"I think I can" and I did....

_I didn't see niche for this kind of topic so I'll let you know that it is mind control and humor. Thank you for reading_

I'm a pretty impressive guy, 5 feet 10 inches tall, mocha skin color, big biceps and a six pack the ladies love. Were it all falls off is my pick up game, I suck at hitting on the girls. My one liner cliches are gut wrenching. "Hey baby want me to google your twitter?" seriously i'm probably the only man in extistance that has used that crap. So while i'm sitting at the bar nursing a double rum and coke, thinking naughty thoughts about the blonde two seats down. In my head she walks over to me and casualy places her hand on my crotch and nibble on my ear. Well i'll be damned that girl stood up and headed in my direction. My heart pounds in my chest, i can't believe this is gonna...nevermind bathroom break. Damn! I polish off my drink and head home. My bmw Z3 convertible looks empty with no one in the passenger seat. Once home I start thinking about the girl next door. Yes we all have one or for the ladies the guy next door. I'm in the shower thinking she needs milk or sugar or sex and comes to me to find it, she pushes her way into my apartment and drags me to the bedroom for a fun, raunchy sexathon. No sooner than the thought hit me i hear the door. Thinking this was pure coincidence i only put on a towel. Still thinkig about her (sorry don't know her name) I opened the door to see her standing in front me in a robe. "Hi I need some sex" she announces as she pushes past me and grabs my wrist. I follow her as she expertly goes to my bedroom, almost like she's been there before. As she pushes me onto the bed and rips my towel off "wait, wait. Whats your name?" "Nancy" was all she said before she puts my semi hard dick in her mouth. I couldn't believe this, I mean this beautiful woman was in my apartment and was now giving me an awesome blowjob. Suddenly my thoughts became devious. All my mind and dick wanted was some booty. Doggy style anal is my kryptonite and all i could think was i wanted now. I've hadn't had it since high school and we were both d***k. Suddenly she stops sucking and jumps on the bed. She pulls up her robe and exposes her ass and pussy to me. She's clean shaven and has a sexy pear shaped ass. Knowing how most women are I went for her pussy and hoped for anal later. But mid thrust she shocked and scared and excited me. " I thought you wanted my asshole?" "Well yea" I replied " Then fuck my ass!" she yelled. I didn't need to hear it twice. I generously spit on my cock and pushed right in. She let out a little yelp and began pushing back on me. As I'm thrusting into her with all my might, my thoughts start going again. If she is responding to my thoughts, then how far can I push her? Is she really enjoying this? Is this stuff legal? Is...aww crap....crap...crap, crap, crap,crap! I was expelling my cum in her ass and she was pushing hard onto me. I collapsed on top of her and said "Nancy that was awesome" "Yea it was. I've never done anal before" She replied nearly breathless. "Wanna try it again?" "Maybe another time. My ass is sore and I need to be up in a few hours for work, But we definetly need to try this again" She got dressed and we quietly walked to the door, i gave her a kiss and watched her walk away. Just before she went inside I shouted "Wait! you don't know my name do you?" She shook her head and said "I"ll figure it out next time" And headed into her apartment. I went back to bed, all sorts of crazy thoughts in my head. I had to know if this was real or coincidence. I decided to clean up and head back out. I had a few places in mind, but primordial instinct took over and headed for the local pizza shop. I'll let you know how it goes next time
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