Seduced by Step s*s Ch. 3

“I’m in love with Vanessa.”

I could not believe that I had just said those words. I looked at Bill and saw confusion and possibly anger in his eyes. I had just told my step-father that I was in love with his daughter. I heard my mother let out a gasp. I turned to face her as Bill walked away.

“What did you say?” My mother said with a stutter.

“I’m in love with Vanessa. We wanted to tell you sooner, but we didn’t know how to go about it.” I said.

“You wait until she is in the hospital, fighting for her life. Is that the perfect time? Jason?” She responded in tears.

“There is no perfect time. I’m scared to death about what might happen to her. I love her and I don’t know what I’ll do if she doesn’t make it.” I said fighting back sobs.

“I knew that there was something going on between you two. I guess I was in denial. I don’t know what to say right now. We need to make sure that Vanessa is alright first. Everything else can be dealt with later. I need to find Bill.” My mother said as she turned and walked away.

How much did she know? What was going to happen now? The unanswered questions and the fear of the unknown were pounding in my head. I watched as Bill talked to the doctor. It had been nearly 6 hours since the accident. All that I knew was that Vanessa was still alive and that she had been rushed into emergency surgery. I sat in the waiting room waiting for my head to explode. Vanessa’s cousin, Sarah, approached me and kissed me on the forehead.

“So you let the cat out of the bag?” Sarah Said.

“I couldn’t help it. I just wanted the secret to end. I didn’t want to hurt Bill or Lisa.” I said

“Vanessa is his only c***d. He is very protective and I can’t imagine what is going through his head. I only hope that Vanessa will be able to explain it to him also. Your mother mentioned it to me and she didn’t seem to be too shocked” Sarah said.

“Really? You talked to her?” I said in disbelief.

“Just now. Lisa told me that she noticed the attraction between the both of you immediately, and had no idea that it had come this far.” Sarah said.

“I’m not ashamed. I love her and I will do everything that I can to make sure that things are smoothed over.” I said

Just as I finished talking, I glanced over at Bill and noticed a sense of relief come over his face. He walked over to my mother and gave her a powerful hug. My mother smiled in relief and she flashed me a reassuring glance. The weight and tension began to lift from my shoulders. Bill looked as if he was going to walk towards me, but turned and walked towards the elevator. I felt a tinge of hurt pass through my body. I knew that I was walking an emotional tightrope. My mother walked towards me and flashed me a weak smile.

“What is going on?” I said as my voice shook.

“Vanessa is going to make it, but there are still some concerns. They had to remove her spleen and her right k**ney is bruised. She suffered a concussion but there doesn’t appear to be any permanent brain damage. Her right knee was severely sprained. She is still u*********s from the anesthesia and more than likely won’t wake up fully until tomorrow.” My mother said.

“Thank you so much for all the information. They kept me in the dark the entire time.” I said.

“Bill is going up to see her. The visits have to be short. When he comes back, you and I can see her.” My mother said.

“I can’t wait to see her. Mom, I didn’t mean to hurt you and Bill. We were planning on telling you.” I said.

My mother looked at me as if to test my sincerity. As she turned around I could see a smile form on her face. A few minutes passed and Bill motioned us to the elevator. My mother was far ahead of me and I noticed Bill whispering something to her as she entered the elevator. Bill passed me but didn’t look at me. I could sense that he wanted to tell me something. I got into the elevator with my mother and she pushed the button to the 4th floor.

“What did Bill tell you?” I asked

“He said that Vanessa was whispering your name.” My mother responded with a smile.

I felt a flutter in my heart and in the pit of my stomach. The elevator seemed to be moving in slow motion. We finally reached the intensive care unit and walked into Vanessa’s room. I felt a lump in my throat as I saw my beautiful Vanessa lying in the hospital bed. I wanted to yell out her name and take her into my arms. I watched as the machines attached to her whizzed and beeped. Her raven black hair framed the oxygen mask on her petite and pale face. I desperately wanted to look into her blue eyes. My mother stood at the back of the room and let me move closer. I gently grabbed her hand and whispered into her ear.

“Vanessa. It’s me, Jason. I love you so much.” I said

I watched as a bump in her heart rate was registered on the screen. She stirred softly and I noticed that her mouth was moving slightly. I leaned closer to her and faintly heard the words that I longed for.

“I love you.” Vanessa managed to say audibly through her oxygen mask.

