to the split with my ex, but i had no idea what I was in for when the door opened. Standing there was this young women, at the time i thought was a college girl. She was 5'7", 125 pounds with long dark brown hair and what looked to be a stunning and perky 34DD rack.

She invited me and told me she was the daughter, a junior in high school (dam) and that her mom was just finishing working out but would be with me in a few minutes. So she leads me to the kitchen where I pull up a seat and wait.

A few minutes later the mom walks in. Aside from the height (she is 5'3") and the hair (she is blonde), I am looking at a twin. How lucky am I that I am in this wonderful home with two beautiful women.

Because of the time being so close to dinner I wanted to get moving on this work, not knowing how long it would take. After making some small talk, Sue (mom) leads me to the office so that I can begin working on the pc and let's me know she will be back in a bit.

So i begin checking things over and all of this porn pops up. Being a healthy guy I am checking out all that is on the pc's hard drive and find it loaded with videos, pics of young girls and of course enough pop-ups to choke a horse. While i was checking out one of the videos I started to get aroused and made sure the volume was turned down low enough it wouldn't be heard. I must have gotten so into it, that I was not aware the daughter, who I found out later was almost 17 had walked up behind me and was watching the video too.

I heard a small sigh come from her mouth and it startled the hell out of me. I jumped from my chair and my state of arousal was obvious. Nicole (daughter) told me she was sorry for scaring me and said she came in to see how I was doing. This was the computer she used for school, but because of the condition it was in, she had to stop using it until it was fixed. While she was explaining this to me I caught her staring at my cock but I ignored it in order to avoid more of an embarrassing situation.

I stumbled through explaining to her that the pc was more than likely going to have to be rebuilt, which I needed to share with her mom because it would be down for a few days. i was only able to come and work on this after my normal work hours.

Nicole called her mom in and I went over what I found, what could be saved and how long it would take to clean it up. Sue told me I should come over each night after work and that while I was working she would make me dinner. Apparently she was very grateful I was fixing the pc. With that i told them I would be back the next day to begin the work.
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10 months ago
Yeah - ok - more please and fast
3 years ago
Nice tease. You have my interest.
3 years ago
LoL very good start.
3 years ago
very good start tease
3 years ago
sounds intresting
3 years ago
there had better be more or your a prick tease ;-)
3 years ago
dam with a hard on and no finish,,hurry man
3 years ago
more please... you left us hanging