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how luckey can a man get

okay this happend 2 me last summber i was walking home from the store up from my home stoped at the park there to rest well this pretty girl kind of on the chubby side was siting there crying i ask what worng she said her bf just dumped her because he wanted to date her skinny cosin who i will call amy and the girl i call her sarah i wont use her name because i dont want her ever knowing i put it here i was not going to tell this story but i got to thinking and said what the hell others put there storys up here so i will to any way i told her not to cry she told me she gave her self to him and he had only been the ever 1 she had fucked and now she thinks he just used her to get it and she knows her cosin has never done it fucked no 1 and thinks he just likes being the frist man that ever fucks girls likes to get them once he does he moves on how could i be so dumm my friends said he bad news said to watch it but i never had a bf and wanted to make him happy and i did not listen to them iam dumm i said hay hay u r not i ask were u live she lived two streets over on yell the same street my friend 247 lives on that his nickname i wont give real name any way i told her u should not be here u should be home cuting up his pics and takeing him off your fb myspace yahoo and what ever eles u have him on she said i was thinking a walk would help iam worng well she gave me address we walked over there i knew it was 4 houes dowm from his place my friend we walked in sat talked she ask u think iam pretty i said yes we talked a bout her live and mine next tthing i knew she said she wanted to fuck to get payback on him i was like omg befor i could stop her she was rubing my dick i got hard fast she pulled it out said it fat my ex is longer but not gat started to suck me i was like omg no way after she stoped and said fuck me so i did her pussy was so wet and tigh i could not beleave it i pulled out and cumed on her we kissed after i told her it good but dateing was not good she needed to get over him we still talk but not fucked since iam her friend i woyld do her a gain but when she not hurting well that story ttfn
Posted by ddanny 2 years ago
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