Interview with 18yo Tussinee model

[/video]Interview with Tussinee
an 18-year-old model.

Good morning Tussinee, how are you doing today?
I am fine and you?

Pretty good, but I'd be better if you tell the audience what you are wearing right now?
It is now morning in Thailand so I am wearing my panties and long shirt for sl**p.

Well you are undoubtedly attractive, but I am unfamiliar with your work. Are you new to the internet?
Yes, I am only 18 years old and just make new photos for my website.

You are based in Thailand, right? How did you get involved in modeling?
Yes, I live in Bangkok with my f****y. A Thai man asked my f****y if I wanted to make money shooting photos (on the) internet so I can have money for school.

That sounds a little creepy. In America, there is a feeling that young Thai girls are being exploited for sex. What do you think about sentiment?
Many ladies go work at bars and send money home... Thai people have no good work!

That's a good point. Anyway, do you like What do you think of the site?
I no understand pimp too much because Thai style not same as Farang style. But your site looks nice.

So, besides looking good in a bikini, what are some of your hobbies?
I like to go dancing and shopping. I'm happy to stay with (my) mama and take care f****y too.

What style modeling will you do, and what style modeling won't you do?
I make sexy video now inside my website. I really shy so I only make sexy, but no sex.

What are some of your important stats? How tall are you, what are your measurements?
148cm and 40 kilos

Who are your role models?
Thailand King and Queen

So do you have a professional photographer that you regularly work with?
If so, who is he or she?
I have one man and lady take me outside Bangkok and make many photo with me. At first I was shy, but now I have good time.

Do you mind if we move to some more fun questions?

Here at NinjaPimp, we celebrate celebrity pimps. In fact, we have tons of pimp photos, and we declare an annual Pimp of the Year. Who do you think should be next year's Pimp of the Year?
Sorry I don't know many people from there. Man from McDonalds

Ah yes, Ronald McPimpin'. He's the best. We've interviewed tons of people. Playboy models, world record holders, world famous professional wrestlers... but you seem to be a relative newcomer. Can you tell us a few fun facts about yourself?
My mama was lady make beauty contest and she win she young girl.

What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?
I lose my dress in electric door at shopping and all people can see me

Is there anyone you have a secret crush on?
David Beckham

Do you have any questions for us at NinjaPimp?
Have you ever see Thailand?

No, I haven't been there... but I would love to visit. Maybe we could meet up and do a photo shoot there sometime. Well it was great to have you. Thanks,

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interesting but not porn