The Candle Part One

Tommy sat watching the television, his mother was talking on the telephone. ‘Yes Maureen, I’ll ask him and get back to you tomorrow, bye.’ Norma replaced the receiver and turned to her son, ‘Maureen was wondering if you could pop in on Saturday to fix her bedroom light, it keeps burning out the bulbs.’ Tommy looked up, his mother was always asking him to do little jobs for her friends, he didn’t mind, it was just that she said he wasn’t to ask too much in payment. This what not the way he was going to make his fortune.
‘Sure mum, I’ll pop in on Saturday morning, I expect there might be a short.’ He waited for her to mention about the payment, then said, ‘I know, I’m not to charge her too much.’

Saturday morning came, Tommy collected the tools from the shed, then made his way to Mrs Hudson’s house.

Although Tommy was only fifteen, he had a natural aptitude for fixing anything electrical, mechanical or even things made of timber. His mother’s friends trusted him to do a proper job. Mrs Hudson was one of his mother’s closest friends. A sixty one year old widow, she had lost her husband after they had only been married for six weeks. The strange thing is, that they had never consummated their marriage. As Maureen Hudson had never remarried, she was still technically a virgin.

Knocking loudly, he waited, the door opened and Mrs Hudson smiled, ‘hello Tommy, thanks for coming so quickly, this is costing me a fortune in light bulbs, but first we must have a cup of tea.’ This was more an statement than an invitation, he knew from past experience that she enjoyed his company and the chats they had while they drank their tea.

He set down his tool box and sat in the armchair. Soon she returned with the tray of tea. ‘So Tommy, how is school going? I expect you’re close to leaving, have you decided on what you’re going to do?’ He was about to answer, but she continued, ‘have you got yourself a girlfriend yet? I don’t except you get much time, doing all these little jobs.’ From time to time, she allowed him to say a few words, but never enough to answer her questions completely. When the tea was finished, she said, ‘you know the way upstairs, do you need the electricity turned off yet?’ he shook his head, ‘no, I need to test the wiring first to see where the problem lies.’

Upstairs, he opened his toolbox and took out the tester, he removed the light bulb and plugged in the tester, then he switched on the light switch, the unit buzzed straight away. He removed the unit and called down for Mrs Hudson to turn off the electricity. He unscrewed the cover from the light fitting on the ceiling and saw that the inside was corroded. Tommy always came prepared, he had a new fitting in the tool box. Once it was fitted, he asked her to switch the electricity on again. He plugged in the tester and it remained silent, he replaced it with the bulb, when he flicked on the switch, he was dismayed that the light did not come on. Going to the top of the stairs, he called out, ‘Mrs Hudson, do you have a spare bulb?’ ‘Yes, hang on a minute Tommy, I will need to look in the cupboard.’

Tommy looked around the room as he waited. It was clean and bright, the dressing table was a bit old fashioned, he saw that she had the same sort of brush and comb set as his mother kept on hers. There were the usual assortment of makeup remover, face cream and the typical stuff that his mother had. Then he spotted something his mother didn’t have on her dressing table, it was a candle. Tommy picked it up and examined it, it was slightly larger than the type his mother kept in the kitchen drawer for when there was a power cut. It was more like the sort they had in church, it was about eight inches long and at least an inch and a half in diameter. It was probably quite old, as it was curved, he noticed that the end was rounded and that the wick was missing. ‘Not much use in a power cut.’

Then he saw that there were some hairs embedded in the surface near the bottom. He failed to hear Mrs Hudson coming up the stairs. ‘What are you doing with that?’ Her voice startled him and he dropped the candle. It fell to the floor with a crash and he saw to his horror that it had broken into several pieces. ‘Now look what you’ve done.’ Tommy knelt to pick up the pieces. ‘Leave it,’ she said. Tommy picked up the broken pieces of the candle. ‘I’m sorry, mum has a box of candles in doors, I’ll give you one of those to replace it.’ There was a weird sort of expression on Mrs Hudson’s face, not angry, more like dismay. ‘Didn’t your mother ever tell you to leave peoples personal property alone?’ ‘I said sorry, and that I would replace it,’ he said. ‘those candles aren’t any good.’ ‘Why not?’ he asked. ‘Because they’re not big enough.’ Her expression changed, as if she had realised what she had just said. Tommy was about to speak, but she interrupted him. ‘I mean that they don’t last long enough.’ Tommy just said, ‘oh, I see.’

