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A.D. the History

All right. For al'ya little Hamsters who keep askin me for the Who, What, When, Where, How and Why of little old me. Here is THE HISTORY OF A.D. ( Amber Dawn ) BY ME.

Ah lets see how do we begin. AS most of my real Admirers know I've been dressing just over 3 yrs now. To put a date on it, my first time was Halloween 2011. Was a f****y event, A Wedding. So bride and groom went all out and did it in the spirit of the day. So did most of the guest too. My Ex LTR GF at the time had the grand idea we go incognito and maybe fool some other f****y there. Then her second idea gave birth to A.
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[Story] strap on gang bang....

Well hello boi's and gurl's,
Just had a evening of bliss and really wanted to tell the world...
I am tall, slim, sexy CD. Have been X dressing now for over a year.
Never new it but after attending a Halloween Wedding as a female I
was hooked...

I have had sexual experience with male's and couple's in my past,
and am very kinky too...
I also tend to be more submissive when dressed up.
Love to please others before myself type...

So I had set up a meeting with a very nice member of the military and
his wife.He was bi BBC, She was white and very dominant. Both where very sexy, and ... Continue»
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