first time with a retracted foreskin part 2

If you read the first part, I have decided to continue the story. Its not a story really. but true life experiance. That has led me to have issues with my foreskin. a love hate relationship with it really.
Having made the relationship with June sexual, I just had to see her again. I desired her attention. I had become addicted to the pain/pleasure of her attention to my cock. The next time I was able to visit her, Rik was there. so I had no chance to talk to June bar a quick wink and her assuring me that our secret was oK and that she was looking forward to another encounter. Rik and I went to the pub and tried to pull local girls, I had a sort of previous girl friend, it had been non sexual, but she came and chatted to me and intimated that she would like to go out with me again. We arranged a date when I knew I would have the flat to myself. and she seemed ok with the idea of the possibility of a whole night together. When the time came, we shared a bottle of wine, and a piza then after watching some TV went to bed. Sally was far more adventurous than I had imagined, and in fact seemed quite outrageous in her chat she told me how to touch her and what she liked. and then she went down on me. This was a completely new experiance. I tried to stop her but she would not be stopped. I told her my forskin was a bit tight and hope she didnt mind. she then concentrated on my cock. The feelings were superb. her tongue flicking on the head and her fingers easing the skin back and forward over her tongue.
then she wanted me to return the favour and lick her. another first in my life. She guided me to her most sensitive parts and after a few minutes she pulled me up and we started to have sex. she guided me into her and at the same time stimulated herself, and with her other hand held my balls and moved my forskin back and held it tight back. I felt the same sort of feelings that I had felt with June, I asked her to be a bit more forecfull and with that she tugged back on my foreskin. I winced with pain a nice pain, but the sensations I was feeling were completely different. I pulled out of her to look. not knowing what it would be like. The tip was almost fully exposed now, I eased the foreskin forward, Sal wanted to be on top of me , so I lay on my back. and she guided me back into her. I came into her and after a few moments she got off me, by now my cock was soft, the foreskin looked very red and felt tender rather than sore. We cuddled a bit and then slept.
In the morning I woke with an erection and Sal was slowly wanking me. as she did, she stretched the skin down. It went down more and more. the most part of the head emerging. but there was no chance or retracting it completely. Sal said that it was a challenge and that it needed lots of sex to loosen it I asked her if she minded it being tight, her reply was that 'its not your cock but you that I want. with men the foreskin retracts in its own time, and in some men its later. will come in its own time'. I asked if she had seen the same thing on somenone else. she said that her first boyfriend was the same but that it had opened up in time, and its not that unusual.
I will writ the final chapter in due course. Dave
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