inside of her pt4

i replied to my mom that i was trying to get back to the bathroom to grab my towel, she looked at me like i was lying to her , she asked why i had not been to work? and why didnt i answer when she sent the police over? i was baffled i didnt know what to say every thing that had been going on flashed before my eyes when she was asking me these things. i finally replied i didnt know i told her that i had not been filling to well so i had to call off , for a month she replied SHE YELLED LETS GO! YOURE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL!!i argued with her for bout a solid hour and finally conveinced her that i had all ready went she finally agreed to leave and went on about here business. it was around 11 thirty at night when i heard a faint knock at my font door kind of drowsy i fell back to sl**p .see i had took 2 full table spoons of cold med w/ codine so i was sl**py as hell but i felt like some one or some thing was standing over me so i opened my eyes and there she stood my golden godess in front of me but i did not under- stand it wasnt raining as a matter of fact it was dry out side very hot and humid she picked me up with such f***e almost like the wind had picked me up and we turned into this pool of liquid the "liquid of cumm " when i came to i was in this dark ass tunnel it was very cool it felt like i was fine never had even been sick at all "THE DARKNESS OF THE TUNNEL BE CAME BRITE WITH SUCH COLORFULL LIGHTS "THE COLORS OF BLUE, SEA BLUE with a back splash of mango or a pleasant warm yellow in front of me stood hundreds of thousands of gorgues woman in all shapes sizes ,i was the only male there i felt my self becoming erect so i looked down for a second at my penis it was very different what i mean by that is iwas a fairly normal guy with the normal package not to small not to big just right iguess!-it was great in length and fat like a bed post sort of like the one i mentioned in 1NIGHT . the woman started to march towards me with my lady of choice leading the pack she came very close to my face and whisperd that i was the one they had been seeking i asked!?! what do you mean by that? she replied that it took hundreds of years to find me and that they had got what they were looking for confused i started to wonder back was i a lucky guy or did i set my self up for failure TO BE CONTINUED
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4 years ago
very good series
4 years ago