I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. I turned around to look at my mother. My mother smiled at me and I could see the tears sliding down her cheeks. I held Vanessa’s hand and savored the moment until a nurse walked in and dismissed us.

Sarah had arranged for my mother and Bill to stay at a hotel room close to the hospital. It was nearing midnight as Sarah helped me into her car and we headed to her apartment. I could feel the need for sl**p pulling on my body like a magnet. I must have fallen asl**p because the next thing that I remember was Sarah nudging me and the chilly night air passing through the open car door. I stumbled into the apartment and collapsed on the nearest bed that I could find.

I woke up the next morning to an annoying buzzing sound. I turned over and slowly opened my eyes. I was slightly startled as I noticed that I was in Sarah’s bed. The buzzing noise became more familiar. It was the buzzing of a vibrator. I could feel the warmth of Sarah’s naked body next to me. I was still wearing clothes from yesterday. I watched as Sarah was laying naked face down on the bed. Her tan athletic ass was moving up and down slightly. She let out a high pitched moan as her orgasm shook through her body.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“Starting the afternoon out right.” Sara said with a giggle.

“Afternoon? What time is it?” I asked

“It is nearly 12:30. I didn’t have the heart to wake you earlier because you were resting so peacefully, but I figured that you might enjoy a nice wake up buzz.” Sara said with a devious smile.

“It was quite a sight, but I need to get to the hospital so see Vanessa.” I said.

“Are you sure that you don’t want a quickie? Vanessa didn’t mind you fucking me the other night.” Sarah said.

“I had a great time with you the other night, but I was sure that Vanessa wanted me to participate. We might have a good time again someday, but Vanessa needs to be present for it to happen.” I replied.

“I knew that you would say that. Vanessa deserves a nice guy like you. I always wake up horny as hell, too bad you can’t help me out today.” Sarah replied and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

“One more thing, I am sore as hell from the accident anyway. I wouldn’t be much help.” I said while struggling out of bed.

I got ready as quickly as I could and Sarah drove me to the Hospital. I walked to the front desk to confirm Vanessa’s room number. She had been upgraded from intensive care to skilled nursing. I was happy in the thought that she was steadily improving. Sarah and I took the elevator and hurried to Vanessa’s room. Bill and my mother were already in her room and I could hear Vanessa’s voice sounding softly.

“I’m sorry that we hid it from you dad, but it is an awkward situation to be in.” Vanessa said.

“Just as long as you are sure that you love him, I can tolerate it. It doesn’t mean that I’m happy with it. It just means that I’ll tolerate it. We aren’t from Kentucky you know.” I heard Bill reply.

“Dad, don’t be a jackass.” Vanessa said with a giggle and a cough.

“Speak of the devil.” Bill said as he turned around to face me.

I felt my face turn red and sweat start to run down my neck. Bill gave me an odd smile turned around and walked out of the room. My mother gave me a more satisfying smile and walked out also.

“We knew that you would have a tough time getting up this morning. Vanessa has only been up and talking for a little while, so don’t feel bad.” My mother said

Sarah and I walked into the hospital room. I saw Vanessa sitting up in her bed propped up by several pillows. Her black hair was pulled back in a pony tail and her blue hospital gown hung loosely near her shoulders. Vanessa smiled at me and I could see the tears welling up in her eyes. I rushed to the side of the bed and took her hand.

“I love you so much. I was so scared.” I told Vanessa

“I am so happy to see you. I love you” Vanessa said as she tried to lean towards me.

I wanted to badly to hold her tight, but I hugged her gently and kissed her lightly on the lips. I turned around and saw that Bill and my mother were still partially in the room. Bill was smiling at my mother approvingly. I knew that he had to have heard the words that Vanessa and I exchanged. Sarah was standing near the foot of the bed with a wide smile on her face.

“How do you feel?” Sarah asked

“Like I have been in a car accident.” Vanessa said and stuck out her tongue.

“Be serious with me for once.” Sarah retorted.

“I’ll be in the hospital for possibly 4 more days. If my stitches start to heal quickly they may knock it down to 3.” Vanessa said

“See that was nice and serious for once. How are you and Jason going to get back home?” Sarah asked.

“My dad and Lisa are staying for 2 more days but they are flying Jason and I back together when I get out. If it is okay for him to keep staying with you?” Vanessa Said.

