Tom's Sexy s****r

My friend, Tom, has a sexy twin s****r. She is very pale, like the whole f****y. I don't know what you call that but I guess they all have something lacking in their pigment. No big deal, it wasn't at all repulsive, in fact it was kinda sexy. Something different. She had big blue eyes and light freckles over her nose. She smelt like a girl should, sweet and delicious.

We were fixing up his car. Me, Tom and another mate of ours, Vince. Tom had a big red Toyota Supra. It was his pride and joy. He worked on that car from morning to midnight while school was out, and more often than not we were there to help him. I had my own car but it was a shitty Datsun, eaten with rust. I'd drive up and yell out the window, calling him down. I was just a k** then, only 18, and yelling out the window didn't seem such a big deal. Screw knocking on the door and waiting for him to emerge from that big ol' townhouse. I wasn't his goddam date.

So we were working on the car, fixing a stereo system into the dashboard, when his sexy s****r came down for a chat. Tom and Cath were twins, both 18, same age as me. She was wearing a pair of overalls cut-offs and a pair of rubber boots. She looked very yummy indeed, but of course I couldn't say it around my friends. Vince might have found it funny, but Tom would not have been amused. Instead I peeked through the Supra's open door, while fixing a bunch of wires, and stared at her legs while she told her twin b*****r something I couldn't hear. She was a shy girl, but only because that was her nature. She had no hang-ups as far as I could see. She was just quiet. But before the day was out I'd learn that quiet does not equal frigid.

So I watched her legs. Watched her shift her weight to one foot then the other. Watched her put her hand on her hip and –

Oh, man she just bent over! What a cute little ass! My teenage dick swelled in my pants. What I wouldn't do to be allowed one squeeze of her luscious derriere.

"No, I think they are gone for the day…okay, okay…yeah, I'll just water the garden for them…yeah, then I'm going to Vicky's…you car looks good." Just normal f****y bullshit. I got back to fixing the stereo after she wandered off so neither she nor Tom would catch me peeking.

Tom came around to tell me the good news. Seemed his parents were out for the day, and he had to catch up on some grocery shopping. He was only one with a car after all. A minute later he was gone and so was Vince. I guess the V-man had something better to do than hang around waiting to work on someone's car while that someone picked up vegetables and baked beans. I was left standing on the driveway feeling mildly like a fool.

But I had nowhere else to go. I went and sat on the front step, watching Cath water the garden.

"Nice day for it," I said conversationally.

"Yep," she replied. I got the feeling she thought I was a bit of a nobody. I wasn't in the same class as her (I was in Tom's class and I guess the school separates twins for easier control or something), but we had seen each other around the school grounds. She never really talked much to me, maybe saying the occasional "hi". I wasn't exactly the most popular guy in school, but then again I wasn't a loser either.

I tried again, "So where are your parents?"

"Gone to the field days," she said (a big gala event type thing for farmers and such. The f****y weren't farmers but it was such a huge event, nearly everyone went each year. Maybe that's where Vince had gone.)

"And you didn't want to go?"

"Nope. It's pretty boring."

"Yeah not much there for girls is there? It's more of a guy thing, I guess."

"More like a farmer thing. It's lame. I don't even know why mum and dad went." She was standing opposite me and watering a bunch of sunflowers. I tired not to check out her ass.

I took out a cigarette and lit it. She turned to me and asked if she could have one. I didn't know she smoked but I handed her the packet. She took one out and held it to her lips and looked at me as if to say, "well? Light?"

I clicked my bic and held the flame under the tip. She took a puff and coughed a little.

"Since when do you smoke?" I asked. "You don't sound like a smoker. Or look like one either."

She looked surprised. "And what do smokers look like?"

"I don't know. Old and wrinkly I guess. Like me." I gave her a grin and she smiled a little.

"I've only just started. Besides you're not ugly."

"Thanks," I said looking at her. She really was cute. She was sitting beside me with her knees up to her chest, ankles slightly apart. My dick started swelling again, thinking of all the playboy magazines I'd seen with girls in that position. It shows off the twat beautifully.

Maybe she read my mind because she immediately put her legs down and stood to get back to work.

"Leaving so soon?" I asked. "We hardly got to know each other." I was a tacky line but what the hell – I was in a good mood, the sun was shining, and I wanted to chat the girl up a little.

