How I did LSD & lost my virginity for the firs

This is my first story so constructive criticism please, if you like this I will post more stories from my strange & crazy life. This is a true story, happened to me in the summer of 05' best day of my life.

So first the stats, you fellow story readers seam to enjoy them. The girl in this story Rachel is/was 1/2 Puerto Rican 1/2 Mulatto, 5'4" maybe 125lbs, Curvy, a nice handful of tits & a rock hard ass that went on for days. I was & still am, 1/2 irish 1/2 mexican, 5'9" 144lbs very skinny yet toned from lack of body fat, I'm a grower not a shower, at 9inches when erect & I'm cut. By this point in my life being bisexual I'd had plenty of blowjobs from both sexes & other shenadigans & was fairly comfortable with my long fingers(I play bass) & my dexterous tung.

Now I digress. It was June 25th, 2005 the last day of ninth. Me & Rachel had been friends for a couple of years, both being sort of pot smoking hippie nerd hybrids. But other than some fooling around at parties & at the movies a few times, mostly her enjoying herself & me get blue balls we hadn't done much other than get stoned & play video games. So the last day being a half day & a bbq the teachers didn't real care what we did as long as nobody got caught or hurt. So I found her in the crowd & we went off to the woods by the school to smoke a bowl & think of what we needed as for supplies for the parties tonight. No dear reader no sexy time yet. Now after the bells rang me & rachel managed to miss the carload of our friends so we opted to walk to town & pick up a couple bags of grass from our local old hippie dealer. Now the walk to town is about a mile, giving us plenty of time to bullshit & flirt. I was pretty content just having her company while she walked, she was wearing a gray scale tie dye wife beater & cut of jean shorts, & the feeling of my arm around her waist touching the little bit of skin exposed was enough to make my head spin(15 was such a simpler time). So we finally make it to Dose Mans house. So while he weighed out some bags for us, he gave us a joint & each a coca-cola in glass bottles(very important he was known for dosing these bottle with LSD & he had a re-capper). So we sat there puffing away & drinking our cokes till we got our bags & left. So now that we were a little stoned, we decide we should go smoke some more, I suggested we go to the woods behind my house where there is an old partially burnt down house & an old dirt trail that leads to a meadow surrounded by trees on 3 sides & the Esopus creek with a beach on the 4th. We first go to the basement of the old house & this is when the acid started kicking in, mind you we didn't know yet that we had been dosed but had both done shrooms so we would soon recognize what we'd been given. I pop the bottle of wine I'd had in my back pack all day(it was Bully Hill a NY Concord g**** wine, cheap but tasted like welshes g**** juice) & both of us just were first blown away how good the wine tasted like artificially better than normal & then the giggling started, both of us just got uncontrollable laughter & then a sudden creeped outness about our surroundings. We leave & start heading down the trail, we both get this almost comical fear & walk as closely as possible till it opened up to the meadow & beach. There she got naked first & ran straight to the water, so her being naked I thought nothing of it to get naked too. This must have been the acid working because I felt nothing sexual yet about being naked just really comfortable & relaxed. So after getting all the sweat of us, hot humid Upstate NY weather sweat & a few close calls of families canoeing & boating in the creek we retreated to a huge barkless log & sat on top of it, passing the remainder of the wine while I rolled another couple joints. When everything switched gears seeing her wet hair flowing down her dark tanned naked skin just gave me the overwhelming urge to kiss her, I did. It was like a bolt of lightning, you could taste the pheromones in the air. I slowly made my way down he body as she leaned back bracing herself with her hands behind her back & her string dark thighs spread to & wrapped around the log. I soon found my self buried in her sweet shaved pussy. Up until now I had never found a pussy that not only didn't smell/taste bad but was the best tasting thing I'd ever had, like overripe mangos & peaches. I soon found my self on my knees while she remained on the log sucking her lips in her mouth & licking her clit. & finally she came she squeezed my head between her thighs so tight I thought I'd pass out, he whole body shaking making muffled primal noises. So we switched places, I grabbed her wet hair & moved it to one side of her face to keep it out of the way & to give myself a better view. She gave it a few kisses & pawed at my balls a little before going straight to business. I sparked another joint & looked up into the wind blowing the trees, trees that seemed to be melting into the sky in a rainbow of colors. I just kept looking down at her offering her a hit, then looking back into the trees trying to take in as much as I could of this dare
i say holy moment. When I came she kept my head in her mouth & promptly kissed come still in her mouth and all. So while I drink more wine to get my own cum out of my mouth she tells me that no one had ever gone down on her, nor had any one but herself made her come like that. Then she tells me that she has decided that she wants us to lose our virginity's together. Now this was the best thing I'd ever heard. She the tells me she wants to do it in a bed though. We get dressed, kill the wine & make it out of the woods to my house. Good, my parents are still at work I exclaim. I go straight to the bathroom while she goes to my room. When I make it to my room, she has radio head playing on my stereo & is on top of the covers completely naked again. I get naked as fast I can. & after a little 69 I ask her if she's ready she says yes. We sit down facing each other while I fumble with a regular sized condom I wasn't really aware yet that I have a big dick. She takes it from me & throws it on the floor, saying it should be natural. So I inch a little closer till my cock head is just pushing her lips apart.
& I just pushed it in, her pussy was so wet that it allowed me to easily push myself in till I hit her cervix. All the while looking looking right in her eyes wile her mouth opened wide but made no sound. After a few thrusts I noticed the bl**d, covering the length of my shaft mixed in with her other fluids. She the grabbed me by the shoulders & pushed me on to my back with me still inside her. She hugged me as tight as she could forcing me not to move as she said over & over that it feels to good, that it was too much. I roll her over again watching my cock go in & out of her in a state of amazement that this is real.
I pull out just in time & came more than I'd ever came before it pooled in her belly button, went up her tits & I even managed to get some on her face & hair. We stayed like this for a few moments before she broke the silence by wipe my cum up with her hand & then slapping me across the chest with it! We got dressed & ran out the house just as my mom walked in......Later that night after Rachel got picked up & I partied all night, I came home still tripping my balls off, talking to rachel on the phone about the days happinings when my mom tells me she needs to have a talk with me, okay. She says she say the condom on my floor & proceeds to give me the sex talk again bringing up that before me she's had apportions a shit in effort to guilt trip me or something & remember I'm still on acid! Worst ending possible other than getting caught in the act of the best day of my life. Looking back I think its actually pretty funny.

If you liked this I have many more weird but true stories from my life both with her & others. & PLease Comment!

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