“Of course it is. I tried to come on to him this morning but he wouldn’t have any of it.” Sarah whispered to Vanessa

“That’s good. I’m impressed by his willpower.” Vanessa whispered back and winked at me.

Sarah walked out of the hospital room and I was finally alone with Vanessa. There were no words that I could find to express the happiness of seeing Vanessa’s smile. I knew that no words were needed. We looked into each others eyes and that was enough to know that things were going to get better. Our secret was out and ability for me to show my love openly was an astounding feeling.

The next 2 days passed without much fanfare. Vanessa was healing at a rapid rate. Bill and my mother left early that morning and Bill shook my hand but was still rather silent. Sarah let me use her car and I drove to the university to get to know the campus and drop off all of the necessary paper work for Vanessa and me. The day passed quickly and dusk began creeping over the wide sky. At this point I was very familiar with the layout of the hospital and took several short cuts to Vanessa’s room.

I walked into Vanessa’s room and noticed that an elderly lady was in the hospital bed closest to the door. I walked over to Vanessa’s side of the room and noticed that she was intently working on a cross word puzzle. I pulled her privacy curtain closed so that we would not disturb the passed out granny next to us.

“I didn’t know that you liked cross word puzzles.” I said

“I don’t, but what else is there to do in a hospital?” Vanessa whispered to me.

“I’ll try to keep it down.” I whispered back.

“You just missed the nurse giving me a sponge bath.” Vanessa whispered

“Man that would have been pretty cool. Was the nurse hot?” I asked

“Not really.” Vanessa giggled

“That’s too bad.” I said.

“You wouldn’t want to see me naked right now anyway. The scar from where they removed my spleen is pretty gross.” Vanessa said.

“I don’t care. I still want to see you naked.” I said.

I heard the lady in the next bed begin to moan and move around in her bed. Vanessa tapped her index finger on her lips in an effort for me to shut up. She grabbed a yellow note legal and began to scribble. She passed the pad to me.

“I want to see you naked too.” Vanessa wrote

“Show me your scar.” I scribbled back

“Not now pervert.” Vanessa scribbled back.

“When can you begin “physical activity”” I wrote back.

“Not for a few weeks.” Vanessa wrote.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, when you are ready.” I scribbled

Vanessa read my note and a devilish grin spread across her face. She began writing back.

“You’ll have to lick my pussy first.” Vanessa wrote.

I felt my cock begin to stir after reading Vanessa’s words.

“I want you to wear my favorite dress and a flimsy pair of panties, so I can rip them off of you.” I wrote back.

Vanessa began rubbing her legs together after she read my last note. She scribbled a quick note and handed it to me.

“I want to taste your come so bad.” Vanessa wrote

“I want to lick your butt hole.” I wrote.

Vanessa read my last note and looked at me lustfully. She motioned for me to come near her. I leaned over her and kissed her on the lips. She pulled me closer and whispered in my ear.

“Show me your cock.” Vanessa whispered.

I looked around nervously. I was extremely turned on at this point and willing to risk it. I unzipped my denim shorts and my erection sprang out from the hole in my boxers. Vanessa’s hand grabbed my hard cock and her hand started to jerk me off. I heard footsteps in the hallway and I quickly zipped up my pants. I sat down just in time as the nurse walked in.

“You look kind of flushed sweetie.” The nurse said.

“It’s a little hot in here.” Vanessa responded back.

I saw the nurse glance down at the legal pad on Vanessa’s bed. I could tell that she saw some choice words as she shot me an unusual look. The nurse managed a fake smile at Vanessa and started to check on her chart.

“Visiting hours are about to be over young man. You better say your goodbyes.’ The nurse said.

I stood up and walked towards Vanessa. I leaned over to give her a kiss and was surprised as Vanessa grabbed me by the collar and gave me a passionate kiss. The nurse gave out a disgusted grunt and walked out of the room. Vanessa smiled at me and brushed her hands across my crotch.

“You just wait” Vanessa said as I exited the room.

I went back to Sarah’s apartment and told her how horny I was. She laughed and told me that I should take a hot shower and jack off. I contemplated that for a few minutes but decided I should go to bed instead.