‘I think you should go, just tell your mother what I owe you for fixing the light and I’ll give her the money.’ Tommy saw little point in arguing, so he packed his toolbox and left.

His mother was out when he got home, he put his toolbox away and made himself a sandwich and a cup of tea, as he sat at the table, he thought about the candle, he wondered if he might obtain one from the local church.

After he had eaten, he made his way up to the local church, inside, he saw the vicar, not being a churchgoer, other than the odd wedding, funeral and christening, he was unsure how to address the man. ‘Er, excuse me, I was wondering if you could help me.’ ‘Certainly young man.’ The vicar looked fairly pleasant. ‘I need a candle, I had an accident at a friends house and broke hers.’ There was a confused look on the vicars face. Tommy described the size of the candle. ‘Ah, I think that sounds more like an alter candle, you might have more luck at a catholic church,’ he said. He gave Tommy directions to St Marks and Tommy thanked him.

At St Marks, he saw the priest about to lock the door, he hurriedly explained his predicament. ‘I see, well we do have those, it is most unusual for parishioners to have them for use at home, they tend to prefer the small ones.’ Tommy asked if it was possible to purchase one anyway. ‘Yes, of course, but they cost about four pounds each.’ Tommy thanked him, but said it was more than he cared to pay.

That evening, the phone rang, his mother answered, ‘hello Maureen, yes he is, just a moment, I’ll get him.’ ‘Tommy, it’s Maureen, she would like to speak to you.’ His mother handed him the phone and went into the kitchen to make the evening meal.

‘Hello.’ Mrs Hudson spoke quietly, ‘is your mother there?’ ‘No, she’s gone in the kitchen, why?’ ‘Well, I wanted to make sure it was alright to talk.’ It all sounded a bit cloak and dagger. ‘I’m sorry if I overreacted earlier today, I was a bit upset, you didn’t tell your mother about the candle did you?’ He wondered why she should be so concerned that his mother might find out, so he decided to test her, ‘no I haven’t, I was going to tell her just as you rang.’

There was a loud intake of breath from the other end of the phone. ‘Please Tommy, I would prefer it if you didn’t.’ ‘Why?’ ‘It’s a bit difficult to explain.’ Her voice was tinged with anxiety. ‘Listen Tommy, if you call round tomorrow, I will explain, but you must promise not to say anything to your mother.’ He promised.

Tommy pondered on why Mrs Hudson was reluctant that his mother found out about the candle, it was just something to light when the power went. Then he remembered that there was no wick, only those few stray hairs stuck in the wax. He wondered where the hairs had come from, Tommy suddenly realised what she used the candle for. It had to be the answer, that’s why she didn’t want his mother to know. Mrs Hudson must use the candle to play with herself. Tommy suddenly began to feel excited.

Maureen placed the phone back in it’s cradle, she sat down with tears in her eyes and reflected on the situation.

Recalling the reason for moving the last time, it seemed that history was repeating itself. Maureen used to live in a bungalow, a neighbours boy, about Tommy’s age, had climbed over the fence to fetch the football he had kicked over, he had looked through the bedroom window and saw her pleasuring herself. Maureen was mortified that he had seen her doing this most intimate thing. Hurriedly putting on her dressing gown, she had caught him in the garden as he was about to climb back over the fence.

He had looked at her with contempt, when she asked him not to say anything, but he just laughed, she recalled the words he had said. ‘You dirty old cow, my mum won’t want you coming to our house any more when I tell her what you were doing.’

Despite her protestations, he went home and told his mother. Suddenly, every one she knew started to avoid her, they crossed the street, she saw them pointing and whispering. Finally, enough was enough and she moved away.

After thinking about it, she decided to front Tommy when he came round, she would try to reason with him, even offer him money, then maybe he would refrain from telling his mother. If he did, then she would just have to move again.

Tommy put down the phone. ‘What did Maureen want Tommy?’ ‘Oh, she didn’t have any change when I fixed her light, so she asked if she could pay me another time, I agreed to go tomorrow.’ His mother smiled, ‘don’t you charge her too much.’ He returned the smile, ‘of course not.’

