Cum for Dawn :Book IV

Hello, my name is Dawn and these are my stories.

At what age do you feel like you know everything? Nine? Thirteen? Eighteen? My s****r told me you should have it all figured out at s*******n, I’m 24 now and I still don’t have it all figured out…neither does she.

The summer of 94’ was something else to say the least. I spent a lot of time playing with my friend Petra; she had that cute pixie face and wild blonde hair, with a raging short temper! The slightest thing would set her off and she would stomp off in a heartbeat. Mom always said it was because she was half n half, which I didn’t get at the time; she’s half Russian and half Irish, which I guess gave her a slight temper. I just thought she was cute but whatever.

Sarah spent most of her summer with Petra’s older b*****r Duncan. They pretty much grew up together. They hung out a lot and sometimes even got into fights together; they were a great team. Everyone wondered when they were gonna hook up; even my mom thought they looked good together.

We were eating dinner one evening when Sarah finally came in. She started dancing and twirling around the dinner table.

“He finally asked me! He finally asked me out!” She said gleefully, stopping behind me and petting my hair, “Give me that neck! Nom, nom, nom, nom!” Sarah pretended to ravage my neck and tickled my sides making me scream and giggle, “I want a bite of that hot dog!” I couldn’t stop giggling as I slowly brought my hotdog closer to her mouth, only to pull away just as she was about to take a bite.

“Pulling away? That means I will… have to nom you!” She nibbled my neck and ticked me again making me almost jump out of my chair. I was laughing so hard that I was begging for mercy.

“Okay… okay, you can have a bite.” She gave me the mad giggles and I started teasing her again with my hot dog. Her hands started slowly moving towards my sides for another tickle attack and I finally let her have a bite.

“Okay you two. Sarah, have a seat and tell us all about it.” Mom said with a big smile, trying not to laugh; at me I think? Dad however almost spit out his soda because of my giggling; he still talks about it.

“Hey where’s Jonathan at?” Sarah had just realized our b*****r wasn’t eating dinner with us.

“Oh, he’s in his room studying; where else?” Dad replied, rolling his eyes.

“Oh, right, well anyways…” Sarah went on for what seemed like forever about Duncan and how he blah, blah, blah, long story short, he asked her out only to trip and fall in Petra’s little pool knocking out most of the water and sending Petra through the roof! She slapped him and stormed off giving Duncan this nice little hand print on the side of his face. Sarah was rolling on the ground laughing but that’s all she needed and helped him out of the pool and gave him a little kiss.

It had been about a week now that Sarah and Duncan were going out and she was coming home a little later, which gave me time to go to my bat cave, (Sarah’s closet) and flip through some of her magazines.

I started taking more notice of my body, letting my hands do more exploring and touching as I looked through the magazines, stopping on a certain girl then caressing myself. I love touching the back of my legs, giving myself goose bumps, and coming around to my front.

Just as I was about to rub my silky smooth pussy, I heard Sarah’s door open then shut. I figured she was by herself and was about to play a little, but, surprised, I saw Duncan right there by her holding her hand and whispering something to her. I couldn’t make out what he said though.

Duncan is a pretty boy: he has wavy blonde shoulder length hair, light blue eyes, and a very feminine face. He’s slim and a little bit taller than Sarah.

Sarah Started by taking off Duncan’s shirt real slowly and stopping just above his mouth leaving him blindfolded and his arms trapped behind his head. She came in and licked him from his bare chest, up his neck, and slid her tongue slowly into his mouth giving him a very slow kiss. She finally took the rest of his shirt off and he slowly took her down on the bed so he was on top of her. She couldn’t wait anymore and started taking off her own shirt and wrapped her arms around Duncan while sitting up.

“Hurry, I want to feel your flesh against mine! Take my bra off,” Sarah panted and then gasped as she looked right at me; all I could do was wave. She later told me I looked shocked and scared; I told her I thought I was in trouble.

“What? What’s wrong?” Duncan asked of my s****r, while fumbling with her bra.

“Nothing, nothing; here let me help you with that.” Sarah undid her bra, exposing her ripe breast to Duncan, “Taste them, please!” She grabbed the back of his head and brought him into one of her breasts. He licked and nibbled on one while he had a hand caressing the other. My s****r gasped as she looked at me, which made me calm down a bit now that I realized she was enjoying herself. Sarah gave me a smile and brought a finger to her lips telling me to be quiet; I nodded and watched as Duncan switched back and forth, licking and biting her ripe young melons.