I woke up the next morning eager to spring Vanessa from the hospital. She wouldn’t be discharged until after lunch, so Sarah and I hit the mall looking for something comfortable for Vanessa to wear. Sarah found a cute pair of black jogging pants with a white stripe down the side and a matching shirt. We rushed back apartment to wash them and grab a pair of panties for Vanessa. We made it back to the hospital just in time for Vanessa to be discharged.

I lingered in the hallway while Sarah helped Vanessa get dressed. Vanessa’s leg was in a brace so Sarah pushed Vanessa in a wheel chair while I ran and fetched the car. As pulled up I saw Vanessa moving about on a pair of crutches, it was obvious that she was still very sore by look on her face. I rushed out of the car to open her door. Vanessa winced a few times but managed to get in the car on her own. I felt a bit nervous driving back the apartment knowing that we would have to pass through the intersection where the accident occurred.

“So what do you want to do when we get Sarah’s?” I asked

“First I want to take a nap, and then I really want to take a bath.” Vanessa responded.

“I’m sure that we can make that happen.” Sarah said.

“I am also starving for some real food.” Vanessa Said.

“What are you hungry for?” Sarah asked.

“A nice greasy pizza sounds good.” Vanessa answered.

“I hope that your stomach will tolerate it.” Sarah said.

“Ok mom! When did you become so protective?” Vanessa Said with a giggle.

“I’m not your mom, but I can still give you a spanking.” Sarah Said

“You promise?” Vanessa said

We pulled into the parking lot of the apartment. I tried to get a space as close to the door as possible. I got out of the drivers seat and quickly opened Vanessa’s door. I scooped her up out of the seat and carried her to Sarah’s door.

“Great! Make me carry all of Vanessa’s crap, thanks a lot.” I heard Sarah whine as I walked closer to the door.

As soon as the door was open I carried Vanessa to the guest room and gently dropped her on the bed. I leaned over and gave her a deep kiss. I was a great feeling to see her out of that sterile depressing environment. I pulled down the covers and Vanessa squirmed her way under them. Vanessa pulled off her jogging pants and threw them across the room. She looked so cute in her white t-shirt and surprisingly sensible white cotton panties with little blue stars on them. I could see the gauze and tape on her stomach covering her incision.

“I told you that it was gross.” Vanessa said.

“It’s not gross. It was necessary, and remember that scars signify character.” I replied

I took off my jeans and shirt and cuddled up next to Vanessa. It was wonderful to feel her next to me. I could hear the beating of her heart and the rhythm of her breathing. Vanessa must have been exhausted as she fell asl**p almost immediately.

I woke up about 2 hours later and Vanessa was still asl**p. I kissed her on the forehead and staggered into the kitchen. I saw Sarah sitting on mat in the middle of the living room floor. She was wearing a very small and tight white sports bra and a pair of black boy cut panties. Her blond hair was pulled back in a pony tail. She looked up at me and smiled. I couldn’t help watching Sarah contort herself in some very sexy positions. Sarah finished her Pilates stood up and turned off the exercise tape and walked towards me. I could see the beads of sweat on her neck and the sweaty smell was arousing. I was standing in the kitchen in nothing but my black boxer-briefs and they didn’t do a good job of hiding my semi-erect state.

“Look at you.” Sarah said.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help myself sometimes.” I replied.

“I’m going to get the tub ready for Vanessa. I figured that she might need a hand getting washed up.” Sarah said with a smile.

I walked into the bedroom and noticed that Vanessa was sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

“Are you ready for a bath?” I said.

“Totally, the doctor said that the stitches should be too much of a problem as long as I don’t move around a lot.” Vanessa said.

I picked Vanessa up and carried her into the bathroom. Sarah was standing there totally naked. Vanessa giggled as I sat her down on the edge of the tub while she undressed. I gently unfastened he knee brace and she turned around and eased her self into the tub. The tub was large enough to accommodate two people and Vanessa stretched out and enjoyed the room. Sarah walked over with what looked like a shaving kit and set it on the side of the tub. I watched as Sarah stepped into the tub and cuddled up next to Vanessa. Sarah turned on the shower attachment and began washing Vanessa’s hair. Vanessa looked like she was in total bliss as Sarah washed her thoroughly. Sarah began kissing Vanessa gently and I felt my self becoming extremely aroused.

“I really need to shave my pussy. I’m starting to get pretty stubbly and itchy down there.” Vanessa said.

“I noticed that when you first got in the tub. I can help you with that.” Sarah said.

