My first roadhead. True story

I decided it was time for a nite out, so dressed in my best jeans, a black button up shirt and black boots, I was ready for a thrill. I drove downtown and stopped at one of my favorite nightclubs. I ordered a few drinks and hit the dancefloor. the ladies were out in full swing, bumping and grinding to the hot techno music blaring from the speakers. A small dainty hand grabbed mine and pulled me close. It was only after we stopped kissing when i realized who it was. "Megan!?" She never said a word only dragged me, or more like lead me back to my truck. "What's up?" I asked her. Still she never spoke. I jumped in and started up the truck, she sat in the passenger side and pointed down the street towards the highway. As i pulled onto the interstate she reached over and undid my jeans, and put a hand down my boxers and stroked me while i drove. She then pulled my cock out, bent over and engulf my length. The reason she never spoke, she put ice cubes in her mouth. The sudden warmth and coolness caused me to jump a little but i never lost control of the car. I pushed my seat back to give her more room and drove at a steady and safe speed. Her head bobbing up and down on my member was a sight to behold, soon i could feel my balls tensing up, i knew i was gonna cum. She stopped just long enough to tell me to do it. I shot load after load into her mouth and she tried her best to get every drop. When we finally stopped she just looked at me with a develish smile and said "We're totally doing that again"
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