My Wet Dream

I could feel her breath on neck as her lips brushed me, Her fingers sought my penis It hardened as I felt the folds of my foreskin being touched, gently pulled, gently stretched out, then pulled back so that a bead of glans emerged from the tight ring of prepuce. My cock was as solid as it could be she slipped off her t-shirt and eased on top of me. I could feel her breasts brushing against my chest.I felt the warmth of her moist vulva as she rubbed against my cock.I so wanted to be inside her, I moved so that I could slip in to her warmth, 'not yet' she whispered,yet still rubbed her cunny against my cock, I felt my foreskin straining, the head trying to get out of the tight ring that contained it. She eased herself back enough to slip her hand between us and guide me into her. slowly she pushed onto me. I could feel the tip of my glans bulging out of my foreskin, I could feel the heat of her on the knob. I knew that the foreskin would be revealing a bulb of helmet, purple and exquisitely sensitive. I could feel her fingers at the base of my penis gripping the skin and pulling back revealing more of the sensitive head, I could feel a sharp sting as the foreskin stretched more that it was used to. I knew what was about to happen but could not stop it, 'be carefull, It hurts' I pleaded, if you pull back to much, softly she whispered It will be ok she released the presure,I winced as she let the pressure off, I could feel the foreskin slip foreward to recover the head. the stinging stopped. ever so slowly she moved up and down on me, I could feel every nerve in my penis tingling. I so wanted her to stretch it again , to feel that sensation again, She slid off me and now she gently cupped my penis in her hand, I was so wet, both hers and my precum, she moved my foreskin back and foreward a little further each time, more and more of the head emerged as the tight ring moved down to the rim of the glans. She rolled onto her back and pulled me on to her expertly guiding me into her, this time her fingers found the base of my penis and she pulled the foreskin down whilst I was inside her. again she put pressure on the foreskin. this time the sting suddenly stopped and I could feel a completely new sensation. I felt a rush of warm sensation and a feeling that I was huge inside her, I couldn't move inside her as the sensation was so strong, I whispered that the skin is right down now I felt the head emerge completely I felt the gushing of my orgasm.
After a few minutes I slowly withdrew from that heaven of her fanny, As I withdrew, her fingers drew my foreskin back to its usual position, completely covering the dark purple helmet.
I woke up with my hand and cock sticky and wet. I pulled back the sheet, I had a hard erection, I squeezed the foreskin a large drop of semen emerged from my long tight foreskin. I pushed back on my foreskin a small bead of purple glans emerged before it became too uncomfortabe to continue.

I had this dream several times as a teenager. I always dreamt that my foreskin had completely retracted and that the head becomes large Each time I wake up, the skin is just as tight.
Now that I am married and have sex more often, I dont get this dream but my foreskin is still tight, and now It just takes a little effort to make the head emerge as I have an orgasm,
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8 months ago
I love to hear how your tight skin feels. wish I could feel that feeling.