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In Bed With Sexy Venera--a review

Imagine if there were a decree issued that made it law a man could jerk off to one and only one woman for the duration of his life—and further, he had to decide today which woman, a model, a porn star, whomever, but it would be the only one he would be able view and lust after henceforth.

Who would you select as your jack off girl?

Remember, you have to pick today, right now. For me, if f***ed to reduce my wide and varied range of jack off girls to one and only one it would have to be Sexy Venera.

To explain by way of example, here I review a clip of hers that I recently downloaded to my favorites, “Venera in White,” added by x hamster member cumcannon.

But prefatory to my review, let me say that I never watch her toward the beginning of one of my “sessions.” If the clip is around ten minutes or longer I can never make it to the end with making my mess all over the place—yes, I become a whimpering, gasping, groaning, cock jerking fool whenever I watch Venera. Yes, I cum each and every time to those huge hanging, swinging titties, those lush lips, those go on forever legs, her tight ass and that oh so lovely pussy.

So, on to “Venera in White.”

The one complaint I have of this clip is that we do not hear Venera talk. She has this sexy Greek accent; a silky and sultry voice that is very exciting to listen to while she prances around, stripping down…alas.

This clip is of one of her webcam sessions and the soundtrack however is nice. It begins with a slight up shot where Venera is sitting on her bed. She is wearing a blouse that is unbuttoned all the way down to her navel, offering up a breathtaking view of her nearly naked, huge titties and those long, long legs.

Here we have a clear example of how much the camera likes her—the lighting in this clip is very good, accentuating Venera’s tanned skin. There are a couple of peek-a-boob flashes and then she moves to the camera and positions the view so we get to look straight on to those gorgeous titties—although they are still partially clothed.

At about the 3 minute mark—well, it is here I had to let go of my cock to regain control. She moves around on the bed, shows us her beautiful ass and then, oh my goodness…Venera moves to the other side of the bed—here I might add one of her tits falls free but she stuffs it back into the blouse. Venera stands with her back to the camera and removes the blouse. Well, anyone who has watched Venera knows that view—you can see her titties from around her sides.

She dances for us, showing off those huge honeys, and moves so sensuously. But it is when she sits down on the bed once more—again with her back to the camera—that results in another of those “let go of my cock” moments. It is a breathtaking view.

Posted by deandenhomme 2 years ago
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