Vanessa propped herself up and sat on the side of the tub with her feet in the water. Sarah grabbed a can of shaving cream and shot a dab into her hands and started working up some foam. The heart tattoo above Vanessa’s pussy was starting to become less visible when surrounded by dark stubble. I watched as Sarah began applying generous dollops of shaving cream on Vanessa’s pussy and legs. I watched intently as Sarah started at Vanessa’s feet and worked her way up. I saw as patches of smooth skin were left in the razors path. Vanessa gingerly lifted up each leg so that Sarah wouldn’t miss a spot. As Sarah shaved closer and closer to Vanessa’s pussy I felt my cock straining against my underwear. Sarah was careful and precise as she shaved Vanessa’s pussy clean. Vanessa moaned slightly as Sarah placed a hot wash cloth on her newly smooth pussy. Sarah removed the wash cloth and I watched as she flicked her tongue on Vanessa’s clit.

“God that feels good, but I can feel my stitches straining.” Vanessa Said.

“I’m sorry sweetie. Let me rinse you off and you can get comfortable again.” Sarah said.

“Jason can you get the chair out of my bedroom?” Sarah asked me.

“Yeah, what for?” I asked

“You’ll see, now do as your told.” Sarah said.

I picked up Sarah’s comfy bedroom chair and sat it in the middle of the bathroom floor facing the tub. Vanessa was standing on one leg while Sarah propped her up. I wrapped a short bathrobe around Vanessa and sat her on the chair. Vanessa had a devious smile on her face.

“Some one is pitching a tent.” Vanessa giggled while staring at my crotch.

“Maybe I can help him out.” Sarah said

“I would love to watch you help him.” Vanessa said.

“Come over here.” Sarah said.

I walked over to the edge of the bathtub as Sarah began rummaging through her shaving kit. Sarah pulled out a small pair of bathroom scissors. She looked at me with a smile and pulled at the waistband of my Boxer-briefs. She began snipping down the side of the fabric until my entire left leg was revealed.

“Do the other side.” Vanessa said

I turned around and Sarah quickly snipped the rest of my underwear off.

“I think that he needs a shave too.” Sarah said.

“That would look nice.” Vanessa said.

Sarah pulled the small wastebasket next to the tub. She began trimming my pubic hair as short as she could. I was breathing heavily, surprised at my trust in Sarah with a pair of scissors. I stepped into the tub as Sarah started the shower again. The hot water felt soothing against my skin. Sarah pushed me to the end where no water was landing and began applying the shaving cream to my groin. Sarah worked with expert precision as she shaved me smooth.

“Look at the nice big cock.” Sarah said.

“It looks great. I can’t wait until he can fuck me.” Vanessa said.

“Piss on my tits.” Sarah said.

“Yeah, wash her down.” Vanessa said.

I stood in front of Sarah and waited a few moments. I felt the rush of hot piss pouring out of me and onto Sarah’s waiting body. I heard Vanessa squeal with delight as I hosed Sarah down. Just as my stream tapered off I could feel Sarah’s mouth swallowing my cock. The steam from the shower was rising as I looked over at Vanessa. Vanessa looked as if she was in a sexual trance. As Sarah took me in her mouth her hands were spreading my cheeks. I felt her index finger massaging my asshole. She pulled back and freed my cock from her mouth and turned me around. I felt her tongue licking my ass and it was a strange and yet pleasurable feeling.

“Oh god! Fuck her!!” I heard Vanessa cry out.

I picked up Sarah off of her knees and she wrapped her legs around me. I felt my cock enter her pussy with ease. Sarah bounced on my cock as I wantonly thrust into her. I felt her orgasm building up as became very tense. I pounded my cock into her and she squealed as her orgasm shot through her. I let Sarah down and she slumped to the ground. The water was becoming lukewarm, so I turned it off. I stepped out of the shower and walked towards Vanessa. Her hands grabbed my cock and she leaned over and took me in her mouth. Sarah crawled over and began licking my smooth balls. I felt that I was about to come. I squirted all over Sarah and Vanessa’s faces. Vanessa licked the rest of my seed off or Sarah’s face.

Vanessa hugged and kissed me as I picked her up and took her to the bedroom. She picked up her crutches and made her way into the living room while I got dressed. Sarah ordered Vanessa’s requested “Greasy Pizza” and we all sat on the couch together.

“We should all get a house together when you move up here to go to school.” Sarah said.

