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well this happend back in march of this year my friend larry was dateing a girl name kathy but no more she and he r no more becayse she moved to newyork her dad was dieing and he did not want to move she told him she move back after he is gone but she was not sure on what day it would be so for no he single but she comeing bake in a few weeks from what iam told so i know they will pick up right off where they left any way we 3 was hanging out drinking and playing 21std that short for 21 pick up with strip truth or dare well we played it be for and kathy loves to show her body off and larry never had any trouble with it he meet her because of me i meet her frist and fixed them up but seeing her naked was as far as it went till that night now i dont smoke weed use 2 dont no more and they well both smokeing it and drinking i was drinking some beer like them old millswake best ice well we had pizza and chips that night well larry passed out after kathy won the the last game we played 3 games i won 2 she one 1 the loser or losers r naked winer or winers still got closes on well i only had 3 beers that night so i was not drink like them or high remmber i dont smoke weed use 2 but no more and way kathy helped me carry him up stears to bed i told her look it late should i call a cab for us i pay for it drop u off home frist then me she said no we sl**p here larrys cosin amy was not home that weekend she was at a friends well after he was in bed we made it down stears to liveing room she started comeing on to me at frist i said no u drink and u dateing g him she said i know he wont care u fixed us up and i allways liked u and u told me in pass u 2 use 2 dp girls i said ya in younger days but that then well be 4 i knew what was going on she had hand in shorts rybing balls she got me hard pulled it out said u small but fat i never had a fat 1 befor and started sucking me i was like omg damm baby and with that we fucked she said i cant get peg iam on the shot thing she got on me and was rideing me like a woman that is crazy bonching up down like a ball i told her iam going to cum kathy and i did deep in her we spent that night just doing it the next day larry came down see what had happend we was both naked a sl**p on the flour he said i cant be mad man i know how she is and u when she drinks and u did fix us up and she said 2 me would i care if she ever did u i said no but i was thinking it was a joke and wished i had been in on it she said well iam still horny and said want to dp me so we did man i cant tell u how many times we cumed in her she was sore after said pussy hurt hell when she come back in a few weeks i hope to hit it a gain hope u liked my story bye
Posted by ddanny 2 years ago
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