in mywildest dreams

now this is some shit thats hrd to belive
never could i ever imagined what was going to happen to me
as i lay therelost in a dream filled with differentwoman in front of me
somewere black somewere whitethe majority looked like white but as i stared getting to know each one it was clearthat race didnt really appear wellat least 2 me it didnt becausetheonlything i saw were nice shaped bodys notthe way u would think...but niced shaped in a way that me...
the roundest of tits the thickness in there assess and legs u see i like that shit it turns me on callme different call mewrong but when i see that ass it looks right in a thong some with hair some was slick some with alil landing strip see i mma freak the true when it cummmmsss2mywildest dreams nothing is forrbibbidon nothing is the same nothings reppatition....
57% (3/3)
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Posted by dblac2
4 years ago    Views: 637
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4 years ago
it was hard to read in some ways but a good try
4 years ago
I have read the story, Sir, thank You. Only i am sorry, i can't understand the language of it. English is not a native language for me. Most texts i understand easily, but sorry, not this. I humbly apologize, Sir.
4 years ago
please leave comments thank you