“That’s sounds great, but do you think that we would actually get any studying done?” Vanessa said.

“Of course you would. It can’t always be a 24 hour fuck fest.” Sarah replied.

“It can’t?” I said sarcastically.

“Maybe just 12 hours a day.” Vanessa said.

“That sounds good. I would like to do that. I just hope that my dad would be okay with it.” Vanessa said.

“You’re eighteen now, you can do whatever you want.” Sarah said.

“That’s true, but I want to have a stable f****y relationship and not be Jerry Springer episode.” Vanessa said with a giggle.

“Let’s get home and I’m sure that we can work out an agreement that makes us all happy.” I said.

The next day Sarah took us to the airport and we boarded a small plane back to our home.

Bill and my mother were waiting for us when we arrived and they were all hugs and smiles. Bill had already picked up a brand new Escalade as a replacement. We arrived home with little fanfare and sense of comfort, not deception, was present. It wasn’t until 4 days later that my mother approached me.

“How are you and Vanessa doing?” She asked.

“We are doing well. She is still healing, but she is getting better every day.” I said.

“I know that. I was asking about your relationship and your plans.” She Said.

“I know that we love each other and want to live together. We had discussed possibly moving into a place with Sarah close to the university.” I said

“I’m not against it. I just want to make sure that you are both ready to make a long term commitment as such a young age.” My mother said.

“I have never been so sure about anything in my life. We both want to move out east and go to a good art school eventually. We won’t be stupid and ruin our lives.” I said.

“I know that you love her. I just want to make sure that you are planning ahead. If you both want to live with Sarah, Bill and I won’t stand in the way. We will help you out as much as possible.” She said.

“Thank you so much. We won’t let you down.” I said.

That night at dinner, Bill and I came to an understanding. No words were exchanged, it was just a look. I saw in his eyes that he trusted me and that he knew that I wouldn’t do anything to harm to Vanessa. After dinner Vanessa and I watched a movie and played a board game. It was ironic; her inability to have sex brought us closer. We spent more time learning about our ideas and emotions. We were as compatible emotionally and intellectually as we were physically.

The day to leave was coming up soon. Vanessa and I had worked on packing as fast as we could. Sarah found a nice 3 bedroom house that we could rent together. It was reasonably close to the University but far from the “Student Ghetto”. The anticipation of leaving and being on our own was exciting and slightly scary.

The night before out departure I sat on my bed thinking good thoughts about the future. The room was dark, lit only by a small lamp I was leaving behind. I hear the door creek open and saw Vanessa standing there. She was wearing my white t-shirt, the one that she took from me the first week we met. Her hair was in a pony tail and her skin glowed in the light. She walked over to me and pushed me down on the bed. I looked into her eyes and knew that she was ready. I felt her tongue in my mouth as she kissed me. I ran my hands down her back and pulled up her shirt. I felt her naked ass in my hands. I reached under and felt her sopping wet pussy. She reached down and pulled off my shirt. Her lips moved down to my chest as I felt her tongue sliding across my nipples. She moved down to the edge of the bed and pulled my sweats and boxers off. I looked down and saw her staring at my cock. Her mouth opened I could feel her lips kissing every inch of my cock.

The friction of her lips was intense. I could feel that I wanted to cum. I pulled her up and on to the bed. She kissed my lips and moved up to straddle my face. I looked up and saw the tiny black heart tattooed on her pussy. I began licking her clit with a steady rhythm. Her legs were beginning to tense up. She moaned as she came. She looked down and smiled. She moved her hips down and my cock slid into her. Her pussy felt extremely hot as I slid in deeper. She leaned over me and began to bounce her ass up and down. I reached over and felt the wetness on my cock. I used the wetness on my finger and massaged Vanessa’s asshole. The intensity of her movements began to increase. She reached back and guided my finger into her ready ass. I felt her bucking faster and faster. I shot my cum deep into her and she shook with her release. Vanessa looked down at me and I could see the emotion in her eyes.

“I finally got to have you.” She said.

“The wait was worth it.” I said

“Are you ready for tomorrow?” She asked.

“I’m ready for my life with you.” I replied.

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Really good story, thank you!
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Great ending.
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nice is there a part 4 cumming:P?
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Amazing im hoping for a part 4?
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i want to add to shorty61000 excellence in writing & erotica for this series
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