The following day, as he knocked on her door, Tommy started to lose his confidence, what if she called his bluff, of course he had no intention of telling his mother, but he had hoped Mrs Hudson thought he would. The door opened and Mrs Hudson stood there, he saw the expression on her face, it wasn’t exactly fear, more anxious. ‘Hello Tommy, would you like to come in?’ ‘Thank you.’ Mrs Hudson showed him into her living room. ‘Please sit down Tommy, the kettle is on.’ He sat and she returned shortly with the tray. He waited until she handed him a cup and she sat down. Neither spoke and he wondered if she was waiting for him begin the conversation. Then she said.

‘Can I ask you Tommy, about the candle, I expect you’ve guessed what I use it for?’
He had a good idea, but he wasn’t going to say, he was hoping that she would tell him, ‘well, I wasn’t really sure.’

There was a pause, he heard her clearing her throat. ‘It is obvious that unless I explain, then you will tell your mother, the truth is Tommy, that I use it to masturbate with.’

He sat there for a moment, he was unsure whether she expected a response. If he said nothing, then she might assume the matter was closed, this was not what he wanted. So he asked. ‘Why?’ Mrs Hudson gave him a look he was being obtuse. ‘I assume that as you didn’t ask what masturbation was, then you probably do it as well?’ He detected the question in her response, he also realised that she would know he was lying if he denied it, so he just nodded. ‘Thank you for not insulting my intelligence Tommy, in that case, as you masturbate, you’re obviously are able to reach a climax?’

He had not expected her to be so forthright, she was asking him if he came. ‘Yes, I do.’ ‘Well, I masturbate for the same reason, I enjoy the feeling when I climax, does that satisfy your curiosity?’ He wondered if he would be pressing his luck by asking another question, so he said, ‘may I ask you another question?’ Her head nodded gently. ‘When I offered to replace it with one of mums candles, what did you mean when you said they weren’t big enough?’

Mrs Hudson took a drink from her cup, then said. ‘Because a smaller one doesn’t feel as good.’ ‘I don’t understand?’ Mrs Hudson sighed, it seemed that Tommy would not be satisfied until she told him everything. ‘Well Tommy, as you seem so interested, I find it more satisfying feeling the larger one inside my vagina.’

Tommy felt his cock start to grow. Maureen saw him push his hand into his lap and realised that her telling him this was getting him excited, she decided to keep the tone of the conversation at a personal level.

‘So Tommy, does it shock you, to know that I enjoy using this object in my vagina to masturbate?’ His penis was now fully erect, her talking plainly about what she did with the candle was causing him to become aroused. He shook his head. ‘No, quite the opposite.’ Mrs Hudson saw that he was interested, this in turn was causing her to feel excited. ‘Do you want me to talk some more about it?’ Tommy nodded his head enthusiastically.

‘Very well then,’ she continued, ‘I know it’s not exactly the same shape as a man, it doesn’t have the ridge around the top like on a man, I sometimes wonder what that would feel like when it’s moving up and down inside me.’

Tommy asked another question, ‘But I thought you had been married?’

Maureen explained how her husband had died before they were able to have sex, and that she had never sought the company of another man, but she still had needs.

He sat there open mouthed.

‘So Tommy, does that finally satisfy your curiosity?’

He asked her, ‘but why not with a man?’ ‘Oh, that’s simple, most men in my age group are either married, smell or they can’t get an erection.’

‘So why not find a younger one?’

Maureen smiled, since he was showing an interest, she thought she would test him, ‘is that an offer Tommy?’

His face went beet red, ‘oh no, I didn’t mean to suggest that, I haven’t even seen a lady down there.’ He pointed to her lap.

Maureen wondered if she had gone too far, if he thought she was making fun of him, he might tell his mother out of revenge. ‘I’m sorry Tommy, of course you wouldn’t want to have sex with an old woman like me, would you?’

Tommy, ‘I don’t know, I mean, I think I should go now.’ Maureen still felt concerned, he still might tell his mother, ‘If you’re going to tell your mother Tommy, would you let me know, then I can make arrangements to move away, I can’t go through that again.’

He asked her what she meant, he sat down as she told him of the reason she had to leave her previous home. This was the last thing he wanted, ‘no, you don’t have to move, I won’t tell her, I won’t tell anyone, I promise.’

A look of relief flooded onto Mrs Hudson’s face.

