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Review of Hot Sexy Big Boobs clip...

Just added "Hot Sexy Big Boobs" to my favorites...

Now, as a reminder, I only add clips that socre a 6 or above on my "Get Hard Meter."

First of all the guy in the clip is recognizable to many viewers of x hamster big tit porn...he did a very nice video of sexy Ali that has appeared in segments all over x hamster and elsewhere.

A word about him--first, he is, like me an older guy. In his videos he typically fucks younger women and this clip is no exception.

To begin with, her tits are nice. They are not huge, but they are very pretty, very symetrical and as the viewer with see, they swing nicely. On the 1 to 4 tit scale I give them a solid 2.5. They are shapley and young yet with a nice degree of sag. Very nice indeed. One demerit: There is no tit fucking in this clip.

Next, she is cute as hell. One complaint is that apart from a brief glimpse at the beginning we don't get to see her ass, but that glimpse is enough to see it is fine looking little piece...on the 1 to 3 scale of body style, I give her 2. She looks really good riding the guy, and getting it put to doggie style.

Finally, on the 1 to 3 overall erotic effect of the clip, here I have to give it a 2. She moans and groans nicely, and when she is on her back--well that is nice to listen to as well as watch.

For the guy's limited resources, one stationary camera, he pulls off some erotic material. Of course it helps when the girl is knockout looking, sweet fuck.

Yes, this clip scores a healthy 6.5 on my "Get Hard" meter....
Posted by deandenhomme 2 years ago
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