see the thing about me is im an outgoing type of guy .I like to experince new things every now and again just like any average guy or woman for that fact.So when i tell you about this story there will be vulgar language it started when i was about 23 i had met this freak by the name of bianca she was slick wit it in the bed she liked things like sex in the kitchen, anal in the bathtub , dick sucking in public like parks or in vacant lots, true freak.Although i enjoyed her presents it was just that she did very irrtating shit (things i will not go into) but let me tell youthis every body has that one thing that ticks them off wether it be them not shuttting up about something or just nagging ,you know what i mean ! welshe did the typeof stuff were i hadto seek new ass on a daily just put it like that .I KNOW what your thinkng what on earth was she doing .just belive me when i say this it was disturbing shit okay heres alil taste i cauht her fucking to of my best friends in ahouse were allof us lived .STAY TUNED IM LATE,!?!O KWILL CONTINUE
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