Then he asked, ‘would you mind me asking, how much did he see?’

Maureen realised that he liked to talk about this, so she said, ‘well, he must have seen me pushing the candle in and out of my vagina.’

He squirmed in the chair, ‘thank you for trusting me by telling me that, like I said, this will remain between the two of us.’

‘Thank you Tommy, now I must pay you for fixing my light.’ He refused to take anything, even when she tried to press the five pound note into his hand, he told her that it was too much, and handed it back to her. Maureen in turn gave it back to him and he shook his head, ‘no, I won’t take it,’ in trying to return it, he somehow pressed it into her lap. ‘Oh sorry Mrs Hudson, I didn’t mean to do that, please don’t tell my mother.’

‘It’s alright, I realise it was an accident, I won’t say anything to her.’

He looked relieved and said, ‘I think I’d better be getting back.’

Mrs Hudson followed him to the front door. ‘Goodnight Tommy, oh and Tommy, I enjoyed our little chat, would you like to talk about this again?’ Tommy didn’t answer, he just walked quickly down the garden path to the gate, he turned back as he closed the gate, she stood in the doorway. ‘Er, yes, if you don’t mind, goodnight Mrs Hudson.’

For the rest of the week, Tommy couldn’t stop thinking about what they had discussed. Was she joking when she asked if he was offering to have sex with her. The thought brought on an erection and he undid his trousers and hooked out his penis. Pulling his foreskin back, he studied the ridge that she had described, this was the most sensitive part of his organ.

He made a mental comparison with his cock and the memory of the candle, he estimated that there wasn’t a lot of difference in the thickness, his was probably an inch shorter. If only he could make her a wax one that looked like his. Then out loud, he said, ‘mmm, maybe I could.’

The next day, he went to the library, he selected some books on making things with wax, then took them to the reading section, he took out a notepad and pencil, then proceeded to make notes from the books he had selected.

Raiding his savings, he went to the shops and brought the supplies he needed. He was going to buy a jar Vaseline, but remembered that his mother kept a jar in her bedroom, this would save him some money. From the hardware shop, he purchased two boxes of candles and a cheap saucepan, then finally from the hobby shop, a large bag of plaster of Paris.

He went to the shed and found some pieces of thin plywood and set about constructing a box. The dimensions were three inches square and nine inches deep. He smoothed the opening at the top with glass paper. Then he had to wait until he knew his mother was going to be out for most of the day.

On the Thursday, his mother informed him that he was going to visit a friend who lived some distance away and that he would have to make his dinner. ‘That’s alright mum, I’ll make myself a sandwich for lunch as I have some small jobs to do.’

He waited thirty minutes after she had gone, just in case she had forgotten something and returned. Then he went to his room, he took with him a jug of water, a small mixing bowl and the box. Clearing off the worktop which he had setup in his bedroom for repairing small items, he took out the bag of things he had purchased earlier in the week.

Tommy went into his mother’s room and picked up the jar of Vaseline, then back in his room he pulled the curtains and began mixing some of the plaster of Paris in the bowl with some water, when this was ready, he opened the jar of Vaseline and noticed that there were several hairs just inside. Strange thoughts went through his mind, he dismissed them and smeared his penis with Vaseline, then proceeded to stroke himself until he was fully aroused. He needed to use an elastic band wrapped around the base of his penis to ensure his foreskin remained pulled back from the head, so that the ridge was fully exposed, the band seem to make him even harder. He placed a plastic bag that had a hole in it around his pubic area, he didn’t fancy shaving his hair, then he poured a small amount of the mixed plaster into the box.

Finally, he inserted his erect penis into the centre of the box and poured enough plaster in to fill the box to the top.

He just had to wait.

Tommy didn’t realise that when plaster hardened, it gave off heat, he felt the warmth spreading into his penis, then it got hotter, he kept testing the plaster to see if it had set and he was close to pulling his organ from the mould. When he could bear it no longer, he snipped the elastic band and his erection lost some of it’s intensity, this allowed him to remove his penis from the plaster. Apart from a few hairs that had stuck in the plaster which Tommy felt was somewhat ironic, there appeared to be no damage to his member, other than it was somewhat red.

He went to the bathroom and washed any remnants of the plaster from his penis. Having dressed, he left the plaster to harden completely and went to make himself a sandwich.