"Nah well…gotta get this done before heading off to Vicky's"

"Oh yeah? Is she your fiend? Is she pretty?"

"Kind of. Why?"

"Wondering." I thought to hell with it, and asked, "Is she as pretty as you?"

She blushed a little. "You think I'm pretty?"

"Yeah. You're a hottie." I felt like adding, "you make my dick hard," but thought that might be a little too much.

She sat back down again, pulling her knees up. "So if I'm so pretty how come I don't have boyfriend?"

Oh no. Here we go. The self-pity act. And I thought she had a little more self-respect than that.

"I don't know why," I said, "maybe you're too shy."

We sat smoking for a while, then she asked, "So do you think I have a nice body?"

I almost spat out my butt. "Hell yeah," I said. "I guess you didn't see me checking you out."


"Just before. When you were talking to your b*o."

She laughed. "You mean through the car door? Yeah I noticed, but you always check me out anyway."

I almost spat my butt out for the second time. "How do you know that?" I demanded.

She was laughing freely now. "Aww common, girls know that kind of thing. It's one of the magical powers we have." She made her hands into claws, pretending to be a witch. I laughed.

"Well, so what other powers do you have?"

"Hmmm, I dunno. I forgot my manual."

She finished her butt and surprised me by asking me to follow her inside for a few minutes. She bounded up the steps, all light and feminine. Her pigtails bounced against her shoulders.

"Where are we going."

"To my room. I want to show you something. I need a guys opinion."

We headed to her room and she locked the door behind us. "For privacy," she said.

"Sounds interesting," I replied.

She made me sit down in a chair that seemed two sizes too small. I think it might have been a dolls chair. Then she rooted around in her closet and pulled out a little piece of material.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Mini-skirt," she said, blushing. "I got it a couple of days ago at the market. It was on special."

"Nice," I said. "I like minis. They look great on a girl. Especially since I like legs."

She laughed, "Oh you'll see legs in this. Want me to put it on?"

My eyes flew open. "You're k**ding right? What would Tom say if he could see us now?" She made a shooing gesture with her hands. "Don't worry about him. He'll be gone for half the day probably. The grocery list I gave him is huge. Want me to put it on or not?"

I thought about it for about half a second. "Fuck yeah, put it on." My dick started swelling yet again. I couldn't believe my luck. Tom's sexy s****r was going to give me a show!

She disappeared into the bathroom then came out with the piece of material wrapped around her waist. She had hot legs. She walked over to me, spun around and asked, "well? Think I'll get a boyfriend in this?"

I was pretty speechless. I just wanted to rip it off her and give her one right on her bed. My dick was stiff as steel and I leaned back on the chair to show her. "Does this answer your question?" I said.

"Oh my…" she said, eyeing my hard junk. She paused, then looked around the room to make sure no one watching (maybe she thought her mother would pop out from the clothes hamper) and then she asked, "so can I see it?"

I thought for sure she must be joking now, but her cheeks had turned red and it was obvious she was hot.

"You show me yours and I'll show you mine," I said and we both laughed.

"Just like little k**s huh? Kinky." But she was up for it. She went and lay on her bed and I scooted the chair over beside it. She put her hands behind her head, as if she was about to sl**p, and said, "take a look. But then it's my turn."

I pushed the mini up around her hips. She had on a pair of plain cotton knickers. I was breathing heavily and she was smiling. I slowly pulled them down her legs, to her knees. I feasted my eyes on her beautiful teenage pussy. It was shaved bald with a little crinkle of pink skin poking out from between the lips like a little tongue.

"Nice," I said hoarsely. "How often do you shave?"

"Every day. You like it?"

"Hell yeah, can I play with it?"

"Sure you can." She bought her outside knee up and let her legs fall open a little. I began rubbing her twat – gently at first, then applying more pressure. Man, it felt great…so soft and warm and sexy. She started breathing more and more heavily, getting into it and grinding her hips against my hand. She was getting creamy and her lips became slippery with girl-juice. I slid a finger into her box and wiggled it.

"oooOOOoooo!" She moaned, writhing on the bed. Her mini skirt got more and more tangled up. Her face was red and sticky with sweat.

I immediately bent forward and gave her twat a big long lick. She bucked and yelped in surprise.

