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This clip is simply called Giselle and was added by SHAGGER01. I recently added it to my favorites and watching it turned into something of a project this afternoon. Indulge me as I explain.

While watching this woman sucking cock, and getting fucked, I shot my load three—yes, three—times.

Yes, this is testimony to just how closely her body fits my physical template.

But, first, let’s do the numbers.

Remember, my “Get Hard” meter is a 1 to 10 scale and that I do not send a clip to my favorites with anything less than a rating of 6.

On the tit scale of 1 to 4, Giselle gets a 2.75. They aren’t huge enough to rate a 3 but they are quite lovely indeed. Watching them wobble around while she is on her back getting her pussy plowed is guaranteed dick hardening material. And, when she is on her hands and knees, getting it put to her from behind, well, they swing nicely.

On the 1 to 3 scale for overall body shape and appeal, Giselle gets a 2.5. As I often say, while not all butt men are tit men, all tit men ARE butt men. And Giselle’s lush ass is incredible looking. When she is riding the guy, those ass cheeks are quaking and quivering—breathtaking.
In fact, I popped my first load of cum at about the 9 minute mark—damn that woman can ride a dick.

Further, she sports a full body tan and has gorgeous skin.

After recharging, I got back to the clip and tried once more to make it to the end without cuming. Well, I began edging from the beginning and made to about the 15 minute mark. Here, they are doing it doggie style and the guy rams her rump and the sounds of their bodied colliding and her soft grunts tipped me over the edge again. Her body is on nice display throughout this scene—in fact they come back to doggie style later.

On the overall erotic effect of the clip—it runs just shy of 20 minutes—I give it a more than respectable 2.25. One disappointment is that there is no titty fucking in this clip—always essential viewing in my mind.

But this is couple obviously like each other and the chemistry is hot—they fuck with vigor. And, I don’t normally comment on the guy in videos but he knows how fuck a pussy and he is persistent. She seems amenable to the guy moving her around, physically adjusting her pose—the submissive thing is really hot in this clip.

The money shot is a pretty good one. Giselle is lying on her side and he is banging her from behind. When he unloads, he launches the first blast of spunk completely over her hip to land on the bed. Then, a respectable blotching of her ass cheek ensues.

So, this clip gets a high rating of 7.5. Enjoy!!!

Posted by deandenhomme 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Can't find this clip Dean! Got a link?