Getting Caught Masturbating

I have had a shy Korean girl staying in my unit with me.
There are no doors on the bedrooms and she has to walk from her bed room past mine to go to the bathroom in the morning.
Yesterday I heard her getting up so I threw the sheet off and pulled my panties down a little and took out my cock and hung my balls out, I also have a piercing in the shaft so made sure that was able to be seen. I started stroking myself and she walked past the room. She did not see me because she was walking away from my room towards the bathroom.
But when she came out of the bathroom, that was when she got an eye full.
I am laying on the bed grabbing my ass with one hand and stroking my big hard shaft with the other hand. She looked at me on the bed but then looked away again. As she walked colser towards my room she had another look.
Even though she did not stop to have a good look it was still such a turn on for me... my cock was really hard and throbbing and within 5 seconds I exploded.
Neither her or I said anything about it afterwards.
I will be doing that again :)
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3 years ago
I love the story ... I masterbate next to the wife while she sleeps I know she's not really asleep coz in the morning she's really horny and I get the best shagg ever ... She finds her clean panties with my cum on in the laundry basket and she smiles at me sayin I can't remember wearin these ... Man that night I eat her pussy till she comes on my face then I shagg the hell out of her mmmmm
3 years ago
Love panties also!
3 years ago
they are mens sexy underwear, but I like the sound of panties ;)
3 years ago
You wear panties??
3 years ago
go for it man