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1) Ladies, reach into your panties, then touch his lips with your wetness.... Mmmmmm....

2) Ok ladies, men have nipples too and there a lot more sensitive than you'd think. Graze them with your teeth while your hands tease his package!!!!

3) Hold his tongue in place while tickling the tip with your tongue!! Very electrifying.......

4) Pretend not to want to kiss him... Then guys, use your tongue to pry her mouth open passionately!!!

5) Ladies, have your man lie on his stomach, then wet the skin below his butt with your tongue.... "Blow on it" Damn!

6) When your man puts his finger up in you ladies! Insert one of yours too... So the two of you could play/feel in there together! Now he knows your really into it!!

7) Ladies, that groove on the back of your man neck above his spine... Suck on it during a make-out-session... He will be on before you know it!!!

8) Go down on him ladies, but keep your hands behind your back so you grip him only with your lips!!! Very Sexy!!

9) Try the 69 twist, he's on top giving oral to you ladies but instead of using your mouth ladies let him slide his penis between your breasts......

10) Bed dance: ladies, have your man lie on his back while you slowly work your way down on his chest, stomach and finally his Penis!!! lol feeling hot! hot! hot!

11) Play with the area between the guy's navel and his penis... Lick it, tickle it, or gently tug the hairs there......The erogenous zone!

12) Men, place ice cubes on the curves of her breasts and hips. As the cubes melt, they leave a trail of cool water which you then trace with your tongue.

13) Sneak up on me from behind while my legs are closed! Lick on those lips peeking out between my legs until i start to lift my legs! Please dont stop until i open my legs "GO TO WORK" Lick, Suck! F%%k!

Posted by dcayetano2006 3 years ago
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3 years ago
great tips as always :)
3 years ago
I especially like #13... I love that I called you a minx, cause I am spot on... very sexy ideas....
3 years ago
Luv passionate kissing and nipple play:-)