first time with retracted foreskin

I first had sex at the age of nineteen. and had a few girlfriends with who I had basic sex. There was no experimentation really, I was embarrassed about the whole business. The result of a catholic upbringing, no doubt.
As far as wanking was concerned, as I had to share a bed with my b*****r, it was something I had to do very secretly and quietly. I leanned that the best way was to pull and roll the tip of the foreskin between my fingers, As I started to produce sperm, I could contain it within my foreskin. That is still the best way for me, 40 years on.
as a result, of this, my foreskin opening was not large enough for the head to come out, It was not something that concerned me, untill I met an older woman, June, who was the mother of my best friend.
I had just left the RAF, and went to see my friend Rick, I had often visited and liked his mum June. Even though Rick was not at home I was invited in by June for a coffee and after chatting a while we had a couple of drinks. I had previously been advised by the RAF Medical officer to consider getting a small opperation on my penis to allow complete retraction of the foreskin.
June worked at the urology department of the local hospital as a theatre nurse. The conversation led to my tight foreskin, and that my helmet didnt come out. this ended up with june wanting to see my penis as she was interested and that she had experiance in dealing with similar cases. I was quite turned on by the attention and stripped off my trousers and then my pants. June took my penis in her hand, and I almost imeadiatly got an erection. I was suddenly hugely embarrassed and asked what am I doing, June said it was quite OK, we were both adults, we would not be disturbed, and with that she started to examine me she was straining the foreskin foreward then slowly back as far as it would go, there was a bead of precome emerged as she strained the skin down with her finger she made small circles at the tip of my cock massaging the precome in, with the tip of her finger she probed the hole at the tip. by now about a cherry sized section of my glans was showing, June let my forskin return to its normal position then holding my cock with one hand slid her small finger between my helmet and the foreskin. the feeling was amazing, I felt that I was about to come but not coming, I put by hand on her brest, this was the first time I made any move toward Jane. She stood up and took off her top completely so I had access to her I started to nuzzle her brests and kiss them, June asked if I was happy to do this? I was sure by now. June then took off my shirt and vest and she took off her skirt and panties. I so wanted to be inside her. June had returned her attention to my cock, and was holding the skin down as well as putting her finger between the head and skin, then she pulled the foreskin up and with both hands put her two little fingers into the skin and held it, stretching it open It felt amazing By now I was lying back just enjoying the sensation, a mix of pain and exquisite pleasure. June then said 'I think if we concentrate on doing this, you wont need to have any surgery, It will loosen in time, by now my penis was wet with precome and june pulled the skin down, more of the helmet was visible this time. June then lay back on the sofa and pulled me on top of her and kissed my neck as she did so she guided my cock into her, she was so wet, I just melted into her, I could feel her hand between us and feel her holding my balls, within a couple of minutes I felt the point of no return and started to pull out No she whispered leave it in, As she was caressing the base of my cock, I came. I felt the wave of pleasure june pulled my foreskin down, still inside her, I felt a new wave of warmth and was still for minutes just enjoying the waves of pleasure. I could feel my cock subsiding.
Some minutes later I got up and felt desperate for a pee. I went up to the bathroom, as I peed, I noticed that the tip of the foreskin was very red and seemed swolen. I retracted as far as I could, half of the glans emerged more that I had seen before. I was determined to carry on with stretching the skin down. After another cup of coffee, June said that the more I opened up the foreskin the more loose it would get and she would always be glad to help. I gave her a huge hug as I left. This story will be continued...........
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2 years ago
Good read!
2 years ago
Very nice story. Looking forward to the second part!!