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Busty Mom Enjoys Her Body...and so does Dean!!!

My moods change from time to time. Sometimes I pine away to look at—leer at—young, lithe women with firm skin, tight buns and perky titties. Other times, I lust after what we all call MILFs. Yes, older women who exude sensual experience.

As I’ve written in my profile, at the age of sixteen I was bent toward big tittied women by a MILF named Kay—a thirty-something at the time--who taught me the wonders of a big boobed, healthy hipped, ample assed woman—a real woman. I can still to this day close my eyes and see those huge honeys swinging and her ass cheeks quaking while I’m doing her from behind doggie style. I recall with equal clarity the first time I came on her bunched up boobies.

So, when I get in the mood to jack off to a big tittied MILF, I have a list of preferred ladies I view to take care of my need.

Of late, I’ve added to my list--actually, I’ve moved to the top of my list—Busty Tina.

This is a review of a clip I recently added to my favorites entitled, “Busty Mom Enjoys Her Body.” It was added by vicveinshaft on May 13th of this year 2012.

Let me emphasize at the outset, if you like MILFs with lovely tits you owe yourself a good long look at this clip. Try to get to the end without popping your load—it’s worth the wait. Or, if you are like me and cum in the middle, clean up and sit down and watch the rest. I came a second time. Yes, that body of hers works that well for me.

The naked body action begins right away in this clip. There she is, there they are—gorgeous titties. When she climbs up on the table and sits there in all her naked glory—well, frankly, I picked up the pace of my cock jerking.

On my tit scale of 1 to 4 I have to get her a solid 3.25. Yes, I rarely score tits that high—reserving the honor for such huge titties as those belonging Sexy Venera, or Marilyn Sekova. But I invite the erstwhile viewer to pause the clip while Tina is sitting on the table and simply gaze at those large lovelies. What splendid set of hanging honeys.

Her titties, as one will see, look dense, hefty and they hang so nicely. The faint tan lines are a delightful feature as well.

A personal note: Both of my bed buddies sport tan lines. I love the thought that I am getting to kiss over, roan my hands, mouth and cock over—cum on—areas that no one gets to see or touch or enjoy. Tina’s tan lines add to that little fantasy. Further, when Tina is on her side, leaning on her elbow, oh the way her right tit hangs down—this drives me crazy—I’m hard again just thinking about that pose.

On the 1 to 3 scale rating the overall body shape, Tine gets a solid 2.5. At the beginning of the clip, when she is climbing up on the table, we are blessed with a breathtaking sight of her ample ass---and what nice looking piece of ass it is. There is a brief sample of Tina on her hands and knees—oh my goodness, what I’d give to be there, giving that lovely ass some love taps with my cock before slipping inside her pleasure place.
Her full lips, her short hair, the glasses all conspire to complete the notion of a true MILF. Yes, a delicious looking woman.

Now, another personal note, at this point in my sex life, I prefer my woman to be shaved or finely trimmed. But Tina’s pussy still looks so inviting—a real woman indeed. When she sticks her legs up in the air—well, that lovely spread tipped me over the edge and I simply shot out my load right then and there. Yes, the thought of spacing out on top of that lush body, kissing on those titties while I hump us both to completion tipped me over the edge for my first climax.

Now, on the 1 to 3 overall erotic effect of the clip, I rate it is a 2.25. I notice she has a ring so I assume Tina is married and further guess that her husband is doing the video work. He does a nice job. The lighting is good and the close ups of Tina’s pussy and tits is neatly timed. Kudos to him and I might add what how lucky the man is who gets to tap, bang, buck and fuck Busty Tina.

So, this clip rates an 8.5 on my “Get Hard” meter…..One of my highest ratings! Now this might surprise you, dear reader, but recall that I came twice during my first viewing of this clip—my second blast came to the fantasy of straddling Tina at the waist and having hug my cock with those sweet titties. And, (insert a blush and embarrassed giggle her) I came again once more last night and once more this morning while watching her delightful naked action.

There is truly something about this woman’s body that gets me up and going with such ease! Take a look this clip and the other offerings on x hamster—yes, she is a member.


Posted by deandenhomme 2 years ago
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