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The erstwhile reader of my previous blog will recall my drinking buddy Matt. Well, not long ago we were at it again, warmly ensconced in one of our favorite pubs, downing our well-earned after work brews, talking about women. In Matt’s case, his focus was on the high maintenance, cover girl variety. In my case, of course, it was big tittied women.

Eventually our conversation, as is usual, became quite explicit, replete with fond, randy, naughty memories of ladies past with detailed descriptions of the various positions with which we had enjoyed our cavorting encounters.

Now, during my conversation with Matt—as the pint glasses began to crowd our table, he posed the question: if you could only assume one, and only one, position to fuck a woman which would you choose?

This brings me to the subject of today’s entry: What I like about the various sexual positions. First, a caveat; I am not striving for originality, but admit to a certain prurient, exhibitionist excitement to writing about my exploits. Lol.

As I’ve mentioned, I enjoy the pleasures and fleshly delights of two big busted, healthy hipped, ample assed women. There is Helen (not her real name), a blonde bombshell, a heavy hootered lady in her early fifties. She has both the body and poise of a woman who has been well attended to throughout her life. Helen has that classic body style of a bygone era: burlesque, pin-up girl physique. Helen’s tits hang—tear drop shaped—down to just a few inches above her belly button. Wide hips and a Samantha Anderson type ass fill out her plush figure.

Helen is married, so our trysts have to be well planned and discrete.

Then, there is Cassie (not her real name), a thirty-something single mom. Cassie has more of a slim and stacked figure— not skinny, not overly toned, but softly curved, with gentle slopes at the hips. She sports a set of triple Ds that sag so nicely. Flopper whoppers, as I like to say. A round butt and sweet cheeks with enough of the proverbial “cushion for the pushin’ rounds out her full figure.” Cassie has long hair the color of cherry wood, beautiful hair—and she usually has a nice deep tan, with the associated lines and patches of pale skin.

Now, back to Matt’s question, the prompt of today’s essay; with Helen, if I could employ one and only one position with which to fuck her, it would have to be missionary style, with doggie style following at a close second.

With Cassie, my first choice would have to be doggie style, with cowgirl coming in a close second.

The preferences are determined in large measure by the different body styles of the women, but also their respective personalities and different approaches to sex play a role in my decision.

Allow me a moment to explain.

As mentioned, Helen has a lush, plush body. Like any healthy, heterosexual male, I like a little variety in my sexual adventures. But one of my dear delights, when I am with Helen, is to space out on top of her several times during our randy, raucous romps.

Helen is a glorious vision when she is laid out on her back. With alabaster skin, her bedroom eyes, her rich—usually red--lips, her rounded shoulders, her huge honeys that grade, pancake to the sides, spilling over her upper arms, her tummy, her shaved pussy, her thunder thighs, Helen is built for fucking.

Plus, there is a warm quality to her. Usually after our second or third go at it, after our frenzied rounds of sucking and licking, bucking and fucking—we calm down. Here, it becomes sweet. Helen loves to take care of her man. And when I loom over her, she welcomes me with open arms and open legs—usually with some dear little entreaty like, “Oh, come here and get you some more.” Or, “Yes, my man needs some more pleasure—here it all is for you baby.”

Laying out on her is an incredible experience of cock in a willing pussy, but also all that skin on skin contact. These fucks last a while—I prolong the sweet torture. I suck on her titties—“Oh, yes, those are there for you baby.” I reach under her and she raises hips to accommodate my need to grab ass, “Oh yes, get you some ass, honey.”

And then, there are her hands. Helen is great with her hands. Her gentle fingers add so much to the tactile experience of sex. She softly strokes over my back, my ass, my thighs, cooing in my ear.

When she senses I’m close, Helen does this verbal thing that drives me fucking wild…that drives me into a wild kind of fucking, “Oh Dean, oh Dean, your so close I feel it building. Take what you need baby; you know you’re going to get to fuck me over and over. Don’t think, just feel. That’s why I’m here.”

Now, the doggie style position requires another explanation altogether. In addition to the aforementioned qualities of Helen, she likes to fuck. Quite simply she is a pure sexual being. As she has explained it to me—like so many women married to powerful men, her sex life has become barren, or sporadic at best, as the husband has moved on to younger, slim and trim mistresses. But at the same time, Helen has bloomed into a kind of sexual prime.

As she had explained it—she wants a man to lust after her. When I take her from behind, she knows I need it, I want, and that I’m going to do what I can to fuck her, to get my pleasure. So, knowing she loves that position as much as I do simply excited me all the more.

We usually get together at my place—where by the way I have a number of mirrors strategically placed throughout my townhome. Helen comes over and promptly gets topless for me—fully aware and appreciative of my breast fetish. While I fix our drinks and she talks about her life—we have a number of mutual friends and her husband is a partner of mine in a business venture—Helen walks around or lounges about with her tits out.

