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this story happened about ten years ago at the local shopping mall as i was walking through the mall I spotted a beutiful woman wearing a red dress pantyhose and high heels walking with her husband. now I have a fetish for pantyhose so I just had to follow them and it must have been one of the luckyst days of my life because the couple went into a shoe store to do some shoe shopping I found a seat with a good view of the store and watched as the woman picked out some incredibly darring shoes and sat down to start trying them on. My heart nearly stopped right there as she was most definnently not wearing any pantys under her pantyhose and I could clearly see her beutiful landing strip and gorgous pussy right through the sheer nylon. she looked up and i knew she saw me watching she said something to her husband and he smiled I could tell they approved of there voyer. after some time and flirting and flashing the couple finneshed up and purchsed a pair of shoes and left the store. as they were walking through the mall I could not resist the urge to approch the couple and thank them for the experience I was afraid this would cross the voyer line but the couple was receptive to my commits so I decided to take this one step further and ask if I could have her nylons for a souvenier At first her husband wasnt shure but then the woman told her husband that they should honor my recuest just because I had been brave enough to ask. the couple went into a store to buy a new pair of pantyhose as she could not go without. they then went into a bathroom to change pantyhose. a few minuts later they returned and this totaly hot woman handed me her pantyhose. then to make things even more incredible she leaned in and gave me a hug then she kissed my cheek and wispered in my ear, I always were pantyhose and I never wear pantys. these are my most charrished pantyhose I have ever collected thanks to anybody out there who understands pantyhose.
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