"I think I can"...and I did. Pt. 2

After getting some pizza and soda, I headed back home to think this over. If my thoughts were really controlling people then I have 3 basic questions. 1) How far can I push my ability? 2) How many people can I control at one time? And 3) How far can I push them? I wanted to bug the girl next door again, but she had something important in the morning. As I was walking into my apartment a very busty, full figured redhead steamed out of the front door. She nearly knocked me over in her haste and haughtily apologized. "Hold on beautiful. whats the rush?" She rolled her beautiful green eyes and said "I have enough problems with dickwad in there. I don't need your shit too!" "Woah! sorry about the problems babe, why dont you come upstairs and have a drink with me?" "Sorry, you seem nice but maybe another time" Well now that we tried that out loud, time to let my thoughts do the speaking. -I'ts ok baby, you want to cme and have a drink with me- She slowly turns around and walks toward me. "still up for that drink?" I ask her. "lead the way stud" As soon as I shut the door behind us her ample breast were against my chest as she pushed me into the door. Her lips found mine as my hands discovered her body. She rips open my shirt and begans kissing her way down my body, as she unbuttons my pants and fishes my cock out i think to myself -I didn't implant this in her head. Why is she doing this?- Of course as she swallowed my member over and over again, I sure as hell was not gonna complain. As i was getting closer to cumming she stopped sucking and switched to stroking me, giving me time to regain composure. I lifted her chin up and told her stand. I kissed her neck and down to her bust. Lifting her shirt over her head, I realized her boobs were much larger than I thought. The bra was nearly bursting at the seams. And making things much simpler it was clasped in front. I undo her bra and suck at her nipples, she moans softly and pulls me closer. I unzip and yank down her skirt and thong and lift her thigh onto my shoulder. Her shaven pussy is so pink and moist I can't help but dive in. She grabs the door and holds on for dear life as I toungue fuck her. She moans louder and louder till she's almost screaming in ecstasy. Her pussy quickly tightens on my tounge as she cums and I flick her clit with my finger till she's done. Breathing heavily she gets back on her knees and rubs her wet pussy with a few fingers. With the other hand she pulls me close to her and tells me to stand. In an instant my dick is WAY in the back of her throat and she doesn't even cough. I'm in awe as she slams my cock in her mouth repeatedly and continues playing with herself. She suddenly stops and ask me if I've ever titty fucked before. "Well no I haven't actually" I stammered a bit. She smiles seductivly and stands up. Grabbing me by the hand she leads me to the lazy boy and pushes me down. She slobbers all my cock, licking it up and down, getting it really slick and wet. She takes her massive breast and wraps them around my cock. I'm pretty well endowed, but it nearly disappeared in her mounds. She squeezes them together and rythmically begans moving up and down on me. The feeling was incredible. It was almost like finding a new hole to fuck. As I began moaning, I realized once again, I don't know her name. "I'm Cassie by the way" "Pleasure to meet you Cassie i'm..." I sloly trailed off "Its ok baby" she said sweetly. "Cum all over my tits and face" And thats set me off. Spurt after spurt after mind numbing spurt of cum spewed from my cock and blasted her on the face, hair, and chest. "Leon. MY name is Leon" I said nearly breathless. "Pleasure to meet you too Leon" I stood up on shakey legs and walked over to grab my torn shirt. "Sorry about the shirt Leon, I was thinking I should come have drink with you like you offered and when I got here I just let my anger and frustation out. I can buy you new one" She nearly cried "Don't worry about hun. If you hadn't have come with me I wouldn't have spent a wonderful time with such a beautiful woman. Besides its just a shirt" I tossed it at her and she cleaned herself up. "You have somewhere you need to be tomorrow?" I asked. " No. Why?" "Well what do you say we relax with a movie and see what happens tomorrow" "Sounds like fun lean. I would love to" We retired to my room and watched a movie and fell asl**p in each others arms. All that kept running through my head was, If I didn't make her do any of those things, then is this whole thought control thing just an illusion? Guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Authors note- There is no niche for mind control so I put this under sex humor. Thank you for reading.
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3 years ago
sorry about the mis-spelling. I was really excited about this one. lol