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Dean cums to Laura on cam!!!

The following is a brief review of the clip "Laura on cam" added by Liverpool26. How does this clip measure on my "Get Hard" meter?

First of all, I began jacking off to Laura years ago, but at the time of my viewing it had been a while since I've gotten worked up watching her in action.

Further, I like these cam videos--kind of like having the woman to myself.

Now, for this clip, apart from not actually being fucked, Laura is at her best in my judgment. She seems to be getting sexier with age. Laura has that neighborhood slut/MILF thing going on that really gets me going.

Oh the 1 to 4 tit scale, Laura in this clip scores a solid, and rare, 3.5. Yes, almost perfect. She sports an incredible set of hanger banger hooters--lovely big saggy titties--wobbling wonders indeed. Plus, she provides very nice tit action--swinging them around. My only compalint is that she doesn't heft them up and drop them down--I love that titty tumble...but overall, great tits, great action.

On the 1 to 3 over body shape, well, her Laura again scores high with a solid 2.5 Yes, that lust body works so well for me--in fact, I had to view this clip twice because the first time I lost my load when she aimed her ass at the camera.

On the the 1 to 3 overall erotic effect of the clip, even though there is no sound, I still socre it high for a 2. She clearly has tit men in mind as her audience.

Yes, this clip achieves a very high 8. As for the jack off score...since I down loaded it yesterday, I'v cum three times to her. As mentioned, yesterday, it was at the very point where she first presents her ass.

The second climax was this morning, while she is on her hands and knees, that ass out there, those titties hanging down...nice.

And finally, I popped out another load while she was bent over, making those heavy hanging hooters swing around...beautiful...

So there you have it--my review!
Posted by deandenhomme 2 years ago
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2 years ago
glad u liked the vid m8, if u have any requests of girls you'd like to see send me a message.