Retuning an hour later, he removed the ply from around the hardened plaster. Then with an extremely fine saw, he cut the plaster so that the mould separated into two halves, this would help when removing the finished wax cast.

He secured the two halves with strong elastic bands and took a small camping stove from one of the cupboards, he lit this and broke one box of candles into the saucepan, he removed the wicks, then setting the gas as low as possible, he put the saucepan on it and waited for the wax to melt, he knew that it must not get too hot as the wax could turn black and would not set properly.

Tommy’s other concern was that the hot wax might crack the mould, he poured the melted wax slowly into the mould until it reached the top.

When the wax had cooled down, he cut the elastic bands and eased the two halves apart, the wax seemed flawless and apart from the seam of where the two halves of the mould met, it was perfect. Using a craft knife, he sc****d the seam until it was smooth. A final polish with a soft cloth and he held the object up and examined it. Tommy laughed, he saw that it even had the small opening where his pee came out.

Carefully wrapping the item and putting it in a cardboard box, he hid it in his wardrobe.

That evening, Mrs Hudson came to visit his mother and Tommy stayed for a while, then said he was going for a walk. He took the spare key that Mrs Hudson had given his mother in case she locked herself out. He went to his room and collected the cardboard box. He quickly wrote a note:

Just to replace the one that I broke, I hope it’s alright.


He walked along the road to Mrs Hudson’s house and let himself in, he put the box on the table and placed the note next to it, then he let himself out and went for his walk.

Mrs Hudson had left by the time he returned home, his mother looked up as he entered the room. ‘Tommy, could you give Maureen a call, she said it’s rather important.’ ‘Sure mum, just looking for something in the drawer.’ He slipped the key back where he found it and went to the phone. Mrs Hudson picked the phone up on the first ring.

‘Tommy, I found the package you left, I need to speak to you, can you come round now?’ Tommy tried to detect her disposition from the sound of her voice, perhaps she was angry, he started to regret having made it. If he refused, she might tell his mother. ‘Yes, of course Mrs Hudson, I’ll bring my tool box.’ He hung up, ‘Mrs Hudson has a problem with her cooker, it won’t light, so I said I would go round now, is that alright mum?’ His mother smiled, ‘of course it is, but don’t forget, you’re not to charge her too much.’

The door opened before he rang the bell. Mrs Hudson’s face seemed flushed. ‘Thank you for coming round Tommy, please come in.’ They went to the living room, as he entered, he saw the opened box on the table, the object lay beside it. He went on the defensive, ‘I’m sorry if I’ve offended you Mrs Hudson, I just thought it might replace the one I broke, I’ll get rid of it if you want?’

Placing her hand on his arm, she said, ‘oh Tommy, I’m not angry, I think it’s a wonderful gift, you must have spent ages carving it, it’s almost like a real one.’ He breathed a sigh of relief, then without thinking, he said, ‘I didn’t carve it, it’s a cast.’ Then he blushed when he realised what he had admitted.

‘Oh, you mean that’s you?’ He nodded sheepishly. Mrs Hudson raised her eyebrows.

Having persuaded him to accept a cup of tea, they sat down. ‘May I ask you a personal question Tommy?’ He shrugged and said, ‘yes, if you want.’ ‘When you said you haven’t seen a woman down here,’ she put her hand in her lap, ‘what do you think about when you masturbate? I mean, I know what a man looks like, so I can think about that.’ He thought for a moment, then said, ‘I thought you never did it.’ ‘That’s right Tommy, it was never acceptable to have intercourse before marriage, but before we married, my late husband and I used to masturbate each other.’

‘Oh, I see, well in answer to your question I just concentrate on getting the feeling.’

Then he asked, ‘may I ask you a very personal question?’ ‘Yes, of course.’ ‘What does it look like?’ ‘Do you mean a woman’s vagina?’ He nodded.

Mrs Hudson didn’t answer straight away and he thought he had offended her. Then she spoke, ‘they’re all different, a girl may not have any pubic hair on it and the lips will probably be thin, as she gets older, she will grow hair, some have a lot, some may even shave the hair off. Then as a woman reaches her sixties, her hair might thin and become grey, the opening may become relaxed, it varies from woman to woman.’ He sat there, and she sensed he wanted to ask her something else, but was reticent to. ‘Mine is very hairy Tommy.’ He felt his cock start to stiffen. ‘Is the hair the same colour as on your head?’

