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Review of "Very Sexy Big Boobs Big Ass Latina

One of the disadvantages of having a lot of favorites stored on my page is that I sometimes forget what clips I sent there...

Well, recently came across this clip...forgive the double entendre! Lol

This clip is of Regina Rizzi...and hot fucking damn! This woman can suck and doubt, she is an expert at getting a man's dick up and going like some of the best topless dancers...incredible looking....

So, where does this clip stack up on my "Get Hard" meter?

Let me preface by saying...I came twice while watching this clip...yep, pumped out a load, then had to clean up and recharge before I could make it to the end...and no doubt I'll jack out more loads in the furte...

On the 1 to 4 tit scale, Regina scores a 2.5. They are pretty titties indeed, but they do not--remember, this is my meter and scale--sag and flop around the way I like. Still, they are fine looking hooters. A splendid set...however, one of the big disappointments in this clip is that, inexplicable, there is no titty fucking...but still, I've no doubth those honeys would get the job done.

On the 1 to 3 body sytle, well, here I score a solid 2.5. Yes, her overall body shape really got me going and as I've already noted, off twice. As I often say, while not all buttmen are titmen, all titmen ARE buttmen...and Regina's big, broad bottom, that ample ass, is absolutely fucking increcible.

In fact, I poppled my first load when she was on her hands and knees getting that big ass pumped doggie style...

The tan lines add so much to her sexiness...

On the 1 to 3 scale of the overall erotic effect of the scores a 2. Had there been some titty fucking, I might have pushed the score up a bit more, but still her dancing and prancing and then out right fucking brought it to the above average ranking.

Further, her talent for sucking--for deepthroating--is quite in evidence. Another demerit, however, there is no ball licking...but her face sitting, and the 69 posiition cancels out this objection.

Finally, the camera work and lightly is good, very professional, no jerking around or bad zooms...all in all, this clip rates an impressive 7 on my "Get Hard" meter....

Well worth watching...just keep a towel close at hand...and don't get any on your keyboard!!!
Posted by deandenhomme 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Nice 1, thanks for reviewing this!!!