It’s all very casual and comfortable. Soon, we get started. Usually, my first climax I spew my spunk onto her titties. But more often than not, that shot onto her big beauties is immediately preceded by my pumping her rump from behind. Now, whether we are at the second floor living room, or the third floor master bedroom, I can position a woman so that when I take her from behind, I can watch our action from the front and the sides. I love watching Helen’s titties flop and fly, gallop and swing. Plus, her quaking ass cheeks are wonderful to both behold and to hold.

Of course, I pause every so often to take inventory of her assets with my hands—grabbing and groping titty, patting and spanking her ass.

And being able to cum on her tits is a nice bonus. Shortly after Helen and I have begun to fuck on a regular basis, a friend of mine told me about a vacation he and his wife had taken with Helen and husband to Aruba several years before. He had leaned into me and said, “Damn, Dean you should see those big ole naked titties of Helen’s.” I had smiled to myself, barely overcoming the temptation to tell him, “Yeah, you see Helen’s big ole naked titties with cum splattered all over them.”

Cassie is a different woman altogether. Whereas Helen is a veritable fuck machine, Cassie requires more priming. I think part of this is due to the fact her ex-husband really screwed her over in the divorce settlement. She has a lot of trust issues.

Our relationship began one night when we picked each other up in a local bar after lots of booze and dirty dancing and roaming hands, and etcetera. We had crossed paths before, just chatting and picking music together at the jukebox, that sort of thing—I really didn’t think she was interested but that night something clicked.

Frankly, the next morning, I thought our time together had been a little lackluster—attributing it to all the booze we had consumed. She had fallen asl**p after only two fucks.

A week or so later, a bartender told me Cassie was really pissed off that I had fucked her and then not called. I know, stereotypical. But I really did think that since she was now on the loose, Cassie would be after younger men. She is, after all, extremely beautiful. But, I did eventually call.

Here, I must brag a bit. I have a very active libido and have for several years been on a doctor directed testosterone regimen. It is not a miracle treatment, but in my case it has made a big—please pardon the pun—difference in my life.

Once Cassie came to understand that I am never going to marry her, she is never going to move in with me, or vice versa, that I am happy to occasionally help her out with some expenses, within reason—our arrangement turned into a nice, comfortable “friends with benefits” relationship. Now, don’t misunderstand me—we’re not there entirely. I still have to take her out to dinner, the occasional theater experience, and so forth. Nothing wrong with her desire to be romanced—but I have had to set some boundaries.

In addition, whereas Helen is both an experienced sexual adventurer and party girl, Cassie needs a little finessing. A few drinks in her and Cassie likes to get naked. Too many drinks, and Cassie likes to yell—railing against men in general and me in particular—“You are incapable of commitment” is her bumper sticker complaint.

So, back to the sex: I mentioned that if I had to choose, with Cassie it would doggie style. As I’ve often said and written, while not all butt men are tit men, all tit men ARE butt men. Cassie has one of the most gorgeous asses I have ever had the privilege and pleasure of grabbing, groping and tapping.

Now, here things become complicated. For the first month or so of our sexual relationship Cassie would only consent to the missionary position and the occasional cowgirl. She explained that the doggie style was too “impersonal.” She even eschewed oral sex—both giving and receiving. I really thought, for some time, that I needed to move on.

Then, I turned her onto the mirrors. Cassie has admitted she has never been much for porn. But when she began to watch us in the act, she actually found it quite exciting. Her place is not set up like my townhome is, so when we get together to fuck, she wants to do it at my place.

Further, Cassie has found she likes to fuck on my third story balcony—the thrill of getting
caught I guess. So, quite often, Cassie puts her arms on the railing, aiming her ass at me and I
slip in and get it done. My next door neighbor has admitted to hearing her moans and the clap,
clap of our bodies slapping against each other.

She has that perfect heart-shaped ass, cheeks that are just fleshy enough to render that delicious looking quiver and quake when I’m pumping her, banging her bottom.

As mentioned, my second choice is cowgirl. Cassie has perfectly shaped titties. They aren’t huge, but they are big. When she is riding me, they hop and flop so wonderfully. I love when she leans close, raking her clit over my pubic bone, those beauties swing and sway, wave toward my face, brush over my chest…such soft sweetness.

There have been times when she is riding me when Cassie asks if it all feels good. My usual rejoinder is something along these lines, “I’ve got one of your gorgeous ass cheeks in my hand, one of your gorgeous tits in the other, and my cock up in your sweet pussy. What more could a man ask for.” And it’s true.

And so, there you have it.

Obviously this does not exhaust the subject for me. I love reverse cowgirl. The 69 position, the tits in the lap position, the girl on her knees, the titty fucking with the girl on her back…they all have the appeal for me—but, in trying to be honest to my friend Matt’s query, I have laid it out as best I could.

I would appreciate any comments…

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3 years ago
you come closer than i could, the mirrors are a good idea