step b*****r step s****r

it was a friday night mom and dad decided to go out for the evening leaving sam and anna alone for the evening sam always thought that his step s*s was hot but never had the balls to tell her instead he would just peep on her every chance that he could like when she was in her room undressing getting ready for a bath well one day anna forgot to shut the door not thinking anyone was home she went to the bathroom to get in the shower and b4 she did she began to masterbate on the toilet her step b*****r came around the corner and caught her playing with herself he became very hard but was embarssed and ran out the room she hurried and got dressed and ran to him to see if he had completly seen what she was doing or if he just seen her naked he told her that he just seen her naked nothing more .see sam was embarssed about haveing a crush on his step s****r he knew that this was wrong not natural but sick in a sense but she just turned him on her curves the shape of her ass every thing about her turned him on he would often masterbate to the sent of her dirty pantys and fantasize about fucking her really hard in the ass and the mouth well this was the chance he had been waiting for and he wasnt going to let it slip by seeing that his s*s was growing he asked her if shewanted to play cards she said yes so after a couple of rounds he decided to ask her if she wanted to raise the stakes she asked what do you mean by that 'sam smerked and said for evry book i get you take off a clothing item and vice versa she looked at him sort of weird but eventally she decided what the hell and said lets play they played untill they were naked turned on by seeing his s****r naked body he began to touch himself this made her aroused as well her nipples grew vey hard and stiff they began to kiss right there groping body parts and all it was if she always felt the same about sam as sam felt for her .they fucked for hours he came in her ass and in her hair she stood to let the cum run down her leg in to a glass she then picked up the glass and drank his sperm just as she was finishing the last drop there parents walked threw the door to see both of there c***dren but naked and wore out from sex the father dropped his pants and told his wife to suck hisdick she did as told the daugter joined in soon follwoed by the son he ate his mother out while anna took the fatehr dick deep in her ass sam began to fuck his mom in the ass every body came at once the orgy of a life time ....stay tuned the new serious of inside of her cumming soon!!!!!!!!!
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1 year ago
yes more details would be incest stories
4 years ago
very good like it but needs more details
4 years ago
Thanks for sharing
4 years ago
please rate thank you!!!!!!