‘Tommy, it might be better if I offered to let you see mine?’ He sat up, she thought he was going to make a bolt for the door. He struggled for the words, ‘I, er, I’m not sure, I mean what if my mum found out?’ Not wanting to frighten him off, she kept her voice soft and low, ‘I wouldn’t do anything to hurt or embarrass you Tommy, I just thought that as you had made me that wonderful present, then in return, I could give you something to think about when you relieve yourself.’

He sat there, not speaking, she could see that he was deep in thought, so she left him to decide excusing herself to go to the bathroom.

Once inside, she hitched up her skirt and removed her knickers, she washed herself thoroughly between her legs, the last thing she wanted was for him to detect any unsavoury odours. Then she returned to the living room.

‘Have you made your mind up Tommy?’ He blushed slightly as he asked, ‘I won’t have to do anything?’ Maureen smiled gently, ‘we can stop any time you want to.’ He nodded, ‘alright.’

Maureen positioned him on the chair opposite, then she sat on the edge of her armchair. ‘Are you ready?’ He didn’t speak, he just nodded.

Maureen brought her feet up, so they were resting on the edge of the chair, then she spread her knees apart. Tommy gasped when her pubic hair came into sight. Maureen slid her hands down outside her legs, then underneath. Her fingers were either side of her opening. ‘Are you ready Tommy? I’m going to pull myself open.’ He gasped even louder, when Maureen pulled the lips of her vagina fully open.

Tommy sat there without speaking, Maureen thought she had gone too far. ‘Sorry Tommy, I expect you think it’s revolting.’ ‘No, I think it’s beautiful, it’s just…’ he held back from finishing the sentence. ‘Please Tommy, finish what you were going to say.’ ‘Well, I can’t see how the candle can fit in that small hole.’

‘Pass me the candle Tommy, I think you’ll be surprised.’ Tommy reached over to the table and picked up the candle, he handed it to her. Maureen placed the tip at the entrance to her vagina and started to press it in, she gave a little groan. ‘Does it hurt Mrs Hudson?’

‘No Tommy, tell me, when you reach your climax, what does it feel like?’

‘Well, it’s a sort of painful pleasant feeling, why?’ ‘Well it’s the same when I push it inside me, it sort of hurts, but it’s nice at the same time.’

He watched as the wax replica of his cock went deeper inside her vagina, finally, apart from the inch that she held in her hand, it was all inside her.

‘Wow,’ was all he could say.

‘You see Tommy, it goes in okay, if this really was your penis, then I have to say, I would enjoy having it inside my vagina.’

Maureen withdrew the object and lowered her legs, Tommy felt disappointed.

‘So Tommy, what did you think?’ ‘I thought it was amazing, but why did you stop?’

‘Well, the object of the exercise was to give you something to think about when you masturbate, I don’t think it would be a good idea to go any further.’

At that moment, Tommy wanted to go further, but he was afraid to say anything. Maureen sensed that he wanted to watch her masturbate. She would like nothing better, but she needed to keep him keen. The look of disappointment was apparent on his face.

‘Perhaps we can talk again Tommy, but I think we need to take things one step at a time.’ His face brightened when she said this, ‘whatever you say Mrs Hudson, I think I’d better make a move, I gave the excuse I was going to look at your gas cooker.’

Mrs Hudson laughed, ‘I have an electric cooker Tommy, you’re going to have to be a tad more careful if we’re going to keep meeting like this.’ ‘Sorry, I didn’t think, I will be more careful in future.’

When he got home, he said to his mother, ‘I think I’m losing me marbles, Mrs Hudson has an electric cooker, it was just a fuse problem, didn’t take me long, so I didn’t charge her.’ His mother gave him a questioning look, ‘You seemed to have taken a long time to mend a fuse.’ Tommy thought quickly, ‘well, I had to stop for a cup of tea.’ ‘That’s nice Tommy, I expect you were glad to get away.’

‘Actually mum, I think Mrs Hudson is an extremely interesting person to talk to, I quite enjoy her company.’

His mother smiled, ‘that’s really nice Tommy, I’m glad you like Maureen, I hope you and Maureen become very close friends.’

‘So do I mum, so do I.’

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very good
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good story. every young boy should have an older woman in his life.