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Bath time with Cassandra...a review!

In determining which clips go into the “favorites” queue on my X-Hamster site I always ask myself this question: Am I likely to come back and jack off to this clip again? Now, as I currently have over 1,340 selections in my favorites, it should be clear that I often get a bit carried away. Still, the rule applies, when I add a video to my favorite file, the reader can be assured that, yes, at the time of its inclusion, I felt I would indeed return to that feature sometime in the future and unload once more while watching that big tit performer.

Now, as to videos I review, I do apply a rule that I strictly observe—the Rule of Three. Before I review a clip, I have to have jerked out and spewed my spunk at least three times to that particular offering.

This morning, I am reviewing a video that, as of a few minutes ago, I’ve popped a load too five times. Entitled “Big Tit Blonde Fucking” and added by Bigbra, This clip runs a little over 24 dick hardening minutes. It can be found through the following link:

It features the Slovenian born Cassandra. I should know the name of the male partner in this clip, but don’t—so if someone could fill in this gap I would appreciate it very much.

I understand that Cassandra no longer does hardcore, but still models in the softer genre. She is, however, featured heavily in Score and Voluptuous venues.

I have been jacking it to Cassandra since seeing her in Titty Mania 4 back in 2002. Admittedly, she is not always my “go to girl” when I sit down for a jerkoff session, but when I do come across her I, well, cum across her Cassandra’s body is stunning and those titties, those titties, oh those gorgeous titties work so well for me.

On to the review; the clip begins with Cassandra in a soapy, sudsy bathtub with the male performer giving her a champagne rub down, and a soft, gentle tit massage. I don’t normally comment at any length on the men in porn, but this actor is handsome and well-built all around—so we have a movie displaying two very nice bodies engaged in some well performed, heavy duty humping.

The lighting in this video is nearly perfect, putting Cassandra’s body into full, delicious relief. Cassandra was in her early to mid-twenties when she completed her primary film work of which this is a delightful example. She looks so fresh, so lovely and the scenes convey a sense of pure sensual delight, sucking and bucking and fucking with the abandon of youth.

Nevertheless, this is a no nonsense cut of video—within the first couple of minutes Cassandra’s co-star is working her body with nipple licking and finger fucking. But it is done with a fine combination of gentleness and lust that comes through on camera. One gets a sense that feeds the viewer’s fantasy world—the guy knows he is going to get to fuck her, and fuck her good, might as well take his time in getting that pussy wet and ready.

At the three minute mark or so—the director knows his business—the camera moves up and slightly to the right of Cassandra where we are blessed with a splendid view of her offering up those gorgeous breasts, lifting one up in each hand to allow her guy to suckle them. The wet titties glisten and gleam in their naked glory.

Now, in my judgment Cassandra sports such a pretty set of titties. The consensus among the various bios have her with a set of G or FF cup beauties and as they are natural the swing and sway, bobble and bounce factor is high. But her entire body is just so damned sweet looking. While she is often categorized as a slim and stacked girl, Cassandra is nevertheless soft featured without being plump—that is to say, there is jiggle, quiver and quake in the right places, at the right time.

A word about her pussy; in almost all of her scenes I’ve watched she is completely shaved or at least very closely trimmed. As this video clip emphasizes, I am sure it is to put on finer display a pussy with perfectly symmetrical, slightly puffy lips. At the outset of this clip, we get to see that pussy for ourselves.

While the guy is working on her pussy with his mouth, coming at her from behind, Cassandra is bent over at the waist, her gorgeous titties hanging down, her eyes closed, we hear her moans and groans as she is being pleasured.
Again, kudos to the director and crew—at the 5:24 mark there is a breathtaking view of her, leg up, the guy still licking and tongue fucking that pussy, Cassandra lifts up her left tit and what appears to be natural light shines on her breast. Poster in my bedroom material!

Brief seconds later, our busty beauty is on her knees, servicing her man with a splendid session of cock sucking. Again, the camera work is nice—with the use of the bathroom mirror, we see the sucking from all sides. Of course, he enjoys the lip and tongue action as any of us would.

By the ten minute mark she is riding her guy. And Cassandra looks absolutely fucking gorgeous. The first time I lost control was about at this point—her titties begin to rub over the guy’s chest and you know, you just fucking know, that your cock up in that pussy, those titties wobbling around and raking softly over you it would all feel so damned good!

Another one of those magnificent scenes occurs a little past the 13 minute mark where we are offered up a 45 degree angle where Cassandra is still riding her man, but we see her splendid ass, a side, slightly back view of her right tit—
yep, laptop wallpaper material right there. A wad shooting scene if there ever was one!

And all throughout the cowgirl action, we are treated to Cassandra’s titties wobbling and swinging—a titman’s dream scene.

About halfway through the clip, we are offered up some fucking with Cassandra on her back and the guy standing up before her. She makes a fine looking spread here and we get a sense of the denseness of her tits. But what is most exciting for me during this sequence is her face—Cassandra truly appears—even if acting, it’s great—to be totally submerged in sensuous delight. She looks beautiful in her lustful abandon.

The fourth time I came to this video was during the scene where Cassandra is getting it put to her from behind. When she is standing up, leaning on a counter and the guy is ramming rump, pumping pussy, well it is just so wonderful to watch—those titties swinging and swaying, her ass cheeks quaking ever so slightly—another spunk spewing scene.

The clip climaxes in the usual way—with a climax. But the guy grunts out much like I do when I cum and the money shot, while not the most prolific of loads is nevertheless a healthy one.

As the discerning reader has by now observed—I like this clip immensely. However, a couple of critical comments; the clip ends unceremoniously without the usual lingering view of cum spackled titties. The original may have featured such a shot, but not this selection.

And—heavy sigh—there was no titty fucking in this clip, usually a requisite scene for me. But overall, this is a great clip—yes, I have indeed achieved delicious relief five times while watching it over the course of the last couple of months and am right now worked up again!

On my “Get Hard Meter” the three ratings: Tits, Overall body shape and the sensuality and quality of the clip itself all combine to warrant a solid 7.5.

Enjoy…and, if you are like me, enjoy and enjoy again!

Posted by deandenhomme 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Oh, and I agree whole-heartedly - Cassandra is one of my all-time favorites. And while she doesn't do hardcore anymore, she still maintains a personal website:
1 year ago
What a civilized, different and most interesting way to review and comment on a clip uploaded to xHamster. Cheers Brother! Drinks are on the house this round!
2 years ago
Like the review and the vid!