He started to make his play for her pants, which she had no problem helping and giving them up to him. Duncan laid her back down on her bed and started with a deep long kiss, then traveled to the side of her neck, licking and biting her while making her moan. She was looking right at me as I started to feel warm all over, watching her eye’s roll in the back of her head as she got louder and louder. I hadn’t realized that I was stripping myself in the process and started rubbing my pussy through my Strawberry Shortcake panties.

Duncan made his way down her neck, teasing her breasts, and licked all the way down her tummy as slowly as he could; covering her in goose bumps. Sarah wasted no time and started taking her panties off, which he put a stop to and placed her hands above her head; making her giggle a little.

“I don’t think so missy! Those are mine!” Duncan explained as he went back down and kissed her panties, and teased her by, very slowly, tugging them off and down her legs. Grabbing her left leg he started kissing her foot and then licked down on the inside of her leg. Again, Sarah had enough of the slow foreplay, wrapped her legs around his head, and brought him in to lap at her wanting pussy.

“Lick me; I want you to taste me.” Sarah grabbed a hand full of his hair and guided his mouth in. Duncan moaned as he ate her silky smooth pussy, causing her body to arch as he lapped up all of her juices.

“Oh God, you’re gonna make me cum already?!” Sarah saying in disbelief, as her body was convulsing.

“I want you to cum in my mouth! Can you do that for me?” Duncan begged my s****r. I was soaked and my panties were drenched! I slid them off finally and quickly took the rest of my clothes off since it was boiling in her closet. (I would forget, from time to time, how hot it would get in there during the summer.)

“You want me to cum in your mouth? Okay, let’s get on the floor.” Sarah had Duncan lay on the floor right in front of me and she kneeled down so he could lick her pussy a little more. I was on fire with such a view of my s****r, her body, glistening from the heat; I could literally see the beads of sweat running down her body.

“Here you go; it’s all for you!” Sarah whispered while watching me. Duncan’s eyes were closed as he lapped his way inside, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. I was on my knees with both hands buried in my crotch rubbing harder and harder. Sarah got my attention and mouthed, “Look down”. She started moaning again really loud and I looked down like she had instructed me to do. I watched as his tongue darted in, out, and all around her pussy. He had his hands on her waist as if pulling her down into his mouth.

“Cumming; I’m Cumming!” She yelled really loudly this time, louder then I have ever heard her before, and as I watched as creamy white goodness gushed out of her pussy all over Duncan’s mouth! He did his best to take it all in but some ran down the sides of his face.

She buckled and grabbed the handle to her closet door to prevent herself from falling over. Duncan, totally in heaven right now, did his best to get every last drop. I was able to stand again and moved a little closer to the door to see if my s****r was okay. Sarah opened the door a bit and stroked my hair.

“Lord that felt good,” she drew me closer and gave me a sweet little kiss and whispered in my ear, “Sit tight.”

She gave her attention back to Duncan, who just laid there still enjoying her creamy goodness, “Hey, no fair! You need to share that cream with me!” Sarah protested and lay down with him and started licking around his mouth where there was still some cream.

Duncan caressed her face and brought her in for another sweet kiss. Sarah decided to move down his body, licking and biting him until she came to his pants. She undid his buckle and used her teeth to slid it out. She then unzipped his pants and pulled them right off! His cock was already hard and was trying to burst through his underwear! I had never seen one before and didn’t know what to expect.

Sarah started rubbing his crotch, seemingly making him bigger and bigger; now he was the one moaning and moving about. I started rubbing myself again trying to match the pace my s****r had been doing to her new boyfriend. She started watching me again, smiled, and finally let his cock out. His cock was not the widest, but was very long. (To me at the time it was humongous!) Sarah used both of her hands to stroke his long shaft. She had complete control of him and he didn’t seem to want it any other way.

Slowly stroking him, Sarah started talking to him, “Oh, you like that? Would you like me to go fast,” she giggled and began jerking him really fast, making him bite his hand to keep from yelling out, “…or slow?” She whispered as she brought her pace down to a crawl.

Next, Sarah stopped stroking him and used one hand to play and tweak at his nipple while her other hand had a firm grip at the base of his cock. She pulled his long shaft closer to her mouth and started blowing air all around the tip and shaft.

“God, you’re driving me crazy with that! Don’t stop, please!” Duncan cried out to his lover; he was complete putty in her hands. Looking at me and giving me a wink, Sarah finally licked the tip of his cock, teasing the head with her talented tongue. She started licking down the back of his shaft, then came back up along the side before taking just the head into her wet mouth.

