Foreskin retraction final part.

Some time after Sal, I got an infection that required me to go to our GP. I had caught thrush. My cock was itchy/sore the tip of the forskin was swollen and passing urine was unpleasant.
I had a thorough examination ant the GP who had been a hospital consultant told me my options and his recomendations. I had to have a course of tablets and creme to squese into my forskin, and once the inflamation had subsided, he would release the forskin so it would retract. He said that it could be done under local and only take 10 minutes.
A week later, I sat nervously in reception waiting my name to come up on the board. I was called in asked to slip off my clothes and put on a gown and to lie on the table. The Dr had a look again and described the proceedure and he proceeded to inject the base of my cock. I have to admit this bit hurt the most. He injected in three places,and as the local started to work, the nurse started to prepare me. She washed all around my cock and balls with a brown sterile solution then made a hole in a large paper towen and placed it on my tummy with my cock coming out of the hole. I was propped up so that I had a really good view of the proceedure. It seemed as if I was watching a film, and it was someone elses cock.
The doc then examined me again and pricked my cock in a couple of places to ensur the local had worked. I was completely numb. The next thing he slipped a f***ep into the space between the head and the skin to release an adhesion the was joining the forskin and headjust above the groove, then with his fingers, he held the exposed top of the glans and with his other hand completely retracted my foreskin, He sort of pulled the head out of the foreskin. He must have used some f***e as the entire head was out. I was quit shocked at how easily he seemed to get it back, I asked him why I couldnt have done that he said the pain receptors would have prevented it. In the grove behind the head was a band of greyish white deposit that the nurse now swabed away with more of the brown antiseptic. Some of it was quite stuck as she had to sc**** at it to get it out. There was a bright red area like a leter'U'where the adhesion stuck to the foreskin. The tight ring was very visable, like a wasps waist just under the head, This was where the doctor made a cut with a scalpel it was only 1 or 2 CM long. then he drew the skin backup. there was a livid edge to the foreskin now, but very little bl**d. The doc now put in a suture in the middle of the cut so it looked like an inverted diamond. then he put a suture on each side, checked that the foreskin retracted back and forth, it did. He now cleaned the area with a fresh swab and that was that. He applied a layer of creme and re positioned my foreskin and I got dressed to go.
I had to sit in the waiting room for 1/2 an hour, so the doc could have a last look at it before I left.
As soon as I got home, I had a look. It was still numb, but the sutures were inside the foreskin, I gingerly pulled back and there were the 3 stiches. the skin was loose enough to retract completely I did it for myself for the first time. I had a good feeling. I got the feeling back in a couple of hours, it didnt hurt, but was un comfortable.
A couple of days later I had a gentle wank, but needed to do it my usual way, so didnt expose the head, however I did follow instructions from the nurse to wash it twice a day with warm water and the skin completely retracted
It was three weeks later that I got to try in out.
Sal knew I was going for 'a snip' as she called it, so was interested to see the result. It looked quite different now as I got erect the foreskin began to retract on it own. the head was still deep purple and very tender to touch the gloove at the base of the head was still tender especially where the skin was attached with adhesions. we had very gentle sex, As I entered her my forskin retracted, and I could hardly move, the sensations were so intense, after a few moments I climaxed. The post sex feeling were strange, I could feel the heat of her and the tingling of the supersensitive newly exposed gland, I felt that I was still about to come but it was almost too much if she moved on me.
So that was the first time I ever had sex with my foreskin retracted. I have to be honest, I think I still prefer sex with the foreskin forward and then to slip it back towards the end, My partner does this in fact she has learned to hold the skin back tight as I am about to cum, It gives me an intense feeling.
I hope readers have enjoyed my story, Please comment, It is nice to know its been worth the time and effort to write.
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