going out to the bar was something i didnt do often. I usually was a more reserved type of guy .So on this night i dont know what lead me to a strip bar but there i was with a facefull of tittys and ass and throwing back shots of henny when suddenly i was approached by this beatiful woman by the name of red you see this woman was not any ordainary woman this woman knew what she wanted and knew what she liked she was a freak im talking the true def.....of nasty, sheliked objects in her ass she liked to be slapped and called a stank nasty cunt she was really into shit like that and it turned me on .SO we started with a normal conversation at the bar "how are you doing? ,what you been up to ? and eventally we made our way back to my house were the sex was nonstop she road my rod hopped off and began sucking me causing a great exsplosion!!!!!!!! she played with my cummm putting the drops of my cummm in her mouth and rubbing it all over her body, while sticking her middle finger in her ass this made me forget about nutting the 1st time.I WAS STIFFER THAN A ROCK ready for round 2 she bent over spread her legs and showed me her sloppywettt pussy and began to rub it very hard after about 5minutes she walked over to my bed post and shoved it into her ass i dont know how it fit but she spread herass nice and wide and sat on it engolfing the whole stick into her ass it was such a turn on i began to jack off so then i walked over to her and let her suck my hard cock while she was fucking the bed post when i started to fill her moaning on my cock as she was sucking i couldnt belive it she was cumming out of her ass all over the place it was pure white it was awsome to see it made me cumm again she got off the bed and laid down lifted her legs up and showed meher ass it was juicy and dripping with the white stuff sheballedher fist up and started to fist her ass i luved every minute of it she moaned louder and louder untill she came again all over my bed spread it was truly a night to remeber something i wont forget 4a long while
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