“Mmmm, do you like that? You taste good.” All Duncan could do, at this point, was nod yes. My s****r made it look like art the way she lovingly took him in her mouth and licked and kissed his shaft. His eyes were closed, from what I could tell, and when that happened Sarah would make eye contact with me. She had me so soaked watching those eyes of hers going up and down real slowly; it was hypnotic! I felt like I was in a trance watching her, and she loved it. I started playing with myself again, rubbing to her rhythm; she realized what I was doing so she would toy with… well, both Duncan and I by changing her pace, making him flounder about and making me change my pace to match her.

Sarah finally decided to move things along and slowly crawled up her prey as I had seen her do before with Cindy, but this time her hazel eyes were fixed on me. She had this slight evil grin on her face. I felt vulnerable, which was also making me feel real good; I thought for a minute that she was gonna pounce any second and grab me instead, but I guess that was wishful thinking. Sarah, finally, put her attention back to Duncan and teased him a bit by having his hard shaft sliding back and forth between her butt cheeks. In a way it reminded me of the hot dog I had earlier, which made me giggle a bit; I had to cover my mouth.

Sarah started to slowly grind against Duncan, driving him crazy and making him beg for more, “Please, please let me,” before he could finish his plead, Sarah slipped his cock inside her. She sat up and arched her body taking in all his length.

“Oh, God, not so fast; you’re gonna make me cum!” Duncan panicked and wrapped his arms around her to slow her down before he exploded. After pulling himself together, he flipped her over onto her back and began a slow and steady thrust. His hands were on her ankles and he had Sarah’s legs spread as wide as he could. He then shifted and wrapped his arms around her thighs, using her body to thrust his cock in deeper and deeper. I could hear their body’s smack together as he would bring her in for another thrust.

“Do you think you could pick me up?” Sarah asked of her lover. Without hesitation Duncan picked her up and started taking her while she was off the ground! Her arms wrapped around him and she kissed him. Duncan decided, for whatever reason, to slam her against the wall, but he slammed her against the closet door instead, and bonked me in the head knocking me down.

Now, I’m in the dark… inside a sweat box… and I can hear them going at it. This was worse than scrambled porn! I could still hear them against the door and I was no longer in the mood now to play with myself. I was kinda annoyed, sweaty, and finding it difficult to breath. I was afraid to turn on the light in there, because I didn’t know if they could see it underneath the door; so I had no choice, but to wait it out in there. After what seemed like a life time, I heard them both saying they were “cumming” and then there was silence.

I’m not sure how much time had gone by, but I was lying down, almost passed out from the heat and stale air, still naked (like always) when the door finally opened. Deciding to play possum, I shut my eyes and pretended I was passed out.

“Dawn... Dawn!? Are you ok? Speak to me!” Sarah’s voice was panicking and, thinking the worst, she picked me up and brought me over to her bed. She laid me down, held my hand, and kept talking.

“C’mon Dawn wake up, say something!” I started to stir a bit and sold the performance.

“I…. I… need,” I panted, acting like I was exhausted.

“What, what do you need: water, food, a fan… A dildo, what,” Sarah exclaimed, almost in a full panic by now, but I kept a straight face.

“I… need… another… hot… dog.” I stuck my tongue out and made a dyeing sound affect. The look on Sarah’s face was priceless!

“A hotdog... a hotdog!? Why you little!” Sarah started tickling me like crazy, “I will give you a hotdog you little minx!” Sarah said while getting on the bed and more on top of me, her long blonde hair tickled me as we played. I tried to escape but she grabbed my legs pulling me back on the bed.

“And where do you think you’re going?” She teased as she gave my little butt a smack, she flipped me over and I made one last attempt and tried to kick at her with both legs. Sarah caught them and had my legs slightly spread apart exposing my still damp silky smooth pussy. We both stopped cold and looked at each other. At her mercy I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop her from doing whatever she wanted. I started getting Goosebumps and I know I must have been creaming myself; we were both still very naked, she looked at me, licked her lips, and started kissing my feet. She began working her way down my leg which sent chills all throughout my body. Kissing and licking just a little she finally came down as close as she could get to my juicy wet pussy. I could feel her breath on me as she spoke.

“Well… do you want me to?” Sarah whispered to me. I was so frozen and shivering with excitement I couldn’t speak, so I nodded yes to her. Sarah then opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out. Just as she was about to take a taste, she darted right to the side of my leg and blew farting sounds on me!

