IS this sex ? part 1

want to talk about good sex i had some of the best sex of mylife,there she was my sexual wettt pussied demon ready to release my circular testiclerballs of joy wait, wait , i cant start the story like this!!?!! (from the top)!
talk about good sex I had some of the best sex in my life
i mean she was sexy soft had a low voice and was shy she was more the reserved type she didnt rush things like most,as a matter of fact she wouldnt let me touch her the first night only a kiss on the cheek and i thought to my self she must b one of those types that want a relation ship or somethen to that effect i was nt quite sure but i liked her she was sexy and had a nice demeaner about life and i liked that so i respected what she was doing (little did i know she was running game on me)So about three or 4 months go by and you know im thinkin maybe i will hit or not will i hit or not and of course i scored BIG VERY BIG you see she was a virgin lookin for some one to take it from her and that i did expect there were 2 or 3 question marks about this 1,she was 35 may be 40 give or take a lil change ,2 she was gorgues i mean fine nice tittys ass the whole"9" So im think'n why did it take so long for her to finally get dicked down and im okay you know but im not exactly the one for her this is what im thinkn not saying but thinkn so what was so good about me whatdid i do to turn her own ?she looks at me while were in bed one night and says your dick is mine it belongs to me i start to laugh and asked her what she meant by that she repeated your dick belongs to me i sat up and looked at her kind of crazed she says after that i can read your thoughts i can hear what you think, see what you see, you belong to me by this time im standing up getting my pants and shoes on she stood up and said RUN RUN as fast as you can it dosnt matter i am part of you i just looked at her in disbelief i started to fill vibrations on my cock and she was standing on the other side of the bed it started to fill real good almost like my dick was being sucked threw my pants i was then throw n on the bed pants ripped off my dick was at attention ready to fuck! the whole time im suspended in a sexual state of arousal she hopped on my cock and began to ride the hell out of my dick it was filling great i came twice really hard in her she stood over me letting the cum run down her legs she turned around and sat back down on my dick but the hole was much tighter nice and snug I WAS IN HER ASSS she bent over a lil bit so i could see both of her ass cheeks and she fucked me untill my dick was raw i nutted 2 more times in her ass TO BE CONTINUED (STAY TUNED FOR THE NEW SERIOUS OF INSIDE OF HER PT5 CUMMING SOON)
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i like the start here also
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