"No, no, don't!" But I wasn't going to be dissuaded. I pushed her thighs open and ran my tongue once again up her juicy pink slit.

"Oh, Jesus!" She moaned. She was trying to push me away still, but it was weak. I'm not good at a lot of things, but one thing I am good at, is munching pussy. I buried my head against her snatch and ate her like there was no tomorrow. I grabbed an ankle and flipped it over my shoulders, so her calf was lying along my back. She moaned and squirmed against me.

And God, she tasted good. She tasted better than sweets. The whiteness of her skin seemed to highlight the pink, girly color of her cunt, and I felt like I had a mouthful of girl cotton candy. I licked up over a tiny mole that had grown on one pussy lip, then flicked at her little clitty with my pointed tongue. She almost went into convulsions at this, and I smiled up from between her thighs.

"Jesus, you're good," she said, seemingly caught between wanting to pull away from me, and press more firmly against me.

I spread her greasy lips and continued my barrage on her clit. A lot of girls have told me my rapid fire tongue movements turn their tummies to jelly, and I wanted her to experience that. I knew she wasn't a virgin, but I also knew she probably hadn't had any good sex in a while. I liked her and I wanted to make her cum like a schoolgirl on a pony. I licked up and down her girlie slit and paid special attention to the insides of her lips where it was all nice and pink and moist. I slid two fingers up her hole and opened her, then ran my tongue around her insides lightly. This drove her wild and she bucked and kicked against me, pushing her head back against the pillow and moaning.

I ate her for a few minutes before my cock began screaming for attention and then I slid off my pants and jumped on the bed. She snuggled up close and wrapped a slender pale leg around my waist. She kissed me – my lips, my eyes, my chin, and smiled and cooed and flushed hotly. Her small, warm hand snaked down between our bodies and grabbed my stiff prick, then began tugging and massaging and pulling at it. I kissed her back and sucked on her pink little tongue. Mmmmm, her mouth tasted almost as good as her pussy.

"Take this off," I motioned to her bra. "I can never work out the clip on those things." She smiled and unhooked her bra with one hand while still massaging my dick. She was a talented girl. I gave her another long French kiss when her chest was finally bare and relished the way her small, sexy tits pressed against my own bare chest. I could feel her stiff nips digging into me. I gave her ass a big long squeeze and loved how cool her skin felt. This was the perfect thing for a long hot summer day. This was better than lemonade.

I slid on my back and pulled her with me until she was straddling my waist. More kisses, more smiles, more caresses, and in those few fleeting moments I felt I could even fall in love with the girl. She sunk down on my dick and cried out.

"Wonderful!" She laughed, and rested her arms on my chest as she gyrated against me. She looked like a sphinx on top of me and I told her so between my moans. She laughed and licked my lips and kept pumping. Her cunt felt wonderful and warm and wet. It was nice and tight and very loving. A perfectly tight little teenage pussy. I held her around the waist (the skin feeling as cool as her bottom, and so silky), and steadied her movements so I could do my own pumping. The bedsprings squeaked as I slid in and out of her delicious quim.

And now, as I heightened the frequency of my thrusts, she showed signs of cumming. She began moaning and bucking and throwing her head around. Her cute little pigtails bounced and bobbed against her ears. I pumped and pumped and pumped so my dick felt like a piston being made to work overtime. God, her greasy teenage cunt felt good! I think we came at the same time because she fell on top of me in a breathless heap just as my dick spasmed and shot a wad of thick creamy cum up into her.

We began making out again. Rocking on the soft bed and kissing deeply. I cupped a hand around her ass and continued the up and down motion. My dick felt hot and satisfied. I gave her a big hug and another kiss then withdrew and got cleaned up.

I left before Tom got home with his groceries, but only because I would have felt ashamed seeing him after fucking his s*s. You better believe I'm going back tomorrow though, after I've had a day to calm down. Cath has already promised me another fuck, if we can get away with it, or at least a sneaky finger fuck in the toilet when Tom's back is turned. And who knows where it could lead to from there?

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3 years ago
very good wwant some help
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
Well done, a REAL pleasure to read.
3 years ago
Ahhhh, the adventures of youth! Good story.
3 years ago
OK dawg. You did good. Used some good expressions that are unique. To me anyway. Better than most.