“I will give you a hotdog!” She said blowing more farts and making me laugh uncontrollably, “How do you like that, you little perv?”

“Hahahaha! Okay… okay! I give up!” I said, surrendering to her tickles.

Both of us breathing heavy, our bodies slicked with sweat, Sarah looked at me and said, “Your salty, c’mon lets go take a bath and then will go get that hotdog.” Sarah helped me up, gave me a pat on the butt, and went into the bathroom. She got the water running and I squirted in an unbelievable amount of Mr. Bubbles.

Sarah washed my hair for me as I played with our little motor boats, “Sarah... why didn’t you lick me?” I asked, truly wondering why.

She wrapped her arms around me giving me a big hug, “You know I love you very, very much right? But you’re still just a little too young; maybe in a few more years we will play more, but for now we can only play a little. Okay?” Sarah said, hoping I was gonna be okay with her answer, which I was, I was just curious. We finished off our bath and put our towels on and headed to the kitchen where Sarah heated up some dogs and cooked some fries for us. Our b*****r Jonathan walked in to see what we were up to.

“Hey can you make me one?” he asked. Sarah showed him the pan with a couple of extra dogs knowing he would be asking for one.

“You know you and your boyfriend could have been a little louder; I think only a couple of neighbors could here you two.” Sarah tried not to laugh too much and I came in for the defense.

“They weren’t THAT loud!”

My b*****r quickly looked at me, “What do you know about what we are talking about?!”

“I was in the closet the whole time DUH!” I said rolling my eyes; I started laughing because as my b*****r was looking at me, Sarah had the foot long hot dog all the way in her mouth slowly deep-throating it behind our b*****rs back.

“What are you laughing…” Jonathan turned around quickly and saw what Sarah was doing, he started laughing, “You two are such pre-verts!” My b*****r said barley keeping it together.

“Sarah, what’s a pre-vert?” I mumbled, kinda confused as I asked my s****r.

“Nothing, he really means pervert. Our b*****r just watches too much Archie Bunker.” She explained as they both worked in the kitchen preparing our late night snack, “It’s a good thing mom and dad wasn’t home to hear all that!” My b*****r said to us both.

“Nah, they probably would have asked for pointers!” Sarah shot back making us all laugh. We all talked and ate our food until it was getting to late and we decided to hit the hay, I slept with Sarah snuggling with her and playing with her breasts, a mouth on one and a hand on the other until we finally fell asl**p.

It had been about a couple of days later when Sarah, Cindy, and I were walking back from the park and heading home for dinner. Sarah stopped cold when we reached Duncan and Petra’s house as we all saw a “for sale” sign posted in the yard.

“What the hell is this?” Sarah snapped, looking back and forth between Cindy and I. We were all confused. Duncan had been at his window, I suppose, waiting for her to walk by. He came out and walked on up to us with his head down.

“Ummm, hey, Sarah… how are you?” Duncan said not even looking at my s****r.

“How am I! Why don’t you tell me? What the hell is this?!” Sarah said starting to yell, “Well, what is this? How long have you known that you were gonna move, and when were you gonna tell me?!” She screamed, demanding an explanation from her boyfriend.

“Ummm, well, since around March… That’s when dad got his promotion and his new orders. He is being stationed in South Carolina, so we are leaving in a couple of day’s…” Duncan explained.

Cindy picked me up and started walking away with me, “C’mon Dawn they need to talk.” I didn’t want to go; I wanted to stay by my s****r.

“No, let me go! I wanna stay!” I grunted, protesting to Cindy, but she wouldn’t let go. I could hear Sarah yelling in the distance and I had to think quickly on how to get away from Cindy. I remembered that Sarah made Cindy crumble when she would bite her neck so I did my best to mimic what I had seen Sarah do so many times. As we were walking up to my house I brushed Cindy’s long black hair to the side, totally caught her off guard, and slowly bit into her neck, using my tongue and grazing her neck with my teeth. She went totally limp to my surprise and I was on top of her like a vampire with their prey.

“Oh god… no fair… how did you…” She moaned as I let go of her exposed neck. Feeling proud of myself, I stood up and ran back to my s****r. As I came upon them, I saw Sarah punch the hell out of Duncan! There was red stuff everywhere, so I assumed it was his bl**d flying everywhere; she probably busted his nose. He didn’t do anything except turn around and walk back into his house. I ran up to Sarah and hugged her; I was really worried for her right now. She picked me up and asked me how I got away from Cindy as we walked home. Cindy came hobbling back holding her neck.

