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How to get on The Dean's List!

Not long ago one of my x hamster friends asked about the criteria I employ in deciding which videos make it onto my list of favorites. It was, of course, obvious to her that I am obsessed with big tits. Nevertheless, she noted that I was a bit discriminating—not every big tit clip has made it onto my list of favorites; hence, the question.

Here, let me explain a bit about what I call my “sessions.” A session is, simply, where I’ve set aside a block of time to jack off. If I have the day off, I like to get started around mid-morning. Often, if my session is at the end of a workday, I come home around 3:30 or so. In any event, it runs like this. I set up on my second story balcony, weather permitting--I love being naked outdoors. There is ample shade so I can see my laptop screen. I fix a pitcher of bl**dy Mary’s if it’s in the morning, or take a bucket of ice along with a bottle of gin and a bottle of tonic or a bottle of small batch bourbon out onto the balcony. I get a towel and get naked and, well, get started.

As I troll through various video clips, I jack on my dick—getting to the edge, backing down, jacking to the edge, backing down and so on for a while. But inevitably, there is a certain angle, a certain view, that tips me over the edge and I blast out a load—I lose control. It might be a long view of a woman on her hands and knees, getting it put to her from behind, her ass cheeks quaking and her titties swinging. It might be a solo, web cam clip, and the woman lifts up her bra and her titties take that lush titty tumble. Or, the woman might be simply walking naked or topless down the beach, her big beauties wobbling around. Anyway, the point is, my sessions usually go on for a while. I usually cum at least twice, often three times, during any given jack off period.

But the fundamental criterion I employ to determine whether a clip makes it onto my favorite list, what I call The Dean’s List, rests in a little exercise. After cuming once, I sit naked, of course, and WITHOUT TOUCHING MY COCK I watch the clip. If the action makes my dick stir, the clip goes into consideration. If the clip makes my dick hard, the clip automatically is entered onto Dean’s List.

Now, as my x hamster friend observed, I enjoy looking at women of all shapes and sizes, all ages. It’s true. But there are some days when I’m in the mood for BBWs. I fantasize about roaming my hands, mouth and cock all over that lush female terrain. I dream of titty fucking, pussy pumping, ass grabbing, spacing out on top of that plush, pillowy, woman in all her naked abandon. Here, women like Samantha Anderson and Rose Valentina come to mind. And even though she only does softcore solo, Abbi Secraa is another of my favorite girls to whom I like to jack off. These women are built for bucking and fucking.

Sometimes, I’m in the mood for slim and stacked girls. I can’t count the times I’ve cum while watching women like Jana Defi or Busty Marilyn, aka Anya, girls with outsized tits on a slender frame.

In fact, currently one of my favorite jackoff girls is Sexy Venera. I especially enjoy her stripping clips. If the video is well done and she is talking, I simply can’t make it to the end without shooting my load. Love those huge, heavy hanging hooters of hers—in fact, if I’m playing my little game, I get hard well before she strips down and lets those titties loose.

My x hamster friend also noted that I do have some clips of girls without huge breasts. It’s true. The base line is that the tits have to be at large enough to offer up the prospect of titty fucking. Typically, the smaller breasted women featured are young and undeniably cute. Sweet young things, with adorable looking faces, cute asses, pretty titties. The Columbian girl featured in my favorites is especially exciting. At last count, I’ve cum to her action eleven times.

Yes, I am starting to take notes of the number of times I achieve climax to a particular video clip and/or model/porn star.

While I have an overall preference for all natural, silicone free girls, there are exceptions. Letha Weapons, Wendy Whoppers, Tiffany Towers, Lisa Lipps—big hair, big tit girls of old still get me up and off quite nicely. In fact, I dig out old clips and jack off to one of them at least a couple times a week.

So there you have it. To get on Dean’s List, the woman has to pass Dean’s Dick Test!

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