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Reaching for the Skye!!! A Review

Sierra Skye is one of those rare performers who genuinely looks like “the girl next door.” Sweet looking, cute face—but get her naked and hot fucking damn—there goes another load of cum.

Now she isn’t beautiful in the classical sense of the word and, frankly, for me that is part of her appeal. But the clip curiously entitled, “F60 Big Boobs NICE CHUBBY” puts her assets and talents on display very nicely.

This clip gets a 6.50 on my “Get Hard” meter. Allow me to elaborate.

On the tit scale of 1 to 4—remember 2 does not mean an average set of titties. A woman automatically gets a 1 if her tits have any degree of bounce to them. They move up the scale to 2 for shape and prettiness. A 3 and above is reserved for giant hooters such as we find on Sexy Vemera or Kore Goddess.

Sierra’s titties get a.2.25 on this scale. They aren’t huge but they are nice flopper whoppers. They look as if they are very, very soft; pliant and pillowy. Further, she does put those nice honeys to good use on the guy’s cock.

And when Sierra is riding the guy reverser cowgirl, those boobies flop and hop like—well, you have to seem them to believe them….

As for the overall body shape and sex appeal scale of 1 to 3, she gets another 2.25. Now, her body shape at first might not strike one as warranting such a rating, but for me, Sierra is all natural, a real woman, built with that proverbial cushion for the pushin’.

And her voice—oh my goodness, I love listening to her almost as much as I enjoy watching her. And, Sierra does a nice job at cock sucking. Tongue work and lip grip—well, that’s why she is a pro.

Finally, there is the overall erotic effect of the clip itself. Here, I give it a respectable 2. The titty fucking scene is hot but not long enough for my taste and the money shot leaves much to be desired—hell, I spewed more spunk than the actor in this clip. Also, the doggie style action was an opportunity lost—way too short and we didn’t get a POV angle either. Still, the lighting was good, the camera steady and stable with the appropriately timed zoom shots.

She has lovely skin and this clip shows it off very well.

So, enjoy Sierra!

Posted by deandenhomme 2 years ago
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