bookstore sissy slut

My name is dollie I love to be a girl and being very petite and pretty long black haired its easy for me too feminize. And until now I wouldn't go out, dressed up, sometimes a quick walk around or a short drive but nothing real. And one time in college I walked around the campus. Anyway I ignored all the signs being overly sensitive for a boy It should of clicked when I was diagnosed with disphoria. I knew I liked being girly but I really thought all teen age boys were like me. Always being a pretty-boy girls always came my way but they all end the same I get hurt because just like a girl I lack self esteem and I'm not controlling enough. Also I lack the testosterone to compete with other Men and now that older and I realized that I'm terrified of women. And eventhough Ive had some gay experiments I thought I was straight Men were not that attractive too me, until I was incarcerated for a couple of months and I saw this beautiful young Latin guy taking a shower I guess I never saw a Man totally naked his skin was so dark and smooth his butt was perfect I trembled and came without even touching myself. Needless to Say I tried to see everytimoe he was naked as well as half dozen hot Men in there. After that I wanted a Man not a blow job but I want love to a man. I went to the glory hole all dressed ups I wanted it all I wanted more I want to Rim him and taste a Man ass and I really wanted a dick in me. When I got there I talked a straight guy at the desk. After giving a couple of old Men blow jobs I ask the guy if he wanted to get stoned after he closed we went his place on the way somehow his bulge in pants caught my eye so out of nowhere I said I know your straight but I love to suck dick. When se got he have me beer and went and change into some swets then he stood in front of me pulled out his nice cock since you like it . I kissed a licked every beautiful inch his smell intoxicated me I got him to turn over and there it was my Man's ass. Once I kissed I lost it I licked his butt hole moaning like bitch I buried my nose in it and swallowed his cock whole he pounded it up my through so hard it knock tooth out but I loved it he fucked my face hard and came in my mouth I pulled out to come on my face After cleaning him up. I kiss his cock .He passed out with my face in his crotch. As he woke up I sucked him again begged him to fuck me. He rolled over ripped down my panties you want it bitch yes I begged him he pushed his dick in. It hurt at first bit it was so warm .I moaned fuck me hard. He pounded so hard I screamed the he jerked it out and shoved it in my mouth I could tase myself it made me cum again Now I'm a bitch he came all over my face and hair slapping me with his Dick.I smelled like
whore. Now I go to the book store every Night dressed up like a sissy and get fucked by all the guys and lick all there beautiful asses .
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1 year ago
sweet sissy storie
1 year ago
HOT. I'd love to have you rim me, suck me, and then fuck you.
1 year ago
sexy storie. more plizzzz
1 year ago
Damn Where is this bookstore baby I love a good rimming
1 year ago
mmmmm nice story