"I think I can..." And I did Pt. 4

The test were negeative, My scans were normal. Nothing explained what happened to me and honestly I felt just fine. Cassie hailed a cab for me and slid inside. On the ride home, Checking my missed calls and various texts, I remember what got me and Cassie together in the first place. My thoughts. I didnt wanna push it, maybe it was the reason I was here, or maybe I was just being a pansy. So I once again set my thoughts on the curvaceous woman next to me and thought about her touching me. Lo and behold she did just that. Next I thought to the driver that the ride was free. As we pulled up to my apartment the driver turned to me "Hey buddy, you get better. The rides on me" I smiled and thanked him as we piled out. Once back inside I headed straight for the shower. I asked Cassie to join me and it was only a moment later her luscious body joined mine. We enjoyed washing one another and started getting frisky. I was getting into it when she stopped me "The doctor said to take it easy for a few days. How about we dry off and ill take good care of you baby?" The look in her eyes was all I needed but I was feeling devious. I stretched my mind, searching for the girl next door. Luckily she was just leaving her apartment and I stopped her from going out with her new boyfriend. Instead I had her come over for a threeway and implanted thoughts into Cassie to be a little reluctant at first, but to give in eventually. As neighbor girl knocked I could see the frustration on Cassie's face. I finished toweling off as Cassie answered the door. "Hi, can I help you?" I could hear Cassie's voice travel down the hall. I peeked my head out to look upon this scene. "My name is Nancy, is Leon home?" "Sure. He's this way" Cassie leads her towards the bathroom. I duck back inside and listen in as Nancy hits on Cassie and says something along the lines of 'wanting to taste her sweetness' I just had the towel wrapped around my waist as the girls slowly entered. Cassie was wearing one of my bathrobes, her large breast barely contained in the cottony fabric. Nancy was wearing a short skirt which hugged her pert ass tightly, a lime green halter top, and black fuck me pumps. Her breast weren't as large as Cassie's, but she was nearly busting out of her top too. I surveyed both girls in total awe until Nancy broke the silence by quickly kissing Cassie on the cheek. Cassie blushed a little and kissed her back. "Maybe we should move this to the bedroom ladies" I spoke softly as thier hands began to explore each others bodies. As we entered my dimly lit room nancy had removed cassie's robe and was nibbling softly on her neck. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched them intently. First was Nancy's halter top, followed by her skirt. She wore a g-string underneath, I honestly thiught she might as well have not put any on. And just as suddenly they disapearred. So now imagine me, Shocked to all hell that a flimsy pair of underwear literally just fucking vanished. Yea crazy huh? I didnt dwell too much on it. There were two very hot women making out in my bedroom, I could worry about that later. "Hey ladies" They both look at me " You know i'm still here right?" I chuckled softly as they apologized and sauntered my way. Cassie told me to lay back onto the bed and just relax, so I did. Four soft, tender, manicured hands worked all over my body. It was like a massage from heaven. As two hands worked my chest, the other two worked my legs. The towel unwrapped from my waist leaving my whole body exposed. Two seperate hands slowly worked together to massage my member while one cupped my boys, the fourth hand slid slowly up and down my chest. I wanted to look, but just decided to enjoy this. I could feel one of them getting closer to my member, breathing slightly on the tip, till her lips made contact. She kissed the top of the head and around the shaft. Her tongue slipping out and carressing it every so often. Suddenly the hand cupping my balls was moved and replaced my a warm tongue and lips also. Both women worked on me in unison. The feeling was absolutely incredible. They would swap places and try to deepthroat me, while the other sucked gently on my balls. I could feel the surge rising up through my legs and my balls tightened. I knew I was gonna cum soon. I warned them it was coming and looked at them. Cassie was nearly halfway down my length when Started cumming. Then after a few squirts, she wrapped her fingers tightly around my shaft and Nancy took me in as deep as she could. I could feel her throat as cassie released me and let me finish cumming. Once they both had my load in thier mouths, they shared a sexy kiss and swallowed thier bounty. I couldnt help but chuckle at this. They smiled deviously at me. I couldn't wait to get started with them.

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