is this sex? pt 2

man that was one hellava night the sex was priceless ,the sl**p extra well rested lol.I expected sex what i did not expect was a good fucking like that she was a pro when she bent over thats all she wrote.Recovering i decided to take a shower when i heard a lil laugh , see i was in the bed contenplaton when that laugh that i keep hearing became louder "HOLY SHIT" she was in the bed laying with me the whole time reminising i had not got up to piss or any thing i simply opened my eyes and started to think she popped her head up from the covers and said great sex hun? I replied yes very good sex she than asked if i were hungrey i replied yes she says i know this great place were they make the best blueberry pancakes its right around the corner .So as we got threw breakfast we soon parted ways i went to the gym to meet with the trainer after that withdrew a couple hundred and went back home but aponn my arrival the was a note with a key attached to it i opened it right there and it reaD " TO MY SEXUAL WARRIOR TO NIGHT WILL BE THE BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE "meet me at the old barn yard on 12th and henrey at 12pm DONT BE LATE!I LOOKED STUNNED LIKE WHAT TYPE OF CHICK IS, THIS? 12TH AND HENREY, 12PM! UMMM IM NOT QUITE SURE ABOUT THIS ONE " i went in with key in hand and had discovered this was a key to my house i looked at my key ring to see if had my copy and it was gone .she took my key off for what reason ?mad and upset i grew supicoius.i could not wait to see her to see why she stole my key to my house what was she doing snoopping around .so twelve finally came around and i was heading down to 12th and henry to meet her at the barn not for a good fucking but for answer to why she stole my shit as i pulled up to a long dirt road i looked for a street sign that read henry there were hardly any street lights and this road looked dicilite i started to drive down the dirt road for about a good mile i could not see any thing every thing was dark accept for my head lights i finally arrived to a big ass house it looked like a barn with a mansion on the back i mean huge i turned off the ignition and made my way to the door but be4 i could knock i was greeted by a maid a very sexy maid she was 5'8" thick thighs nice tittys and a ass to match she pointed and said follow me i did staring at that nice ass the whole trip not even noticing the beautys of the house we came to a long spiraling stair way with a diamond engraves that read THE BEST SEX OF YOUR LIFE AWAITS YOU ENTER HERE i walked up every step with caution finally i made it to the top and there was this huge room with about 12 woman in it and a couple Tgirls I was stiffer than a rock not even thinkin about the key or any thing esle she to took from me my dick was throbbing ready to bust at the slightest touch TO BE CONTINUED
80% (3/1)
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4 years ago
good continuation
4 years ago
Are you going to leave us hanging here ?
4 years ago
Good story but tough reading (.,?)