“She bit my neck! How did she know exactly how to bite my neck?” Cindy said confused and staggering. My s****r gave her this look and said.

“Really? You’re gonna ask that? Don’t you remember New Years?” Sarah said to her friend.

“Oh… right… I’m watching you! Hey… she’s good!” Cindy told my s****r. We went back inside and had dinner which was pretty quiet. At the end of the week Petra and Duncan’s f****y had what they needed packed and had the movers do the rest. The neighbors were all there to see them off and some numbers were exchanged. My s****r was there but didn’t say a word to Duncan. She just said her goodbyes to everyone else. I gave Petra a hug and a little kiss on her forehead as Sarah and I watched them drive away. We were the last ones to leave and eventually go home.

Later that night I went to her room; I didn’t want to leave her alone and I could tell she was really hurt, “Sarah? Can I sl**p with you tonight?” She gave me a look that said “please don’t go”, so I got undressed and slipped into bed with her. She cuddled with me and I could see her eye’s watering up. I asked her if she would like me to sing a song for her and when she kinda giggled and said sure, I smiled and thought of what I should sing; it finally hit me.

“Who’s gonna hold you down, when you shake? Who’s gonna come around, when you break? You can’t go on… thinkin’, nothin’s wrong, but bye…” Sarah finally broke down into tears; I hadn’t realized the impact of the song I was singing had on her. All I could do was hold her as she sat there and cried her eyes out.

“He’s such a jerk... I hate him!” She said, crying her eyes out. She made me start crying; I felt so bad for my s****r because I knew she really loved Duncan. She told me years later that Duncan had said that night, in front of his house, that he really loved her and wanted her to have something to always remember her by. Sarah told me if he was just honest from the start, it would have been totally different, but it didn’t happen that way; Sarah got hurt real bad by him.

It affected me as well. In fact, I am still angry at what Duncan did. Sarah ended up sl**ping with me in my room for the whole summer. She cried for the first few days, but, me being me, I got her to laugh a little each day. She said I made her feel like a k** again, which is always a good thing.

So, when do you feel like you’re supposed to know everything again? Is it at 6? Or maybe 9? Or is it 15? Who really knows? But I do know that every dark cloud has a silver lining; we just couldn’t see the big change that was coming, and that it would especially have a huge impact on me for the rest of my life.

To my s****r: Sarah Ann Paige, I love you.


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4 months ago
Very well written. Getting very into the "characters"
7 months ago
That was really hart felt and emotional. Kind of made me misty eyed.
1 year ago
Wonderfully written.

* * * * * POET PETER
1 year ago
This might be the most beautiful story I've ever read; here or anywhere. I am honored to call this author my friend.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful, sensitive, funny, and bittersweet portrait of your life with your sister Sarah. I am truly impressed and amazed and grateful.
1 year ago
Sisters should always be there for each other.
1 year ago
So hot!
1 year ago
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2 years ago
Started off really hot, then it got pretty funny. I was cracken up a bit as I read a couple of parts, the it got pretty sad and real sweet. This one seemed ta be the most heart felt.
2 years ago me hooked on these tales now :)
2 years ago
YOU are so special!!, I just love the way you and your sister always seem to be there for each other, when you need each other the most. Isn't love the most wonderful gift in the world?
2 years ago
2 years ago
great story love it ! ! !
2 years ago
Been away for a while
just read it was fantastic
you are an unbelivably great writer
2 years ago
Wow was a great read looking forward to more.
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amazing story
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2 years ago
Wow I read the whole thing. That happens about 1% of the time
2 years ago
i agree with maddux lol, and this one was def a bit sad, however i still enjoyed it, and felt they were all very well written. thanks for sharing your personal and awesome stories :) *hugs and high fives*
2 years ago
I love your stories....wish i would have had a big sister like Sarah :)
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2 years ago
Each book gets better until the climax
Great books
2 years ago
Very erotic story! You are very talented !
2 years ago
i love it. i cannot emphasize enough how how this story is :)
2 years ago
growing up with someone special in your life is awesome and a bond that will never be broken.
2 years ago
great but the cold story still my fav
2 years ago
Interesting story
2 years ago
Wow! Duncan is an idiot!
2 years ago
hey Dawn! this story was amazing, much deeper than the rest and that makes it special, i loved it. you two are really lucky to be sisters and thanks for sharing something as personal.
you made my day, thanks!
2 years ago
awesome story Dawn! loved the depth this one had which made it more special, definitely worth reading and you are very lucky to be sisters. thanks you made my day!